101 email subject lines that work [Increase your sales and CTR]

Last Updated: June 2024

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The success of email campaigns is determined by the number of people who open the mail.

In everyday hassle, most people just read the email’s subject and determine whether to read it or not based on the subject line.

I do it too.

Considering that you’re here means that you’re looking for ways to make sure your email gets opened up.

Here are some, in fact, 101 email subject lines that might just do the wonders for you.

Subjects that communicate urgency

When desire and urgency are combined, desire is weighed more.

These types of emails are the ones that grab your attention with the time factor and showcase urgency. Each one of us is scared of missing out on chances, these emails specifically target that emotion to get a click.

Last Chance: Get {deal} off your {product/service/offer} – (H&M)

Words like Last chance have a big impact on our mind which in turn tends to work to your benefit and attract more people.

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Biggest Deal; Don’t miss out! – (Edx)

This is similar to the previous one, adding an adjective like big and biggest emphasizes the deal and makes it stand out.

Up to {Discount} + Extra {Discount} – (H&M)

Consumers usually keep a track of the upcoming discounts. But, if they are surprised with that more discount on an already existing one. They will not hesitate to check it out and it might work in your favor.

Last Call: Price drop! – (James Clear)

Here is another great example of using the word “Last” to create a feeling of missing out on some stuff in people’s minds.


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Free tickets available, Open Now! – (Ryanair)

I would sure love to know how to get a free ticket and like me, many other people will wish for the same. So it becomes first come first serve.

Get your {stuff/clothes/etc} quickly! Almost sold out!

If your customer has something added to his online shopping cart. Show them that there is an urgency and the thing is being sold quickly. This will make them rush to the cart and order it as soon as possible.

The Brands you are eyeing are now at the lowest price!! – (Ajio)

Who would want to miss out on their favorite brands at the cheapest price? This tempts the subscribers.

It’s the almost festive season! – (Myntra)

People like getting ready for festivals and special occasions and if you just provide them what they want, you increase your chances of getting clicks.

I have noticed that these emails grab more attention.

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12 Hours Left, Get 50% Off Premium – (Academia)

Offering a big discount and adding a time crunch to it just does the work in most cases.

Offer ends today! Flat Rs.50 cashback on Recharges/ Bills – (Freecharge)

Another example of using time crunch along with a cashback offer.

Our Huge Sale Ends Today >> Shop Now! – (Bayern Munich Store)

Personalized subjects

Who doesn’t like their name to be called out? It makes the customer feel more connected and make them think like the offers have a specific benefit for them.

It gives out positive vibes and establishes a feeling of trust.

This also makes sure your email doesn’t end up in spam.

{Name} – Don’t miss out on {deal}

When it’s personal it feels like the brand knows you.


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{Name}, You almost missed our mega sale! – (Ryanair)

This personalizes and uses time crunch, also acts as a reminder for the ongoing sale.

{Name} – Some tips to get started on Brilliant! – (Brilliant)

Along with including their name, making them feel welcome adds up to your benefit.

I usually go through the welcome emails as they have some welcome offers included.

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Are your loved ones well protected? – (Maxlife)

Using words like “loved ones”, “family” makes it more personal but at the same time not too personal. It is just the right amount to get your subscribers to open it.

{name}, Thank you for your ideas. – (Change.org)

This gives the customer a positive feel. Also, who doesn’t like to be welcomed?

Super Offers, Handpicked for you – (Paytm)

Using words like handpicked makes the subscriber feel like the offers are tailored for them. I would definitely be interested if someone handpicks stuff for me!

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Items in your wishlist are on Sale!😱 – (Jabong)

I am pretty sure people’s wishlist has all those stuff that is very expensive. But, if someone gets a mail like this there is no chance that they will miss the chance.

Apply to the University of Advancing Technology, USA for the FALL / SPRING 2021 Intake

I was looking for applying and this popped up in my mail. Very personalized and on to the point. Who wouldn’t like getting these emails?

