50 best SEO YouTube channels to follow [SEO Tactics that works]

Last Updated: April 2024

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Learning how to use SEO and how to implement the best SEO strategies for your online business, website, or blog can make or break your online marketing strategy. In this article, I have listed the 50 best SEO YouTube channels so you can follow and learn from their experience and how used Pinterest, YouTube, and Google SEO to rank high on search engine results and grow your online business.

1. Backlinko with Brian Dean

Brian Dean aims to teach his followers how to use or improve their SEO skills via case studies and real-life examples. If you are interested in learning actionable SEO tips, content marketing, and link building, then this channel is a must-watch. I highly recommend this channel to bloggers and YouTube content creators if they want to improve their Google and YouTube ranking.

On top of that, experienced SEO users will have access to advanced SEO tutorials as well.


2. Pat Flynn

The Pat Flynn YouTube channel offers great advice on how to get started in affiliate marketing and how to build your online business. Recently he posted a video on YouTube SEO, where he shares step-by-step tutorials and tips on how to improve the ranking of your YouTube videos.


3. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a successful entrepreneur, that shares genuine SEO tips and tactics that helped him build his empire. His short tutorials on how to improve the ranking of your blog and YouTube channel are accompanied by actionable tactics and tips that will greatly help you. The good news is that Neil creates content that targets both beginners and advanced SEO users.


4. Simplilearn

This YouTube channel offers a wide range of courses on trending topics of the digital world. Among them, you can follow a full training on SEO, where you will be able to understand how SEO works, how to search for keywords, improve your search engine rank, and many more.

This course is perfect for those that are just getting started with SEO and want to learn while receiving useful tips.


5. Miles Beckler

Miles Beckler uses his experience as a digital marketing expert and entrepreneur to offer search engine optimization tutorials for Pinterest content creators, bloggers, and YouTubers. In this channel, you can also find advanced tutorials on how to create sales funnels and how to get started with Facebook advertising.


6. Ahrefs

Both beginners and advanced SEO users will find useful interactive SEO tutorials such as technical search engine optimization, keyword search, and link building in this channel. In addition to that, Ahrefs shares relevant SEO tips on how to increase your organic search traffic, making this channel a must-follow for WordPress bloggers that just started their blogging journey.


7. Moz

Moz is a creative bunch of digital experts that use a whiteboard to explain everything about SEO, link building, branding, and social media. They are passionate about digital marketing, and I am sure you will have a lot to learn from their tips. Go check them out!


8. Cathrin Manning

With more than 290,000 subscribers, next on this list is Cathrin Manning, whose channel provides invaluable SEO basic tutorials and tips that you must know before starting your career as a YouTuber. If you are thinking of launching your YouTube channel, make sure to check out her channel.


9. Wes McDowell

Wes McDowell offers a great playlist of 23 videos on search engine optimization for small businesses. At the end of this series, you will be able to use Rank Math SEO plugin for easy keyword search, to increase website traffic, to optimize your website for voice search SEO, and to rank higher in Google results.


10. Peter Lindgren

Although the content of this channel is not solely focused on digital marketing or SEO, Peter Lindgren often shares tips on search engine optimization. In his latest video, he shares some SEO tips to improve the searchability of your channel in 2020 and some YouTube SEO tools that have helped him grow his channel.


11. Nathan Gotch

Next on this list is an SEO guru, and founder of Gotch SEO, a platform that provides SEO templates. Nathan offers a unique insight into the world of SEO, by providing useful tips on how you can grow your online business and how to improve your SEO skills.


12. Dan Ray

Dan Ray runs an SEO-focused channel where he shares white-hat link building tactics and new strategies on how you can build high-quality links for your website. Go take a look, you won’t regret it!


13. WP Beginner–WordPress Tutorials

Founded by Syed Balkhi, this channel is dedicated to providing easy to follow tutorials for WordPress users. You will find a series of five videos on SEO WordPress for beginners, where you can learn how to do keyword research with Ahrefs, how to get more traffic in your site, and a list of seven powerful techniques on how to grow your site.


14. Koozai

Koozai is an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency that uses the Koozai YouTube channel to host informative videos on Content Marketing, PPC, and of course SEO. What I love the most about this channel is how clearly they explain how to use both SEO and digital PR to grow your online business.


15. Website Learners

Website Learners is brought to you by a team of more than 50 India-based experts that offer a wide range of tutorials on how to build websites and how to get started with SEO. Their channel contains many short tutorials and tips on how to use WordPress SEO by teaching you how to make your content rank high on google search and choosing the most searched words by people.


