101 Methods to get more traffic to your blog

Last Updated: April 2024

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The emergence of social media in today’s digital age has brought with it the rise of various online writing styles, namely, blogging, which has a notable online presence. As a creator the first and easiest step is to get started writing, therefore, creating various content online. The real challenge begins once your article goes public–with numerous articles, content producers, and editors, it most certainly will feel daunting and overwhelming at first however most content producers use technology to their advantage. As a Blogger, you too can get ahead of the competition by employing a terrific strategy and execution to generate leads and traffic to your website without the need for a digital marketing certification.

In this article, I will present to you some of the best practices which will enable us to generate traffic and stick out to Google’s Algorithm and make it sort us on top of search results.

On the internet we have two types of traffic, (1) Organic Traffic, received based on the content you produce and (2) Paid Traffic, achieved through paid ads.

Google, as the main and most popular search engine, depends largely on its algorithms to sort out millions of articles on the web which ultimately decides what its users end up consuming. Our two main goals for making it to the top of the search results are to:

1. Write great quality content,

2. Write relevant content to your users’ needs.

The strategy to achieve the necessary means is as follows:

Understand your Audience

Your main target initially will be high visibility thus leading to high content engagement and a massive following base. It is important to note:

  • What is your area of expertise that you want to pursue so that your online audience will be grasped and kept interested in for the long term?
  • What does your ideal target audience look like – age, gender, location, education level, employment status, and so on,
  • What online content are they curious about and how does your choice align with their interests? A massive following in the topic of the automobile industry has the necessary potential to divert hundreds, if not thousands of primarily male users towards your blog posts.
  • Identify a common problem your readers have in their daily life and focus on bringing a good solution to them.
  • How fast they can find answers – a good indicator of how effective and relevant your blog posts are.

Correctly figuring out and implementing the above-mentioned tactics will ensure a steady and strong foundation for the success of your blogging channel.

Plan a strategy for your Content’s Content

A common tactic that content creators and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts use is the tactic of Researching Keywords – a practice that involves you finding the most searched key-words or sentence formations by interested users on Google. If by chance you are inclined to skip such an important process, then you will be missing various benefits such as:

  • Creating better and more accurate content with a high visibility rate – beating your competitors and generating leads and engagement.
  • Discover what interests people more and be a better match for their interests – enabling you to come up with unique content ideas to attract more people.

For this, you have various free and paid tools that would enable you to complete your research. One Common and reliable tool users use is named SEMRush, a complete SEO Suite for research purposes.

Create a Work Schedule

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same applies to your blog too, it takes time to build an excellent blog.

Our main advice is to take time to effectively plan and organize your content creation so that you are not overwhelmed by the massive online content ideas and gradually increase the number of articles posted as you progress–all whilst working parallel with your schedule.

Create Useful and Relevant Content

Attracting the attention of Google’s Algorithm tends to be good quality and useful relevant written content. As a blogger, you should strive to create a fully understandable and easy to read the article. Do not use large paragraphs and long sentences, instead keep it short and sweet, make your point and move on to the next topic. Also, refrain from using complex words and even methodologies as this may repel readers from your article.

Create a Unique and Great theme for your website and posts

Your theme is the main deciding factor whether a user will come back to your blog or not, also, keep it fresh and change it now and then.

The key is to use aesthetically pleasing visuals, graphics and designs, good fonts, and sizes for our texts, catchy headlines, and most importantly employ a clean and professional look for your blog website. Users must experience an aesthetically pleasing blog that must be organized and not too crowded, therefore, strive for simplicity.

A great theme is one that attracts users to your website by being user friendly and responsive.

1.Write Great Titles

Visualize your reader when they enter your website, the first thing they will see are your blog titles – would you be interested in reading them if they seem plain boring and unattractive? Probably not.

Use a title generator like Blog Title Generator.

2.Use Pictures

Humans are for a fact, visual creatures, we love to see pictures and videos once the opportunity presents itself. Continually present to your reader’s relevant pictures for your topic alongside explanations and infographics (where applicable). Another useful tip is to add videos because, among all media types, videos have the highest engagement rate.

3.Keep your website optimized for speed

With ever-decreasing attention spans, we Humans tend to favor quick things therefore if a user has to wait a considerable amount of time, they decide it is not worth their time and will not bother to visit your blog, a situation you want to completely avoid.