Don’t forget about your cart! – (Snapdeal)

Acts as a gentle reminder for you to check your cart, might have some discount too!

Your free Blinks this week – (Blinkist)

Subjects that ask you a question

When someone asks us a question that you don’t know the answer to, we get a sudden rush of wanting to know it. This category of question does exactly that.

What happens when you’re stressed out

The stress got me interested now! Aren’t we all stressed out enough!? This line is in touch with the current happenings of the world and probably a question we all want an answer to.

  1. Who said you don’t get anything for free? – (Ryanair)

Everyone likes free stuff and if someone says you can get it, you obviously want to know about it.

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Do you want good vibes?? – (Freecharge)

Who doesn’t crave good vibes? This line again stimulates that “wanting to know” feeling of subscribers and gets your work done.

Are You Dressed For The Job? – (Jabong)

Asking a question like this makes you question your fashion sense, and once you feel that then you are bound to check out some formal outfits. Now, Isn’t this a good way to sell those formal outfits!

They did WHAT with a pair of Crocs? – (Crocs)

Emphasizing what makes this stand out first of all and on top of that aren’t you curious as to what can be even done with a pair of Crocs?!

🎙️May we have your Attention please? – (Flipkart)

Here you go, a sweet way to ask for attention. Of course, you get it.


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What Does Willpower Have To Do With Exercise? – (Curiosity.com)

This line will definitely get a click from all those subscribers who lack the motivation to exercise.

What makes a great candidate? – (Glassdoor)

This is so relevant in today’s world. I would obviously go through this before I give my next interview.

What’s The Best Way To Persuade Somebody? – (Curiosity.com)

Persuasion is required every day in our day to day life, few people are good at it and few struggle. If you send it to the right person, this will guarantee you an open.

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How To Tell If You’re With The Wrong Person – (Medium)

Isnt this something we all are curious to know!

Where to Drink Beer Right Now – (Eater Boston)

A guaranteed open from all the beer lovers out there! Including myself, cheers!

Subjects that show exclusivity

It is in human nature to feel special and wanted. So if you hit the right spot, it can do wonders for you.

These subjects often stand out.

And, if the subscriber has paid for a premium membership and supports you don’t they deserve a treat from your side too.

You got a pre-access to sale – up to 50% off – (H&M)

Getting a discount because of the membership makes the subscriber feel that It was worth the money they paid to become a member.

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Plus Member! The sale is Live for You – (Flipkart)

Getting entry to the sale before normal customers do. This highlights the perks of being a member, isn’t that why we signed up for it?

We have reserved the best for you!

Someone saving sweet deals for you isn’t this wonderful!

A 50% bonus Miles offer exclusively for you – (Emirates)

Another one highlighting the perks of being an exclusive member!

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Get benefits of Rs.10000 on Galaxy Watch3. Pre-book now! – (Samsung)

Giving a pre-booking chance and benefits to all existing Samsung customers is great!

A gift for you: 45% off Pro for 3 days only – (Elevate)

Exclusive deals only for you! – (eBay)

All Your Music, All The Time – (Saavan)

I hate those advertisements popping up every now and then when I am listening to music. But guess what? Now I don’t need to bother about them as I became an exclusive member!

Get 3 months of Premium 🎶 FREE! – (Pandora)

Throwing in that chance to become a premium member does wonder on the subscriber’s mind.

Tips and tricks for VSCO Cam – (VSCOX)

Getting tricks just because you are a premium member is sweet.

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Bet you didn’t know this {Name}! – (Meritnation)

Subjects that focus on current issues

As everyone tries to stay up to date with news, if you send something related to it then subscribers get eager to click on it.

This also lets users know that you are keeping up with current situations and working considering that.

If you have to go out… – (Myntra)

Use that COVID factor (Big trend nowadays) and try your best.

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Will you travel more consciously? – (HostelWorld)

Again take COVID into consideration, this attracts people.

