47 Mistakes not to make when you start blogging [2 Extra Bonus]

In this article you will get to know the 47 mistakes you should avoid for blogging.

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Making a blog on your own can be very challenging, to say the least. Initially, you make so many mistakes you could have easily avoided if someone guided you better. Avoiding the curbs amateurs easily fall into cannot only save you valuable time but can also help your blog become successful in a short amount of time. I have pointed out the most commonly made mistakes bloggers make while starting out.

Here are the 49 mistakes that you should not make when you start blogging-

#1 Not choosing the right platform

Choosing the right platform is the easiest yet the most crucial part of starting your own blog. If you start out with a platform that only provides a reasonable uptime but is incapable of handling the increase of traffic on your web page. Your site will result in crashing multiple times. Some of these platforms will further seek for more payment to maintain the sites. Your overall expenditure on these platforms will eventually increase. Therefore, do your research and choose wisely.

#2 Not keeping a backup

This is by far the most common mistake of bloggers starting out. Having confidence in the service you are provided is good but no one knows what the foreseeable future holds. Always keep a backup. So even if the contents on your web page suddenly disappear. You still have your hard-earned data.

#3 Wasting time on a domain name

Time management is a crucial component in building your web page as a blogger. It is the most valuable investment you have and wasting it in perfecting a domain name is a very big loss. Your domain name does not need to specifically reflect the outline of your blog but rather be an easy and memorable name. The content on your blog page will speak for itself and cultivate the target audience. So pick up a name!

#4 Over-thinking

I think it’s safe to say that overthinking is our biggest enemy while making any decisions in our lives. If this is your 7th time doing research for opening a blog then you need to really stop and just go for it. Because there will always be more YouTube videos or more articles on how to perfect your blog. But you know what will actually perfect your blog. Your blog existing!

#5 Not being interested in your topic

Choosing a topic that you are not interested in but rather choosing it because you feel it will generate you some income. This belief is far from reality. When you write about something you are not passionate about, it eventually shows in your writing if not initially. Choose a topic you can’t stop talking about to your friends and family or a topic that keeps you wondering late at night. Even if you feel like the topic you are interested in is not profitable, you will be surprised by the number of people that will relate to you. Even if they are a small number initially. They will be your loyal followers.

#6 Not choosing a broad topic

Choosing a broad topic will provide you with the opportunity to branch out with what the current trend requires. For example say your topic is “lifestyle”, you can blog about the new flavor that Starbucks introduced or something like that. But if you choose a narrow topic it may not provide you the opportunity to keep up with what your audience wants to read.

#7 Not understanding your target audience

Ask yourself, who are the people you want your blog to be read by. Sieving out the audience you want to deal with will help you build a more relatable relationship with your readers. Thinking from the perspective of your specific audience will help you write blogs in a more condensed language. To understand your target audience and write accordingly.

#8 Not doing enough research

Bluffing about things you do not have complete information about is unfortunately one of the common mistakes in blogging. Since blogging is an online platform and allows a blogger the ability to talk about most of the things as he or she sees fit. Misinformation is the consequence the readers have to face. So please do your research properly and sincerely about a topic you are going to write about.

#9 Fetching too much information

Providing readers with unnecessary information and confusing them is a mistake you do not want to commit. The topic you write about sometimes has a lot of information from various sources. Your job as a blogger is to filter this enormous information and make it easy to read and understand.

#10 Not choosing quality over quantity

I will not tell you to choose quality over quantity or vice-versa but rather learn to balance the two. Having ten blogs that are poorly written or having one good blog are both very wrong. What you need to do is have a good quantity with good quality. Write blogs that genuinely help the people reading them and also write a good number of blogs.

How to write meaningful contents

In this article you will get to know how to write meaningful contents

#11 Not being consistent

Consistency is a habit that you need not only in blogging but in every aspect of your life. Whether it be starting your own business or studying for an exam. You need consistency to get anywhere in life. But how do you develop this habit? When you do things for what you love it doesn’t feel like consistency, it feels like there wouldn’t be another way other than just showing up. So my advice is if you are truly interested in starting your blog and if you are reading this, you are already halfway there my friend.

#12 Not understanding the basics

Before you start anything if you are weak at the basics of it you will not go far in succeeding before all of it collapses. The same thing goes for blogging as well. So make sure the language you are blogging in is the language you are familiar with.

#13 Not making notes

As a content creator, you do not know where and when will inspiration or a good idea hit you. So carrying a small notebook that has all your ideas in will be very helpful. Many times you may have your phone with you but as soon as you open your phone you are more likely to get distracted by many things. That is the reason a book although it may feel a little old fashioned, is the best option.

#14 Not simplifying your content

Making blogs where you can simplify complex topics is the most valuable weapon you can use. I say weapon because most people do not realize how this is the key to making your blog successful. Having blogs that do not concentrate on delivering the main points of the topic you are trying to convey will not only waste your time but also the readers. The readers online do not have the patience to go through a confused writer’s blog when there is so much better and clear content available on other blog pages.

#15 Using authentic English

Since blogging is mainly dependent on the art of reading, it is a determining factor that you use your language in a way that seems like a conversation between you and the reader. Making mistakes while writing a blog is common that is why many tools can help you correct all these errors.