Use website speed and optimization like GTmetrix.

Use e-mail to attract more traffic

4.Create an Email Subscription Service

Right in the beginning, you want to create a loyal user base and email is the best trick in the book. By asking users to subscribe to your blog, you catch their interest and encourage them to surf your blog some more. Statistics show that 70% of users who visit your blog will not return however, an email subscription may just change that.

Besides a loyal user base, you get to see who your active users are allowing you to interact individually with them to further deepen your understanding of their likes and interests.

You should choose the right time and day when sending e-mails.

After conducting some huge research on the best time and the best day to send e-mails, MailChimp created a very useful feature that you can find in their email marketing software; this feature is called the Sent time optimization. They successfully studied more than a billion different inboxes and their activity to help you send your emails in the best time possible.

5.Notify your email list every time you post something new.

This step may seem basic to some, but it is one of the most important things you can do to bring more people to see your new posts. By sending your email list a notification email, you let them know that you are constantly sharing new things with them.

Here are some questions you can answer to make your email effective:

  • Give your potential clients a reason WHY they should go in your blog and check what’s new.
  • Make it very clear what is the intention of the email by using helpful words such as READ OUR LATEST ARTICLE or CHECK OUT OUR NEW CLEANING PRODUCT.
  • Don’t overpopulate your email with details, remember the main point is to bring them into your blog.

6.Always use Click through links (re-directing links) over Visuals in the email content

As you can see lately, a lot of notifying emails are more of plain text rather than visual + plain text. A lot of people see emails as a direct way of communication, so a plain text email that sends the subscriber directly into your blog is more effective than the overpopulated one that contains a lot of texts and pictures. Always chose Click through links over pictures when using a notifying email, they will increase the effectiveness of your email. Emails with a lot of visuals are often even filtered so they don’t go in the primary inbox, that is where you target to send them.

7.Re-send your email to make sure the subscriber sees it

To make sure you have a more successful rate of opened emails, you can always re-send your email after a couple of days. Of course, you don’t want to annoy your subscriber, but one more mail won’t hurt them.

8.Always give the possibility to instantly share your blog via email

Make it easy for your subscriber to instantly share your blog directly from the email. You can create a share link and include it in the email, and give the possibility to share your blog, it can help you make your blog more credible. If you are not familiar with creating this kind of link, it is super easy all you have to do is use share link Generator and with a few steps, you can include your link in the email.

You can use Aweber.com

9.Always add your blog info in the email

it is very eye-catching to include your blog info at the end of your email, also a click-through link that sends you directly to your blog is a good idea.

10. Be active

While focusing on your email list, you should never get distracted and not post something. The more you post, the more you get noticed.

11.Use Social media to share your blog posts

That includes regularly sharing older articles as well–as your follower base increases, so will your views and engagements.

For this, you can start with networks such as Facebook and Instagram but do not be afraid to also explore Quora and Tumblr.

12.Make it easy for users to share your content

It has been reported that articles with pictures, info-graphs, and even videos are shared much more on the web and social media than plain text articles. You also get the extra benefit that social media is widely used, therefore generating even more leads.

13.Be Seen making comments on other blogs

The best way to increase online visibility is to get out there and make yourself visible to potential readers by engaging in respective and professional commenting etiquettes

14.Use Internal Linking to your Advantage

Reference previous blogs in your current article by using word hyperlinks, words that will send a reader to the topic of choice.

15.Be seen interacting with influencers

Regularly engage with them on their blogs/ posts to be noticeable and instill trust in other people. When your followers trust you, they are more likely to recommend you to others and make the AI Algorithm work for you.

16.Monitor online trends

By doing so, you will be on top of trending topics and will also have useful insights on current popular topics. You can use this to your leverage for providing to the reader’s content, which is interesting, relevant, and most importantly new to your blog.

The most common trend search engines which will be useful to your search inquiries tend to be:

  • Google trends,
  • Twitter’s Trending Topics,
  • General News,
  • Google Insights for search.

17.Engage with your followers by hosting giveaway sessions

Creating a positive image is your top priority, so when you have enough financial means to host a giveaway session, why not use it to put a smile on your reader’s faces? This not only wins your authority and credibility, but it also enables the customer to be rewarded for their loyalty.