The Shirts You Need This Summer – (Myntra)

Just the offers you are looking for during the summer vacations.

Spring color suggestion for you! – (Lenskart)

Suggestions for spring. All those looking to change their look for the new season will definitely try this.

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SOS – (change.org)

We all understand what SOS is. If there is something you can help with why would you hesitate?

This will make sure you get the email opened.

Reunite with loved ones – (Ryanair)

Festive season calls for celebration with family, which makes it more personal. This can be the perfect mail to be sent before the holiday season begins.

Not just another Black Friday deal – (M1finance)

Doesn’t this make black Friday more tempting!

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This winter disown your room heater – (Fenesta)

A good way to grab attention in winters!

Want delivery before Christmas? – (H&M)

Need a New Year’s resolution? – (Headspace)

Definitely in need of a new year’s resolution after staying at home the whole year! Deserves my click.

May the 4th Be with You – (iHeartRadio)

A good way to use a catchy line with an event associated with the 4th of July.

Subjects that show lists

This is an interesting category, as people are always looking for 10 ways to get healthier or 10 ways to get abs etc if I get the list like this then obviously I’ll open it!

A list makes it easier and crisp to skim through.

10 Herbs That May Help Lower High Blood Pressure –(Healthline)

Stressful life, Heart problems. A simple solution in 10 points.

The Top 6 Meal Delivery Services for Weight Loss

Wow! 6 meal delivery services, this is some new information. Might check it out as well.

7 Ways to Protect Your Facebook from Being Hacked! – (SaferVPN)

Another very helpful list!

5 reasons to cover your health with Active Health – (Birla)

3 tips to boost your language learning – (Duolingo)

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7 Coachings that can change your future now! – (Sulekha)

20 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays – (Healthline)

An essential for the holiday season. Clicking on it right away.

25 Companies Actively Hiring in December – (Glassdoor)

The only list we all want not to end! The Christmas season might do wonders for your career.

Are You Toxic? 10 Ways to Tell (And How to Stop)  – (Medium)

Now isn’t this something to know about yourself?

How To Make 10 Great Cookie Recipes – (Yummly)

4 Traits of Extremely Insecure Girlfriends  – (Medium)

Now isn’t this a spicy subject? Pretty sure all my boys out there would be interested.

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Subjects that make you wonder

When you start off with a subject that makes you wonder and teases you, it is more likely that you will open it to continue reading.

They pique the interests of subscribers while at the same time are just on point and not give away all the information.

5 Qualities Women Find the Most Attractive in Men – (Medium)

Now isn’t this subject interesting? No matter what the gender the person is bound to open it and explore.

The 17 Bad Habits of Highly Effective People – (Medium)

Using a list along with an interesting curious subject makes it more appealing and leaves the details in the email.

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4 facts on immortality you need to know now – (Robin Sharma)

The first thing you will wonder after reading this is “What the??”. That’s exactly what the sender is trying to achieve to get you to open this email.

8 excellent drama movies you can stream today – (BookMyShow)

This line takes into account the entertainment option and gives you suggestions on how you can stream hits the sweet spot. I was looking anyway how to stream the new movie “TENET”, will probably check this mail out.

Because of you… – (Olafoundation)

This is a unique one, getting blamed is one of the triggering instincts in humans. This will definitely make the subscriber wonder and they can’t ignore it!

You’re about to meet someone new! ❤️ – (Tinder)

Tinder has one of the best subject lines and they definitely make you open the app again and again.

Even after I get this email, I rarely get a match but they definitely get their email opened.

8 Big Lies About Sugar We Should Unlearn

This might end up hurting people who have a sweet tooth. But won’t hurt to get to know about it, right?

How to strengthen your immune system: 4 myths explored 🤔 – (Adidas)

Now isn’t this interesting. Until we get a vaccine for COVID, the immune system is our only way out!

Hits the sweet spot of current issues and gets subscribers worked up.

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*Don’t Open This Email*

We have a tendency to do what we are told not to do. This exactly triggers that and baaam!! you open it know what it is about.