16. Pat Quiroz

Pat Quiroz is a passionate SEO user that shares his tips and tactics on how you can improve the online performance of your website, blog, or online business. He shares tutorials about On-Page optimizations on WordPress to improve the rankings and visibility of your blog in major search engines such as Google and Bing.


17. Vanessa Lau

Vanessa Lau’s channel offers various videos where she shares tips on how to increase organic traffic in your YouTube channel/Instagram and also updated SEO hacks for 2020. She is clear, straight to the point, and easy to follow.


18. WP Tuts

WP Tuts is all about teaching WordPress search engine optimization to beginners and how to improve your search engine results using Rank Math SEO. In addition to that, you can also watch tutorials on how to build and grow your WordPress website.

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19. WPCrafter.com WordPress For Non-Techies

This channel offers its followers easy to follow and advanced tutorials on how to use WordPress and SEOPress. His SEO tutorials are focused on keyword research, On-page SEO, YOAST SEO, etc.


20. Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward has helped others to grow their online business since 2012, and he continues to do so by teaching about a wide range of internet marketing techniques. The channel also features various SEO tutorial video series such as SEO for beginners, eCommerce SEO, technical SEO, and unboxed SEO. On top of that, he has 13 video-long series reviewing SEO tools that are worth watching.


21. TubeBuddy

Next entry on this list is on my favorite SEO YouTube channel, TubeBuddy, which provides a very detailed tutorial on how to optimize your YouTube videos even if you are an absolute beginner. In addition to that, they offer tons of YouTube SEO tips to make your learning process easier.


22. Josh Bachynski

Next up, on this list, is a digital marketing expert that shares SEO tutorials, tips, tactics, how to rank on the first page of any search engine, and many more.


23. Ferdy Korpershoek

Ferdy’s channel contains awesome tutorials on getting started with SEO tools like Rank Math and Yoast SEO. The best bit yet is that you can also find detailed how-to videos about WordPress elements and email marketing tools.


24. Marley Jaxx

This YouTube channel hosts high-quality videos about using YouTube SEO to grow small channels and to improve the YouTube and Google search ranking of your videos. In this channel you will also find how to use cross-channel video marketing and how to create viral content videos.


25. Kate Emiley

As a content marketer, Kate Emiley offers a large list of tutorials, case studies, and tips to help you grow your online business. She recently shared her Instagram SEO tips, which I am sure will help you as much as they helped me.


26. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal covers a wide variety of topics, including SEO, PPC, Content Marketing to Social Media, Technical SEO, etc. On their channel, you will find the best content out there when it comes to SEO guides and tactics. In addition to that, they also share content related to link building, AI, and keyword research.


27. Anastasia Blogger

Anastasia is a Pinterest marketing strategist that teaches how to start using Pinterest and grow your page using SEO hacks. In her videos, you will learn about Pinterest keyword search and how to create pins with SEO tactics in your mind.


28. H-Educate

H-Educate is primarily focused on teaching about online marketing and in addition to that it also offers a free beginner-friendly and SEO tutorial, where Hasan, the founder of the channel, guides you on how to use SEO to generate organic traffic from Google.


29. Shruti Pangtey

The next entry in this list is the online business owner Shruti Pangtey, which shares her experience building her business and also some SEO hacks and tips that she learned along the way. From her SEO tips, you will learn how to rank high on Pinterest, direct traffic into your blog from Pinterest, and many more.


30. Surfside PPC

Surfside PPC shares his successful SEO strategy in an SEO tutorial for beginners in 2020. He explains every concept simply and step-by-step, making it easier for you to follow along with and start using it on your website as well to increase your traffic.


31. Brand Burp

This channel is brought to you by a team of digital marketing experts, including an SEO specialist as well. With their Instagram SEO tutorial videos, you will learn what Instagram SEO is, how to use it to grow your Instagram, and seven Instagram SEO tips/hacks.


32. Glanz Guru

Next on this list, Glanz Guru shares some practical tips on how to get improve the overall performance of your YouTube channel by using SEO tools. She offers advice on how to find the best title and tags for your video and on how to write an appropriate description for your video. Although these tips do not ensure that your channel will perform better, it is worth a try.


33. SEO Melbourne Podcast

This young YouTube channel offers high-quality SEO tutorials for online business owners in order to educate them on how to correctly use SEO tools and how to grow their online business.



This channel is focused only on sharing SEO tutorials, techniques, tools, and strategies that you can apply to your business. Chris Palmer posts videos weekly, where he shares his tips on local SEO, Google SEO, On-Page SEO, Black Hat SEO, etc.