Use a website like Giveawaytools.com

18.Use different Community that can help promote your blog

You can be a part of different aggregate sites that are already on the web. Take part in these sites where people share different experiences and help each other solve problems that may occur in a specific topic. By helping people with your expert advice, you can also accumulate vote-ups. These vote-ups can tell what a group of people think of your post if it’s good or bad.

You can find a lot of these kinds of sites on the web, depending on your kind of blog.

One of these sites is named Reddit. There you can find a lot of topics you want to be a part of.

If you are interested in topics like small business marketing, tech, managing, you can have a look at Bizsugar.

If you are interested in new product content, you should check Product Hunt. For data and science-related topics you can find DataTau, you have a lot more that can easily be found.

19. Add something extra

We always want to stand out, in a crowd of articles we want to have the extra sparkles that users are interested in.

The key to do this is to find that element that makes your content more desired.

20. Use a free design image service

There are tons of free resources on the internet that you can use to make amazing content.

21. Engines read words, not pictures, optimize them

What I am telling you is that rather than putting a random name like picture1 etc, you can name it related to the subject. If that is a picture of a dog name it that way DOG, whenever users search dog, your article will show up as well.

Use the community to help you bring more traffic

22. Make group interviews

Group interviews can be awesome if done right, imagine adding an influencer to it the traffic can go crazy.

Your post will achieve some great thousands of shares.

23. Create online groups

When you create a blog, make sure to create a group that all of your users can be part of.

The more users you have, the higher goes the influence.

24. Questions & Answers are a must!

You might have seen your favorite influencers doing these a lot lately. This is the best way to interact and to let the audience know that you care for what they think and say.

Always use detailed answers as a response.

25. Remove unnecessary distraction

Every once in a while, you must ask yourself is there anything in my blog that I don’t need?

That can be a CPC ad that is not going so good, directory badges, etc.

26. Track the keywords rankings of your website

After you invest in the promotion, you should always track how are your keywords ranking. Which is having more success and how to improve others as well?

This can be easily done with a tool provided by Google, Google Search Console.

27. Never stop learning

Even if you did your first blogs and they are going well, you should never stop learning and improving your skills for the subjects you are touching in your blog.

As your blog grows, you should learn to grow it as a business.

28. Help other bloggers

Yes, you heard that right. The best way to get noticed is by leaving helpful comments and creating a bond with the blogger. Your comments should be genuinely helpful.

29. Host webinars

You hosting a webinar would be the greatest way to earn traffic. Once you host it and nail it boom, you’ve got them.

30. Post your content on LinkedIn

Linkedin has made a way to post things directly from your blog. That’s a great way to be seen.

31.Implement the rule of 100 contacts in your blog

Never heard of it? Let me tell you then.

There is a rule that helps you interact with new people every day, that is called the 100-day rule. It has only one purpose, and it’s helping you create new relations with different persons. The only rule? Make 100 new contacts every day. Simply amazing.

It is a super habit if you can use it in your blog.

32. Customize your blog for all platforms

You never know what kind of platform is your customer using while visiting your site. To make it easier for them, your site should be responsive to all platforms and all devices. Some users may leave your page if it’s hard to access and run through it.

33. Analyze the competitors

Use BuzzSumo, an amazing software that gives you the possibility to know what the competition is doing. You can track your competition and you can do analyses based on what their content is.

34. Hit them right in the feels

Try different messages that can link to the emotions of some users. In research that has been conducted by the New York times, a lot of people share some content because they feel the same way as the content they are sharing. Some users share your content to be more involved in a certain cause, some share your content to show the world what they stand for. You should use these emotions to capture as many shares as you can, which will only bring more traffic to your blog.

35. Ask your surroundings to promote your Blog

As a single share may not look much to you, it is.

You should ask as many people as you can to help you promote your blog. Even a share counts it can bring more traffic to your blog and that all that matters.

36. Be very kind to your audience

Like and comment on every share, this not only makes your advocates who share your content, happy, but it also makes you look more interested in your audience. You can also use those commenting areas to include other links with short messages ex. ‘’We are very thankful for your share, Check out our latest post (LINK)’’.

37.Target your audience in the right place

With the help of media monitoring tools and the help of social media listening tools, you can deliver a load of content at the same place your Audience is already interacting. You can pay close attention to what kind of forums your audience is already taking part in.