#16 Having the same pattern

Making your blogs engaging is one of the abilities you will have to develop as a blogger. Having the same pattern can bore the readers and they might not even reach the end of your blog. Repeating a pattern can make your readers lose interest very quickly which is obviously one of the things we need to avoid.

#17 Keeping long paragraphs

No one wants to read long paragraphs. It’s time-consuming and very boring, to be honest. Keep your paragraphs short, sweet, and to the point. Long paragraphs act as barriers and let me tell why. Maybe the content in your blog is very good but no one will read it unless you break it down into small sentences.

#18 Not highlighting keywords

Now you have good content in short and to the point sentences. How do you make it better? You guessed it, by highlighting the words in your sentences. Making it easy for the reader to just swipe through your blog and get the idea of what exactly you are covering in your blog.

#19 Not having a build-up

Think of your blog as a movie or a series you can’t wait to watch the next week. That doesn’t mean I want your blog to have cliffhangers but have a buildup of curiosity you want the readers to engage in. Keep your blog interesting till the end and give a good conclusion as a finishing touch.

#20 Not using quality images

Conveying the idea of your message visually will help the readers think from your perspective. This is where good quality images come into the picture. Using bad and blurry images will take away the quality of your entire blog.

Using the right tool for Blogging

In this section, you will get to know the tool you need to use for blogging

#21 Not utilizing helpful tools

Making mistakes while writing a blog is the most human thing you will do. There are so many tools you can use to perfect the writing in your blog and not using these tools is plain ignorance. So use them. Some examples are word counter, grammar correction tool, and sentence formation tools such as Grammarly, Atomic writer and Pro writing aid can be used to correct your sentences and avoid typos.

#22 Not using the right marketing tools

Having good marketing strategies can drastically increase the traffic on your blog. Do not just upload a blog and magically wait for it to reach your audience. You have to use marketing tools that are specifically designed to help you gain traffic on your blog page. Ahrefs and Semrush are such marketing tools that provide different solutions including SEO to you.

#23 Not using google analytics tag on site

Analytic tag is used to measure and understand the interaction of users with your website and that is why you require Google analytics tag on your site. Also, Themes used in your webpage play a key role in enhancing the visual outlook of your website. “Astra theme” is one such WordPress theme that gives you all the features you need as a beginner and you can add the Google analytics tag using a custom layout hook. You can go through the tutorials and start with a free trial on your website.

#24 Not focusing on competitive keywords

Long Tail pro, Authority labs, Cognitive SEO, Majestic SEO software are some useful tools that can help you with optimizing your content to land on top of other blogs. These tools elevate your site’s ranking in the search engine, thereby attracting more traffic towards your blog.

#25 Not taking color, font, and design seriously

While having good content is the most important base of having any blog page. Keep in mind that your font, color, and the design of your website contribute largely to how the readers view the quality of the information you are providing with. So while these things do drain out your time and money do not neglect them.

#26 Not asking for opinions

Not asking for anyone’s opinion or asking for everyone’s opinion are both very wrong. Ask a hand full of people who you know, would be brutally honest with your work and use their critics to improve your writing and make your blog better.

#27 Not being persistent

Faith is the key to being persistent. Keeping in mind the exact reason of what pushed you to make a blog in the first place will help you be motivated through the hard times since the path to any success is not a smooth sail. Pushing through the times you want to give up is when having persistence will give you the strength to stand on the pillar of faith.

#28 Not improving your skills

The quality of writing in your blog needs to improve with every new one you post. Self-evaluating your own blogs will help you see the improvement from the first blog to the current one. Being stagnant in your writing skills and not improving them will only stunt your growth as a blogger which I am sure you want to avoid.

#29 Not having your own style of writing

Every blogger or influencer who was or is famous had their own unique approach to whatever they did. Try to create your writing in a way that reflects your style as a person. Do not copy or get influenced by the conventional style of writing a blog.

#30 Deviating from your topic

Losing focus on your topic is the last thing you want to do. Make pointers and describe what you want to exactly convey to your readers. Don’t contradict your content or deviate from it. Tell it to the point. Keep it short and simple.

Writing meaningful content

In this section, you will get to know how to write meaningful content

#31 Being vague with your content

As a blogger, you are recognized by what you write. You get your audience based on the helpful information you provide. Being vague with your content can cause your audience to misunderstand the given information. Do not be vague. If you do not know anything. Look it up and take your time to put it out there.

#32 Distracting readers from your content

Out of all the priorities, keeping the attention of your readers should be your first. Keep control over the ads on your page. Keep light color tones of your page and disable any pop-up sounds. So that your readers can give all their attention to the content of your blog.

#33 Not interacting with the readers

When a reader opens your blog, they enter this mini-world of yours, where they get to take a glance of your thoughts, and if they connect to these thoughts great job! You have developed a bond with them. And what could be something more rewarding for a blogger? You also need to have an open mind for criticism. Respond to the comments on the blog within 24-48 hours and keep your readers involved in your day to day activities which will help you strengthen your bond with them.

