17 Websites to make $100 passive income per day at home

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There are several strategies to make a 100$ income without needing to leave your comfort zone.

Although skills are required to get a head start, most people already possess skill which can be sold online. All they find is the right platform and monetization strategies to get started. If you are tired of your working for someone else or cannot find the right job for you, check out these 14 ways through which you can earn 100$ per day working in your comfort zone.

#1: Google Adsense

For making money from google AdSense, you need to have a blog or a website. Only then you’ll be able earn money through Google AdSense. If you already have a functional blog or a website, you are well on your way on making $100 a day.
If you don’t have a blog or website, you can easily make one using wix.com, wordpress.org or via ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Builderall.

On Wix, you can create all kinds of websites and blogs.

Now your blog is created, here comes Google AdSense

Google Adsense is a monetization solution for publishers. Anyone can get started with 3 simple steps:

Step one is about getting a google account which most of you already have functional.
Step two is verifying a phone number and postal addresses that are linked with your functional banks so that google can transfer money to you.
Step three is about functionally starting the process of making money but adding codes to a website.

By adding Google AdSense code to on your blog/website, ads will be displayed on your website that are powered by Google AdSense.
For every click, you get paid.
All the technical details are handled by google, you as an AdSense user only have to add the unique link google provides.

#2: Promotional Posts on Facebook & Instagram

A sponsored post is about promoting a certain company or a product on your website or theirs.
These can take shape of promotional videos in which you mention how good the product/company is and what was your experience with it.
To create beautiful promotional posts you can use:

Canva.com: It is a free graphic designing tool and is powerful enough to meet your needs:

The promoter gets paid for the video based on the quality of content or the number of clicks or views their promotion gets.
Through Instagram, you can start promotional posts

If you are planning to test yourself with promotional posts, I suggest working with those companies you think are actually good and have the potential to make an impact.
To get more followers on Instagram so you get more and more promotional post requests, use these tools:

CrowdFire: it is a diverse social media management tool.

Once you have enough followers on Instagram, you will get promotional requests.

Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook can be used to kickstart your promotional posts career. The earlier you start the better!

#3: Affiliate Marketing for different websites

In affiliate marketing, all you must do is add affiliate links to a website and then sit back as your income multiplies.
Below is an example of how the link looks:

On clicking the merchant is notified that it was you that was responsible for referring the customer to their website.
An example:
Imagine a person reads your post about the best skin care product and clicks on that link, the person is redirected to amazon where the merchant is selling the product so when a sale is made you get paid for it. See it simple and not much work.
Pat Flynn was able to generate over $100,000 in affiliate commissions

To get started with affiliate marketing, I have broken it down into simple steps:


Finding a niche

Hunting affiliate programs

Hunting affiliate programs

Finally, securing sales form clicks

Must tool for kick-starting your affiliate marketing business and making $100 a day:

 ShareASale: As an affiliate marketing professional, you will need partnerships and ShareASale is the place for it.

SEMRush: Top tool for keyword research.

#4: Display Ads on your blog/website

This is alike to google Google AdSense but in this, there are no clicks, you get paid for displayed the ad on your website or blog, and that is all.

To further explain it, imagine you’re driving down the highway and you see a big billboard right towards you, you cannot touch it or click it, you can only view it.
Displayed ads/banner ads are exactly similar to real-life billboards, the only difference is that they are online.
The different types of displayed types are:

Now how does one make money with displayed ads?
Simply, you get paid for every view on that displayed ad, no matter what. Yes, it’s that simple.
But it’ll only make your wallet fat if you have a lot of traffic on your website/blog.
Moreover, you can use email tools to divert traffic towards your website using this emailing tool:

ConstantContact: One of the best tools for email marketing. The best part is you can try for one free month to get a gist of it’s effectiveness.

#5: GoDaddy Auctions

You can easily make 100$+ a day, all you have to do is buy and sell domains. These domains can be expired or new, you buy them and sell them for more bucks when they’re in demand at GoDaddy Auctions.

You can easily make 100$+ a day, all you have to do is buy and sell domains. These domains can be expired or new, you buy them and sell them for more bucks when they’re in demand.
How does it work?
Buy a domain and that has some words that someone is willing to buy for their purposes will pay you higher.
Domain names can expire or people forget to renew on GoDaddy, you can buy those and sell them immediately on flippa.com for $100 or $200 that will get you to reach your $100 goal.


Godaddy site: https://godaddy.com

Your work will be as a middleman, go to GoDaddy auctions and browse nice looking domain and buy. You hold them until you find a customer who is willing to pay higher.
Moreover, you can use this tool to compare auction prices:
Blue Host: This is also a hosting tool that can be used to cross-check prices. Search the domain name you want to buy and the price will be displayed.

Tools to use to earn money at home

In this section you will learn about the tools you can use to earn money from your home.


#6: Flippa

Flippa is where you can sell or buy online businesses. Imagine you have a Facebook page that has a lot of likes and traffic and now you want to sell it, flippa is where you can find customers for your page.
You can even sell your Instagram account on flippa.com.