Use Twitter as much as possible

38. Use Twitter more often

Use Twitter as much as possible to promote your blog, you should use the big audience you can catch on Twitter. Even if you are posting multiple times a day, keep doing it.

39. The famous hashtags

A lot of companies use hashtags to be seen on the web. It is a crucial step you need to take if you want to bring more people to your blog. It helps the user to interact more with your blog, and they also help you expand reliable information about you. To help you do so, we will go through some steps you need to take to make your hashtag useful.

40. Pick the right hashtag words

First of all, you need to go to Twitter or if you wish to create it on another social media platform, you need to go to the search function and search for the hashtag you intend to create. If you find any similar hashtag, you need to add more description to make it unique. You should be careful to separate the words from one another by capitalizing the first letter. A short hashtag means a more successful hashtag, you need to create something easy to remember and eye-catching.

41. Use your hashtag wisely

You can launch your hashtag by sharing it with a picture or at the end of a written post to create hype. Relate your hashtag to a catchy picture and make it look interesting. You have to determine what is the best time to introduce your hashtag to the audience, the more people active scrolling on social media, the more potential interaction. If you take all these steps and be.

creative you have more chances to get the best participation on your hashtag.

Use Facebook to promote your blog

42.Use Facebook to its fullest potential

When it comes to Facebook timing can be very helpful the right timing can help you increase your reach up to 32% higher engagement. If you post some content later in the week and on the weekend days, you will be more seen by the audience. The best days are usually Saturday to Sunday from 12 to 1 pm, or if you post on Thursday to Friday from 1 PM to 4 PM, you can get amazing results.

43. You think that the more you post, the better? WRONG, know your limits

Based on the data we can find conducted by different people, usually sharing one post to Facebook per day if you have less than 10,000 friends on Facebook, if you have more than you can post 2 per day.

44. Fuel your website traffic with Funny Facebook posts

Facebook users are usually users who seek entertainment, by making funny interesting posts Facebook users tend to interact more with your content. If you want to have success, usually the shorter posts with emotional visuals can be a post that reaches high engagement.

45. Extend your reach into Hashtags that are getting a lot of attention

Always check the trending hashtags that you can easily find on Facebook, after finding out which one is trending you can get in trend with whatever is getting attention.

46.choose a post you want your visitors to see first

By pinning a post on Facebook, you can decide what your users will see first when they click on your account. Choose a post that you think will get attention and pin it on your news feed, every time some user clicks on your profile it will be the first post that will pop up.

If you are a company that sells different products, you can use this pinned post to show different offers the customers can have easier access to offers. You can also use this pinned post to put click-through links with pictures of your website it can help you gain more traffic to your site.

46.Paid Promotions on Facebook ads

You can create a paid promotion without ruining your budget. Facebook offers different options you can choose from to promote your account in the best way, you can pay for posts to be sponsored, you can also pay for stories or videos to be sponsored. The best feature of paid ads is the targeting of people you can do there, you can choose the age, gender, and also a group of people who share the same interest. So, you can directly send your content to people’s newsfeed, in the video they are watching, and a lot of other options. With the help of these ads, you can be much more out there seen by everyone you choose to see you.

Use Linked In to reach more people.

47.Try posting your content in Linked when professional accounts have more free time

Again, timing is everything here. You want to be there when the busiest accounts are using Linked In to conduct business. The rush hour of traffic in Linked is usually during the day mid-week, post more on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday in the morning and during the day from 7:30 Am to 5-6 Pm.

48. Be post more during weekdays on Linked

To be sure you have more visibility on Linked In, keep a weekly tempo by posting 3-4 times a week during the busy days. This info can help you plan your schedule and post on the right day rather than post every day and get the same results with less work and time spent in editing and posting.

49.Interact with professionals in the same field as yours on Linked

Since this is a business, social media networks try to interact as much as possible with people who are successful in the matter. Share short messages copied from your account, together with informational graphs pictures, let everyone know who you are.

Use Pinterest to Bring more people to your blog

50. when should you use Pinterest to promote your blog

Pin your post in the more preferable time frame. You can take into notice the nature of Pinterest and find out when is the best time to pin your post. Users of Pinterest or as you may call Pinners are usually more active outside of the busy hours during the day, so try to post. The best time to post is during the weekend from 6 to 11 pm and during the day it is better to post from 3 to 5 pm.