#34 Not utilizing all social platforms

Work on developing your online presence on social media platforms which will help your readers get a glimpse of you in your real life. Opening your account on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook will help you interact with your readers better. Utilize these platforms for monetization. Keep in mind your social media id’s on your blog page.

#35 Not up to date with the trend

While this may sound like a cup of tea to us since our phones are practically an extension of our body at this point. It may not be as easy as you think. Keeping up with the current trend is quite a challenge since you never know when or how long this wave of trend is going to last. Feeding into the trend is the fastest way to get views on your blog since you are supplying what the demand requires. So try your best to keep up with what is trending!

#36 Scaring yourself away

Yes, we do scare ourselves away by giving ourselves scenarios we know we will fail in. Chances of these scenarios happening at all are very slim and even if they do push it on the future you to handle it. Diving into anything head-on when you are still inexperienced can leave you with no results and can make you feel very discouraged. So take slow and steady steps and you will find yourself succeeding in no time. Do not listen to the discouraging voices in your head that stop you from achieving something I know you can.

 #37 Not having a positive thought process

Not having a positive thought process will do you no good. Your thoughts make you. What you feed your thoughts, you will believe that. Anything you start will have a harsh road ahead and, during the process, you need to rely on yourself completely. Believe in yourself. Be kind to yourself. Feed yourself with positivity and encouragement and your blogs will emit the positivity.

#38 Trying to fulfill expectations

There is no way perfection exists. And you don’t need it to exist. No one is perfect. Every person has their own weakness. Figure out your weakness and work on them. Don’t set your expectations too high or too low. Just keep trying and give your best. Do it for yourself, not because someone expects it from you.

#39 Not being careful

With every step you take towards your future you will receive a good or bad effect of your action. But the consequence of not being careful in the case of blogging can bring a hit to you personally. Be careful as you blog. You are responsible for your content. Don’t be racist. Be considerate of other’s feelings. Convey your content in the right manner with the right words and nothing will limit your growth.

#40 Going in circles

Even as you start off with blogging you might not understand “going in circles”. But every blogger has their own patterns until they try and expand themselves. You need to keep exploring and breakthrough any limitations you set yourself with. Don’t aim for something within your reach but much higher so you can achieve the minimum for a start.

Being hopeful

In this section, you will get to know how to stay motivated and helpful

#41 Not working in the right environment

It is quite interesting how our environment affects the quality of our work. Keep yourself surrounded by positive people who motivate and help you improve your work, rather than mocking you or pulling you down. Think about the people who discourage you. They might not know what you truly are capable of. If you think you are made for blogging. Don’t let other’s opinion of you influence you. Do your best.

#42 Not being organized

You may not realize it in the present but disorganization and mess around you affect you in many ways. Also, leading you to have an attitude of giving excuses or piling up everything around you, including your problems, relations, and causing you extremely low self-esteem or depression. Start with organizing one thing and slowly try to achieve a systematic routine, so that you have a clear and peaceful mind to work on your blog.

#43 Not managing expenses

At the beginning of your blogging journey and the excitement of learning new things, budgeting is more likely to skip our minds. But when the consequences show their face to you it becomes too big to handle and yes debt it is. Even if you have chosen a good and affordable Webhost learn to do your daily accounts while keeping your personal and professional accounts separate.

#44 Don’t get scammed

Understand you are dealing with an online platform that comes with a lot of risks and intruder attacks. Don’t think it will not happen to you. Don’t ignore the facts or let your guard down. Be alert throughout and blog with all the risks in your mind, that way you will most likely be safe from the hackers. Your best option would be to choose a Webhost with good security.

#45 Not being prepared for the worst

To view everything optimistically is good but to overlook your obstacles and not see them coming is a downside for you. You need to be realistic and prepare yourself mentally for the loss or profit coming your way. Both of them require you to think with a logical perspective.

#46 Not taking breaks

You might think the more you work, the better you will do. But that’s not true, try giving yourself a break when your exhausted and come back and continue with a fresh mindset, you will see the difference, the things that seemed confusing start clearing up not because it was difficult but because you had reached your limit. So stop and take a break.

#47 Not doing enough

There is no limit for you to do enough or more. If you think something is missing, go ahead and look up different sources to fill up that space. If good results don’t show up. Try different ways and suggestions. Keep trying. There is no reason for you to stop till you make it there.

#Bonus One Giving up too soon

Quitting when things become hard seems like the only option at the moment. But giving up now will be letting go of all your past hard work. Why not add up some more hard work in your present to build your future and not regret about giving up? Be curious about your result. You never know your blog might be a hit! Keep moving ahead and don’t look back.

#Bonus Two Don’t fall with the dip

It is obvious with anything new, you need to cross some hurdles. There will be some ups and downs but make sure you compliment and award yourself whenever you accomplish something and just keep trying on those bad days. Do not fall with the downs! Just stick around, it will pass and you will do good in the coming days.


In the end, keep a track of your journey. You never know when it might come in handy for you or other people who are just like you and might need your help later. Don’t stress out keep all these mistakes in your mind and don’t be scared to just start, because there is no other way of you knowing if this will work out or not. You are a beginner to your success.

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