Dubai is Open for you to explore – (Emirates)

This leaves you in quite a mystery and makes you go like huh? Wasn’t it shut down due to COVID? To get to know you will end up clicking on it.

Biryani wants to talk to you! – (Zomato)

Just reading the word biryani grabs my attention! But what does it mean it wants to talk to me? Let me check it out.

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Lose Your Weight Without Exercise – (Purely Herbs)

Now, who would want to miss this chance! Obviously, you will end up getting a click here.

Subjects that use emojis

Using an emoji keeps the mail casual, makes your mail stand out, and more expressive to subscribers.

But keep in mind that adding too many emojis might make your email look like spam. So make sure you don’t go overboard with those and keep the emojis relevant to the subject.

😅Breathe better with these tips! – (Godrej Air)

A good emoji to make a suggestion.

🚨 12 hours left! 26% OFF on our bars & drinks – (QNT nutrition)

The siren here perfectly depicts the urgency of the mail and is more than enough to grab subscribers’ attention!

😍Fresh New Arrivals of the Week! – (Flipkart)

Hello Sunshine 🌞 – (Lenskart)

I like it when it is cheesy and the emoji matches too!

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Summer Treasure Hunt 💰🌴 – (H&M)

A GIFT FOR EVERY MOM ❤️ – (Zoomin)

📝 Studying? We can help – (Coursehero)

An interesting one for all high school/university students.

⭐ 5-star courses = results – (Udemy)

This is a good way to highlight the reviews.

Goodbye ATM queues.👋 Hello, savings.💰 – (Uber India)

Perfect use of emoji to describe what is important in the subject.

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Lunch for more than one is a party 🥳 – (Uber Eats)

Binge while you binge 🍟🍔📺🎬 – (Swiggy)

This one uses many emojis but works well with the subject and describes exactly what subscribers want while binging.

Say it in a Flash ⚡️ – (Truecaller)


This category includes those subjects which are combined from the above categories. These might do a good job if used properly. It might grab the attention of the customer and make them feel welcomed.

This category is my favorite one.

Subjects that are personalized and showcase urgency

You are running out of time! – (Flipkart)

This type of subject hits multiple spots and definitely works in your favor.

A picture containing calendar

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You’ll regret not opening this mail!

No one wants to regret the chances that they missed.

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{Name}, You cannot miss these {offers/sales/discounts} – (Ajio)

You’re in Luck🤞It’s Min.50% Off Today! – (Flipkart)

Who doesn’t love luck? Make the subscribers feel they are lucky.

48 HR SALE FOR YOU// 20% OFF Bayern Munich Training Gear & More – (Bayern Munich store)

The capital text makes it stand out and focuses on the deal here.

No much time left, Apply Now and grab your seat – (SRM)

Subjects that are personalized and use emojis

🙅‍♂️ Don’t step out! We have everything you need! – (Flipkart)

This takes into account the current COVID situation as well as uses emojis and is personalized too!

😉 You Pay Half, We Pay Half. Deal?

This generates curiosity as to how and what kind of deal is this, and uses emoji too!


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🎂 A Gift For You: Happy Birthday, {Name}

Who doesn’t love a birthday gift!!

🐸🍅📝 Which productivity method should you be using? – (Todoist)

I like being productive and pretty sure even you do! If someone is willing to help me by sending a mail like this, I would definitely go through it. This one seems right on point.

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Say My-Daddy-Dearest with a gift this Father’s Day 🥰🎁🛍💪🏻 – (Paypal)

Fathers Day and a gift go hand in hand. On top of that, the emojis depict this elaboratively.

Special offer update for you 😋 – (Zomato)

This one is normal yet has a special factor and emoji included.


Writing a good email subject is not that hard. You should consider the likes and dislikes of the subscribers.

There is no fixed way to get more clicks, you have to try different ways, and eventually, you will end up finding the sweet spot that will guarantee more clicks.