51. How often you should Pin

There are several studies you can find online but some more relevant say that you should not pin too much content you rather want to pin less but pin only interesting content.

52.The description is one of the most important things to do on Pinterest

You can look at Pinterest more than a search engine rather than a normal social media platform. Since there is a lot of pin posts, make your post different, be more eye-catching, you can use a description with keywords to make it easier for others to find your posts and interact with your profile.

53. Understand how hashtags work on Pinterest

You need to learn a bit about how to use hashtags on your interest. When it comes to Pinterest the way the hashtags work Is a bit different, you should create a unique hashtag since here the hashtag directs people into your blog. So, you should always put customized hashtags.

You don’t want to overuse the hashtags on Pinterest, there is a policy that says: your post value can be diminished if you misuse or put a lot of hashtags.

54. Know what type of pictures you choose for your pins

On Pinterest, using the visuals in the right way can help you increase or decrease there-pin rate. You should opt for pictures without faces in your posts to gain more re-pins.

Chose more informative pictures rather than pictures with faces on.

55.Create Pinterest group boards

You can be part of a group board or create your own group Board on Pinterest. If you choose to be a part of an existing group board, you can do it with a small help from pin Groupie. There is some quite interesting group board you can be part of, in these boards you can actively share content with active pinners.

You can gain followers while being in such a group because when someone chooses to follow all they automatically follow you too. After being more followed, of course your content will be seen by more people and you can bring the traffic in.

56.Use your RSS feed and let your audience know

Probably some of your users are followers in a lot of social media platforms, to make it easier to read and see content only for what they are more interested in, some users use RSS readers. These readers help the user categorize the contents already on the web and only see what they are more interested in.

If like most of us you are using WordPress for your website, we have good news for you. There is a built-in RSS feed available for you to use on your blog post. All you have left to do is go to your root domain and add/feed. And boom, you have your RSS feed.

57. Use Web Push

If you want to reach more users, you can do it with a plug-in available in WordPress called Roost Web Push, with the help of this tool you are capable to send a notification through the web browser. The notification usually comes in the top right corner it looks like a system notification and makes it possible for you to reach a larger audience.

58. Push notifications on mobile devices

In these times most traffic comes from mobile devices. After successfully delivering a product or a service, sending an email that will pop up on your customer’s mobile device is a nice way of letting your customer keep in touch with you.

59.Find people who share the same content as yours

You should be looking for people who already are interested in the same content as yours. When there already is attention to content same as yours you should promote your content to the same people and try to bring them to your blog. This Is sometimes seen as a bit of a difficult task to do, but we make it easier for you by telling you about these two ways you can do this.

If you are trying to connect with users who are concentrated on social media platforms, you should always start by searching existing hashtags that use the same keywords as yours. After you find some hashtags, go through the hashtag and find people who are already interested in the topic, then all you have left to do is promote your product and you’re done.

Another way of doing this is by using the URL of the competition you are facing, type the URL in Moz Open Site Explorer and see who shared their content, after you have the names of different influencers who share this kind of content Get in touch with them. This is also a good opportunity to make new contacts.

60.Connect with the people who already wrote the same content as yours

You can find the same blog posts as yours and share your content with the blog creator, you can attract the author in your direction by waking up their curiosity about your blog and the content you have there.

61. Tell your audience where your research comes from, you may get a shot-out form different influencers

Telling the audience where you found the amazing ideas you build your post upon can make you look more reliable and also help the author that helped you create your post. They may also like the way you used their example and share your blog, all you need to do is create a relationship with these influencers, it is the first contact you need from there you have a lot of possibilities to ask for help like sharing your content.

62.Cold emailing still works. When done in the right way,

When done right cold emailing can still bring traffic to your blog, you need to keep your email short and easy to read. Also categorizing the people, you will send it to is a good idea, you can then write emails with more personification, send someone the content they will find interesting. Focus on why they are getting this email rather than someone else, this will encourage them to click on your blog and read it.

63. Find partners who do affiliate marketing

You can find affiliates you can work with a lot of people do affiliate marketing you can get in touch with them. They can use their resources and audience to make your blog seen and put some links that are related to your blog in their reviews and newsletters.

You can also use Activecampaign.com,

64.You can use re-targeting to make your users re-engage in your blog

This technique is used to bring back people who have already been in your blog.