The trick of flippa, the bargain!
Let’s say you browse flippa and find a website with a bad UI which but good traffic, due to the bad UI it is probably undervalued, you buy it at $150 and sell it on flippa for $1500 after having its UI improved.
Buying something at $150 and selling it at $1500 gives you 10x profit which is not so bad for your $100 goals, is it now?
Flippa is famous for these kinds of profits, make do it a lot on flippa, if they can I am sure you can too!

#7: Adf.ly

On adf.ly, you get paid to share links on your website/blog.
How it works?
You make a link short, be it any link using adf.ly, when anyone clicks on that link they are redirected to a 5 second ad, after seeing that 5 second ad, you get paid.

In the start, it doesn’t pay hundreds of dollars but it is a start to your $100 goal. The best part is that it doesn’t take any effort, if you own a blog or a website and it has some traffic, you’re well on your way to make \$100 per day.

Above are displayed the different income streams and rules of adf.ly.
Imagine you created a blog about “How to build muscles naturally?”, with every click on your blog link you will earn. Well, of course you won’t make a thousand but as I said before it a start.
Tools to use with adf.ly
Blog/website building to support adf.ly: WordPress is an online platform for making SEO and user-friendly websites/blog. You don’t need technical knowledge to build a website on WordPress.Once you make your website on WordPress, you can add advertisement links to your website using adf.ly.

#8: Canva

Canva is a multipurpose tool. It is known for its ease of use.
Let’s say you have no designing skills, you can still be a graphic designer on Canva. You somehow land a graphic designing job, using Canva you can easily make aesthetic graphic designs for your latest graphic designing job.

Canvas library of pre-made and free graphic designs is huge, you can find beautiful templates of different kinds of graphic designs, and the best part if thousands of the designs are free to use. 

I have used Canva to design screens for game development projects. But most people use it to design banners, Instagram posts, and Facebook posts. Canva can be used to create graphics for other people for a price. Fiverr can be used to land these projects, and Canva can be used to build those graphics.


Tools for successfully working on Canva:

Image Frames, Canva provides a great tool to display an image in the frame:

Color Wheels, It is another tool provided by Canva to change and select colors easily:

#9: Fiverr

Fiverr is an online market that can be used to sell services starting from as low as $5.
The services you can provide can range from:
1. Logo Design
2. Content Writing
3. Web development
4. Video creation
These are just to name a few, Fiverr is a huge market place and it is relatively easy to find customers from all around the world that need your service. Their payment model is fairly simple as well.
You make a gig on your Fiverr seller account by logging in and clicking the gigs button in the navigation bar. You can create gigs of any kind of services you are willing to offer:

Here is an example of gigs on fiverr:

Once your gig is created you can bid projects using to gig to different kinds of client. Here is a preview of how gig will look:

The first gig is about website making, using this gig I can make bids to all kinds of website building projects offered by clients. The best part about making bids is that Fiverr offers 10 free bids per day, which means you can bid on 10 different projects per day. Fiverr is a great way to get started with you make $100 per day goal.
Tools for successfully earning $100 a day on Fiverr:
1. Fiverr Gig Promoting Service: Using this service you can promote your gig on Fiverr and land more projects.

2. Fivlytics: This is another great tool for selling on Fiverr. It is a tool for helping you choose the right keywords for creating a successful gig on Fiverr.
a. You search a keyword for a gig for example WordPress is the keyword:

b. Fivlytics then provide you with analytics about the keyword which can help you choose the right keywords for you gig for example these are the analytics for the keyword WordPress:

#10: Wrapify

Wrapify is the new clever way to make easy money. With wrapify you get paid for wrapping your car with an advertisement and they pay you up to $400+.

If you own a car and are willing to get it wrapped with an advertisement, this is another way to add to your goal to make $100 per day. https://wrapify.com/drive/ Using this link you can understand how exactly does wrapify works.
Using wrapify you can build a passive income. Let’s say a new company wants to run their advertisement campaign in your area and you are signed up on wrapify, wrapify will contact you to ask if you want to run the campaign. Yes, it is that easy.

Below is a preview of how your car will look with the advert on it:


Canvas library of pre-made and free graphic designs is huge, you can find beautiful templates of different kinds of graphic designs, and the best part if thousands of the designs are free to use. 

I have used Canva to design screens for game development projects. But most people use it to design banners, Instagram posts, and Facebook posts. Canva can be used to create graphics for other people for a price. Fiverr can be used to land these projects, and Canva can be used to build those graphics.

Moreover, wrapify offer 4 different kinds of advert form which you can choose, the above is an example of full advertisement.

