34 places to find free fonts for your websites

Are you looking for sites where you can get free fonts to use. Well here we will share 34 sites where you can get free fonts

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If you have started a business and look for fonts, but concern about typography budget, then you are in the correct place. We give you sources of free fonts to make your design work professional without costing a penny.

1. Google Fonts

Google fonts have a quality for free charge. You can share, customize, and collaborate with a designer to improve them. You can also use them privately or commercially in print, on a computer, or on websites.

By Google Fonts, you can make your web faster, more beautiful, and open via amazing typography. This website always provides the latest versions of free nice fonts, which are open-source, and without any coding.

2. Font Squirrel

Another well-known free font is Font Squirrel where you can find a clean design, high quality, visible search features, and the Font Identifier. This website has such free fonts, which scours the internet with its high quality.

These fonts are free, high quality, hand-picked and commercial-use fonts. Font Squirrel works well for all modern browsers.

3. Free Typography

Free Typography offers the best free fonts for free download.

4. The League of Movable Type

This website has free amazing fonts, which are open source. This option for people who want outstanding quality fonts.

5. Lost Type

This is a free font website for a creative font. The design is nice. This website is a collaborative digital type foundry.

6. FontM

This website offers free fonts. It has also fonts, which are free for commercial use. This website has sorted fonts by category. You can preview every font.

7. FontSpace

FontSpace is functional and easy to use. You can find trendy free fonts by clicking on the “popular” link. It also has script-style fonts for you. It has legally licensed fonts for free downloads, which are perfect if you want to use them for your design projects.

FontsSpace is for personal use only and free for PC/Mac. If you want to use it for commercial use, you should contact the author.

8. Creative Market

Creative Market offers free fonts with templates for business cards, themes, Layer Styles for 3D assets. It also has a good user experience with a clean design. It has more than 3 million unique fonts.

9. Behance

Behance is a world-class site with creative work. You can find free professionally designed fonts there. Behance is a social media platform. Adobe owns it. This platform is well known for the “to showcase and discover creative work” phrase.

10. The Northern Block

The Northern Block provides nice free fonts based on the type of content. It is an archive of downloadable free fonts. It produces award-winning fonts for creative, brands and makers.

10 more sites for free fonts for your websites

In this section we will share 10 more sites for free fonts for your websites​

11. Fontasy

Fontasy has useful free fonts for Mac and PC with a simple search feature. It features 1101 selected fonts, which are available for free download.

12. FontStruct

FontSrtuct allows you to create your unique free fonts with their user-friendly interface.

13. 1001 Free Fonts

1001 Free fonts offer 10,000 free nice fonts with clean design for free. You can download them for Windows and Mac for free. They are also free for commercial use. They do not require further licensing in a business environment.

You can browse by style, alphabetical listing, by popularity, and by style.

14. Abstract Fonts

Abstract Fonts has a clean interface with free nice fonts. It features over 13500 free fonts.

15. Befonts

Befonts offer free fonts for a designer with high-quality design resources.

16. Artill

Here you can find free fonts by sharing the page.

17. Typedepot

Typedepot has fantastic options for free original fonts.

18. Free fonts Project

Here you can level up your design by selecting free wonderful fonts.

19. Gluckfonts

You can find free amazing fonts made by Gluk.

20. Fontfabric

Here you can find eye-catching fonts for the price of $0.

More sites of free fonts for your websites

In this section, we will share more sites of free fonts which you can use for your day to day task

21. Ten by Twenty

Ten By Twenty offers unique free fonts.

22. The League of Movable Type

This website has an open-source font-directory with amazing free fonts.

23. Merriweather

This is designed for a text face in order to read on screens.

24. Urban Fonts

This is another place to find amazing free fonts for your unique themes.

25. FontZone

This has a library with more than 50,000 free fonts for free with a simple search engine.

26. FontShop

Here are other free fonts, which you can find by search options.

27. Fawnt

If you appreciate high-quality professional font, then this platform is for you. You can choose a free top font for the best design in just one look.

28. MyFonts

This platform has professional fonts where more than 130,000 free fonts are available.

29. DaFont

This platform consists of free fonts where mostly for personal use. However, you can get many of them with commercial licenses.

DaFont has a category system, which allows you to browse its fonts by various themes.  

30. Free Stock Fonts

Here you can find free nice fonts. This platform is expanding content constantly.

Exclusive sites of free fonts for your websites

In this section, we will share exclusive sites of free fonts

31. Fonts Arena

This is a curated typography platform, which offers high-quality free fonts.

32. Adobe Fonts

This is an online service, which has a subscription library of fonts. They bring more than thousands of beautiful fonts for designers.

33. FontFreak

You can download free nice fonts for Mac and Windows here.

34. NeoGrey

NeoGrey has a clean and simple design for free fonts.


You can find amazing fonts in minutes by our website guideline for free online. You can check multiple of them to check which is your type for your unique design and more comfortable for your user experience. Because right fonts play a significant role to optimize your design.


You may wonder because why so many platforms if fonts are free. These websites slightly different according to customers’ desires and personal preferences.


You can try to give time to download a few of them and check whether they are an audience respond to. Most of them are surely free amazing fonts with user-friendly clean designs.


Please, keep in mind, you should check whether those fonts are free for commercial use if you want to use them for your company. However, all of them charge price of $0 for personal use. You can enjoy free downloading and having experience on your own with these unique fonts.


So, how this article has helped you to find fonts for you. Do share your feedback in the comment section.

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