Re-targeting can help you bring back more than 80% of the people who have already been in your blog, by bringing people back again and again you build trust with them, and it is much more likely they go further in your marketing funnel. Many marketing tools can help you; you can use marketing360 or AdRoll.

65.You can use paid ads on search engines

There are two leading search engines that you can use to target your audience, but Google AdWords and Bing Ads are unreplaceable.

You can find a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to get started with Google AdWords, you can also find tutorials from Bing Ads to make it easier for you.

66. Be a part of Recommended content advertising

You can promote your blog post in different search engines in a designed space for ads in which they will recommend you to their existing traffic. Some top-rated sites with a lot of traffic use recommendation engines like Outbrain, Taboola, and Zemanta.

Use Reddit to promote your blog

67. Use Reddit ads

You should always try to be active on discovery sites as much as possible, a lot of people take part in votes on these kinds of platforms which accumulate to more than a million votes per day. Reddit is one of the most famous discovery sites. You can use the Reddit ads to reach as many people as you can on this crowded platform.

68. Use a platform like SlideShare

You can create a powerful PowerPoint presentation with the help of this platform. These platforms are supported by Google, if you do the presentation in the right way it can easily go viral and bring a massive amount of traffic to your blog.

69.Incorporate Videos

You can improve the ranking of your website using videos. When you look at the industry today, you will see that video marketing is used a lot nowadays. You can create informational videos about your blog so the users can get interested by seeing the vlog and engage with your blog.

70. Create an eBook by using your blog posts

You can combine all your blog posts and create an online book, with all the information ready for you to use. After creating the eBook, you can give it away and link a lot of posts to your website.

71.Include Schema Microdata

You can also benefit from using schema for SEO, micro data format will not directly bring traffic to your blog, but it makes it much easier for the different search engine bots to find you and also index all your pages.

72. Use QR codes to make your blog visible anywhere

With the help of QR codes, you can be anywhere. You can create a QR code that sends traffic directly to your website, these QR codes can be printed everywhere.

You can create QR code stickers and stick them in crowded areas.

73.Try to win awards by designing your website with the right rules

When it comes to award-winning websites, you should know these 5 different rules. Your profile should have a stunning appearance, easy to use, The content should be at its top, of course, the functionality of the features you provide and standard compliance.

If you succeed in winning an award for your website, you will have a lot of traffic coming your way, the award-winning websites are often talked about in different groups and a lot of people will end in your blog.


You need to use what you have signed your blog name or your website domain name in different areas will generate traffic. You can write the name of your blog on different t-shirts and donate them, you can print a sticker and stick it on your car, you can stick a sticker with your domain name everywhere.

75. Use referrals from users who already follow you.

You can call your actual followers or message them to let them know you have a new blog post, while you still are in the conversation you can ask them to refer you to someone who might like your content. In this way, you reach out to more people. It works, DO IT.

76. Cold Call

You should pick up your phone and simply call people. You never know who will pick up at the end of the line, you can simply explain who you are what is your blog content, and get an email, and immediately send a link redirecting to your blog or website.

77.You should always keep a business card with you

You never know who you will run into, give away business cards to different people that may like your blog direct them to your website.

78.Create ‘’click-to-tweet’’ links

You can find some of your best-performing blog posts. Analyze 5 to 10 of your blog posts and find little tweet able snippets that you think your users would like to share. You only have to go to clicktotweet.com and write the messages you extracted from your posts, you click the ‘’generate new link’’ button to create a custom link, share your link, and track its activity.

79. Add internal links to your site

You may think that Google cares for back-linking inside. But lately, it is becoming more important to Google that you have a lot of internal linking in your site from page to page. It signals to them that you have pages that fit together and you will be more likely to pop on top of the google search engine.

80. Reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

When a visitor comes to your website and immediately clicks the back button or completely closes the browser, he is considered a bounce-visitor.

The best way to reduce bounce-visitors is to include internal links in your blog that send the visitors to another page of your blog.

Good hosting like; SiteGround, cloudware.

81.You should Post content rich with tables and structured data

You can structure the data in your blog in a way that Google likes it. If you mark your title as header 1 and all your subtitles as header 2, Google will create a kind of snippet and you can rank higher in the google search engine.

82.You should update your content regularly to rank higher

If you go lower in google ranks a good way to pop back up is to update some information on your blog or also add new pictures. Google gets notified that your blog has been updated and you see your blog higher in the ranks immediately.