35. Edureka

This channel functions as an e-learning platform, where among their countless courses, they also offer an interactive SEO tutorial for absolute beginners. At the end of this SEO tutorial, you will have a clear concept of what SEO is, types of SEO, and various tactics and methods to help you improve your channel statistics.


36. Techquickie

With 3.67 million subscribers, next on this list is Techquickie, an awesome channel that will teach all you need to know about trending topics in the tech world. But in this channel, you will also find a clear explanation about SEO and some tips on how you can make your website rank high in google search.


37. Create a Pro Website

Although this channel aims to teach you how to build beautiful websites without knowing how to code, you will find some high-quality content on SEO tools as well.

Dale offers a complete tutorial on Yoast SEO, where he clearly explains what this tool is, how to set it up using WordPress, and a hands-on example on how to optimize your posts with it.


38. Search Engine Land

For those that would love an extremely easy but elaborate explanation about SEO, this next channel, Search Engine Land, is a must-watch. The best bit is that in only 3 minutes, you will have a clear understanding of SEO and how it can impact the growth of your business. On top of that, this channel also offers SEO tutorials for Web developers.

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39. ThinkMedia

This channel is mostly focused on hosting tech reviews, but they also have many videos on how to increase your YouTube performance. I strongly suggest this channel if you are just starting on YouTube, as you will find great tips on YouTube SEO, such as using YouTube keyword research to obtain more views.


40. Darrel Wilson

Darrel’s channel also offers tutorials on how to build drag-and-drop websites and get started with WordPress. He also has a 45-minute long video on Yoast SEO, how to get your website verified, and how to submit the website to a sitemap.


41. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is an SEO company that focuses on helping medium-sized businesses to increase their online presence. The CEO of Ignite Visibility, John Lincoln, shares his tips on how two quickly improve google SEO indexing, how to rank #1 using local SEO, and 11 powerful strategies for link building for 2021. You will also find 105 videos on how to use SEO, how to decide the best SEO strategies for your business, and many, many other topics on SEO.


42. Income School

If you have experience with SEO tools or already had an introduction to SEO and do not have time to watch lengthy tutorials, I high recommend Income School. The owners of this channel share valuable SEO tips that helped them in their journey as online content creators.


43. Rosh Sillars

Rosh Sillars teaches Combination Code to creative entrepreneurs, but he also loves sharing SEO tips to make you a better SEO user. In his “10 SEO tipsvideo, you will learn how to improve your SEO skills and how to improve the ranking of your website or blog in search engines. Go check it out!


44. Annie Dubé

This channel is a must-see for all those that have started their career as YouTubers but are having a hard time to drive organic traffic into their channel. Annie shares with us her 3-step approach on how to quickly improve the rank of your YouTube videos.


45. Leon Angus

For those who have just learned about SEO and want to know how it works, Leon Angus does a great job explaining. This new channel offers a free SEO crash course that is only one hour long and very easy to follow along with.


46. Trybeweb Tech

Utaji Simon, the mastermind behind Trybeweb Tech creates this YouTube channel to support his official tech websites. He hosts videos that are mainly focused on on-Page SEO, off-page SEO, WordPress, Blogspot blogging, and backlink building. You will find 27 videos on blogging and SEO, that will teach you all you need to know about growing your website.

47. Action Taking Blogger – Stefan Ciancio

Stefan Ciancio is a full-time entrepreneur and online marketing expert that hosts training videos about online marketing tools. You will also find videos on Pinterest SEO and how to use TailwindApp to do so. In this Pinterest SEO tutorial, you will learn how to generate organic website traffic for free.


48. Life Styling Space

In this channel, you can find tips on anything related to online marketing and, in particular to Pinterest SEO. By watching these videos on Pinterest SEO, you will learn how to correctly write pin descriptions, how to rank high on Pinterest, and how to drive more traffic into your blog.


49. Khaled Belkeram

This bilingual YouTuber shares his SEO knowledge in both English and Arabic by hosting tutorials on how to improve the ranking of your website using SEO techniques and how to build your online business.


50. Daniels Hustle

The Daniels Hustle is a fast-growing, must-see YouTube channel especially for young YouTubers that want to learn how to use YouTube SEO to improve the ranking of their videos in YouTube search. He also explains how to write the best YouTube keyword research and tags. Go check it out!


Search engine optimization is a powerful process that can improve and grow your online businesses and these channels offer you the chance to learn for free the best SEO tools and strategies that will make your business grow. Go and check them out!