Earn money at home by Teaching

In this section, you will learn how to earn money at home by teaching


#11: OutSchool

At OutSchool you can teach anything. Ranging from art to coding. If you have any skills that you are confident enough about, you can sell it on OutSchool by teaching children. Below is a list of topics that you can teach on OutSchool. It lets you teach children different kinds of subjects from home.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a qualified teacher to be able to teach on OutSchool. All you need is a skill you are good at and you are on your way to earn $100 a day.
Teachers on OutSchool earn an average of $35 per teaching hour.
You can share you knowledge with children ranging from 2 to 18 years. The steps to join OutSchool are simple, all you have to do it sign up and create a course with good content and visuals, set age for target audience and you are on your way to earning $100 per day.
Some of the classes that are being offered right now:

You can teach whenever you want, set your own schedule, and most importantly teach as much as you can. OutSchool has no minimum teaching hours rule. And another thing to note is that you can set your own teaching rates. And outschool will pay you thru PayPal.

#12: UserTesting

If you think you have an eye for detail and an interest in the usability of different websites, then there is no better option than Usertesting.com. Owners of websites and developers pay to know what their user base thinks about their websites.

By clicking on the See Demo video you easily understand how this website works. Usertesting pays it’s testers $10 for each test. The tests are fairly easy, it’s similar to visiting a website and checking it out, the sole difference is that with usertesting, you will get paid for it.

These are the three easy step that’ll make you closer to your $100 per day goal. Not bad for making $10 surfing the internet!

#13: PeoplePerHour

This is another website for freelance work. Especially if you love to write this is one of the best websites to start your freelance writing career and getting a step closer to your $100 per day goal. The process for joining PeoplePerHour is easy. All you have to do is sign up and complete to following steps to start:

I have personally tried PeoplePerHour, and it does take less than 3 minutes to get set up on PeoplePerHour and start selling your writing skills.

How do you get paid here?
After you’ve completed the work given to you, an invoice will be sent to the buyer and your payment will be cleared as soon as the project is accepted
Steps for successfully landing projects:
1. Build your profile in under 3 minutes.
2. Get references for your profile I.E. past work you’ve done(doesn’t matter if you don’t have any).
3. Most importantly, your prices for projects should be reasonable.
4. Choose a good cover picture that shows your professional attitude(maybe a picture of your workplace).
5. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find jobs right away, be consistent.

Tools to use with PeoplePerHour to successfully manage projects on PeoplePerHour:

Trello: It’s a free task management tool, which is mostly used by freelancers to manage their freelancing jobs better. You can create cards on Trello for each project you get on PeoplePerHour and schedule them, keep deadlines using the cards. Below is an example of Trello boards for your freelance needs.

#14: Udemy

Udemy is one of the most popular websites for releasing your own personally designed courses. If your course gets attention, you can make tons of money.

Courses start from $9.99 and can go up to hundreds of dollars depending on the level your are teaching. However, this way of reaching your $100 per day goal requires high skillset and a strong grip on what you are teaching. Moreover, Udemy has the worlds largest selection of courses.
Courses on udemy are from almost all disciplines you can think of, if you feel comfortable with any skill that you possess, create a course and start selling.

Signing up is very easy, after signing up you can offer your course to be enrolled on udemy. Once enrolled, your course is live and ready to generate passive income.

Getting your course online means becoming an instructor on Udemy. Below are the simple steps you can take to have a successful career on Udemy.

Tools to start building a course on Udemy:

 UDUTU: It is a tool used by several course authors online to build their courses from scratch. If you want to learn about it, start with this course, https://www.udemy.com/course/udutu-course-authoring-tool/

#15: Adobe Stock

Are you a photography fanatic?
What if I tell you that you can sell your pictures?

If you think you have an eye for photography and see things from an aesthetic point of view, you can sell your pictures on Adobe Stock for a fair price.
Adobe will buy your pictures if they meet the criteria. Now there is no set pattern or criteria, even the weirdest pictures are sold here on adobe and sometimes even the most aesthetically appealing pictures are not sold.

The payment model is very easy to understand. You sign up and upload a picture. For every download, you get paid.
Tools to use with Adobe Spark:
PhotoShop: It is the best tool out there for editing photos and making them more aesthetic. Using photoshop you can edit your pictures; crop, cut, and generally edit it for free. 

#16: VipKid

This website is specially decided to teaching English to Chinese children. The best part is, you don’t have to speak English to be able to teach here. It’s a full English immersion experience for Chinese students.
Their classrooms resemble that of google classroom and MS teams, fairly easy to use.

It was rated top 15 for best companies for remote work and they are openly hiring. Once you’re enrolled in their panel, you will need a laptop and an internet connection.

#17: Swagbucks

Get paid for doing searched online?
Yes, Swagbucks pays you to use it. Specifically, their search engine to make searches and earn bucks. The following are easy steps to make it happen:

This by far the easiest way I found to make money online.


All in all, the aforementioned websites are the way to making $100 a day while staying home in your comfort zone. Each website works, I have personally tried and tested each website and it is safe to say if you follow this guide; you are well on your way to making $100 a day.


I hope this article has provided you the information that you have been looking for. Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section.

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