83.Use LSI keywords ( LSI Keywords are search terms related to the main keywords you are targeting).

If you scroll down to google bottom you can see some related searches for the words you already have used in the search engine. These related words are called LSI keywords, if you include more LSI keywords in your post content, Google will put your post on search at the bottom of the page and people will be directed to your related article.

84.Programmatic solutions can help you increase traffic.

After researching the web, we have concluded, for the moment programmatic media buying especially demand-side platforms is one of the most wanted forms of digital marketing. This kind of marketing has a lot of benefits, very high automatization, you can precisely target your audience, the interface is very easy to use and many other benefits.

85.Custumizable UTM parameters.

With the help of a digital tool called One-up, you can customize your UPM parameters. This can be very helpful to see the performance of your links in google analytics.

86.Keep your links shorter

You want your links to look better, so keep them short. If you create an account on Bitly and connect that account to One-up, it will make your links shorter and you can even keep track of your clicks through ability.

87. Don’t lose out on Long-tail keywords.

When it comes to web searches, you should know that long-tail keywords account for a lot of web searches. So, don’t lose out, include them in your paid targeting research. A good long-tail keyword generator is; Long Tail Pro.

88. Create Landing pages

Landing pages can bring traffic to your pages, you can create some specific landing pages for your offers. You can use discount codes, give away free trials, or give the possibility to download free guides. You include the details of your page in these offers so the users will have everything they need to move forward.

89.Sponsor events

You can find a lot of people who need sponsoring for their different events. By offering sponsorship to these events you can bring more people to your blog.

90.Make a goal of top 20 websites you want to be promoted in

You should always shoot as high as possible, make a list of where you want to see the link that re-directs people in your blog. Even if for the moment you don’t have an idea of how you will get there, having a goal will always be helpful.

91.Native Ads

When you go to a famous website, you will notice that under the article you can find some sponsored content. You can use these ads to bring massive traffic to your website at a very low cost.

92.Quora is a place you should promote your blog in

By posting on Quora, you can include links that explain more in-depth content regarding the topic you are already writing on. You allow users to come to your blog and read more about something they already are interested in for different topics.

93.Don’t write more than 6-7 blogs per week

You don’t want your subscribers to be bored by posting a lot of content keep your posting to 6-7 blog posts per week.

94.Customize your images so they can be shared easily

You can optimize all the pictures, videos, and gifs you have in your blog; it will make your account run faster, and it makes it easier for the users to share your content. To do this you will need the help of some tools you can find online.

Tinypng.com can help you reduce the size of your pictures.

Add share buttons

95.Add image sharing buttons in your optimized images

After giving effort in optimizing the size of your pictures you should also add buttons to your images. Make it much easier to share your pictures with your readers, with these plugins you can bring more traffic to your page. All you need to do is go to SumoMe and you will find some ready-to-use plug-ins.

96.You can use the Click to tweet feature that Twitter offers

Make every blog post you publish easier to be tweeted using your readers. You simply have to add a plugin called Click to tweet, which is offered completely free from the Twitter platform. You encourage the readers to tweet your post.

97.Make it easier for your subscribers to share your content via email

If a user wants to share one of our posts with another user via email, you can make this much easier for them, add plug-ins. With the help of WP-Email, you allow people to instantly share, recommend your blog post to another user via email. You can also use a ‘’Email this page’’ plug-in so the users can email your page to someone else.

98.Social sharing buttons placement

The placement of your share buttons can help you get more shares, thus more traffic,

If you want your readers to share a post they are reading, you should place your share button near the content they are reading at the beginning of the post.

As the majority of the readers read from left to right, placing the share button at the top on the right is a good idea

But don’t get driven and put a lot of sharing buttons since it can confuse the reader.

99.At the end of every blog post you publish, add links to other of your posts

This trick is quite the same as internal linking, but with the help of plug-ins, you can relate as much as 3 other posts in every blog post you publish.

100. You can create a Vlog using your Blog

One of the third of all users on the web is YouTube users, you can use this to your advantage. Create Vlogs based on the blog posts you already have on your blog. Add links in the description so the users can re-direct themselves from your vlog to your website.

101.Promote the same posts again

After using all the techniques above, you should see a lot of success in your blog. If a post you publish and promote for a week does well, promote it again.