AWeber vs ActiveCampaign

Last Updated: May 2024

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AWeber vs ActiveCampaign

When you are running an online business, email marketing platforms is very important for you. AWeber and ActiveCampaign are both very good and advanced email marketing platforms. But if you need to decide which one to choose there is a tough job in front of you. To make it a bit easier for you and your business, we did some compare these two platforms, their benefits, services, prices, features and more.

The first thing you need to do, before you decide which platform is better for your business, is to find out for whom the email marketing tool was created for.

These two services are having different target market. AWeber is trying to be suitable for every user, and it’s more convenient for small businesses. On the other side, ActiveCampaign is better for marketers that have more experience and which campaigns are more complex.

Both platforms have a free trial month so, you can take your time and explore which one is the right platform for your job, before you start to pay for their services.

AWeber – Pros and Cons

AWeber is an email marketing platform the most suitable for small businesses, for person who is running a blog, entrepreneurs, non-profits and podcasters. It is an easy solution and affordable price service, and it is a great service if you need simple to use email marketing and auto respond. It is an experienced platform where you can build your own opt-in forms list and send auto respond emails to your subscribers.

Pros – AWeber is one easy to use email marketing service, the most suitable for small businesses. On one place you have all the tools you need to run a successful business. They are very long on the market, for over a 20 years of experience. They offer you a very impressive number of email templates, over a 700 different templates. That allows you to create very beautiful designed emails that will attract your customers. AWeber has excellent customer support service that works 24 hours all 7 days a week. You can get support by phone, emails or live chat. Also, they offer you video tutorials, webinars and trainings that are very useful, especially if you are beginner in email marketing automation. Their prices are very affordable, and depends on number of your customers. AWeber offers you a 30 – day free trial, which is a great opportunity to test all their tools, features and options before you decide which pricing plan is right for your business. They have great integration with other platform and services.

Cons – AWeber is more auto responder service, not serious email marketing automation. That is the main reason why it is the most suitable for small businesses, and not for large companies. Some customers complain that it is difficult to navigate the program because there is a lot of different options. AWeber doesn’t offer you a free plan, just free trial.

Pros Easy to use

Over 20 years of experience

A lot of different email templates

Excellent customer support service, 24/7

Great integration with other services

30 – day free trial

Cons Difficult to navigate the program

Not suitable for large companies

No free plan available, just free trial

ActiveCampaign – Pros and Cons

ActiveCampaign is marketing platform suitable for small and mid-sized businesses. This platform puts the accent on a good customer relationship. They are really automation marketing service. They are combination of email marketing, sales CRM platform and marketing automation. ActiveCampaign gives you the opportunity to create very well-designed email campaigns and to automate personal communication with your clients. Only sending basic mails are not enough if you want to grow your business so, Active Campaign provides you to group your customers based on their individual interests. They also have a great cooperation with more than 700 apps and other services, which make your business experience much easier and profitable.

Pros – ActiveCampaign is an email marketing automation service that offers you a lot of functional tools that are easy to use. All marketing automation tools you need for successful email marketing is there, on one place. You can easily group your customers based on their interest, and do the multi – step automation and deliver your emails depends on your clients interests, different events or actions. ActiveCampaign also, offers you an excellent customer support service by phone, chat, emails and offers you a good video tutorials. The price is affordable and depends on number of your clients.

Cons – Some customers complain that ActiveCampaign is too complex software and that it is complicate for beginners. Also they say that some features is very hard to find. Price is increases too much depend on number of contacts, and they could improve their training videos.

Pros Functional tools, easy to use

All marketing automation tools you need

Multi step automation

Great customer support service

Affordable price

Cons Complex software, not suitable for beginners

Too much price increase

Some features are hard to find

Could improve their training videos

AWeber vs ActiveCampaign – Main Differences

AWeber and ActiveCampaign are email marketing services that are very popular and have a lot of satisfied consumers. Depend on your preferences and needs one can be better than other in various segments. In text below we will compare them by their most important characteristics and tools.

For most consumers and reviewers, the main difference between these two platforms is that ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation solution, and AWeber is a classic auto responder. Auto responder is some form of marketing automation, but good marketing automation allows you to control your customers on many ways, not just to manage your subscribers, and their emails. So, first is that you need to know what do you need from your email marketing service to be – auto responder or marketing automation, before you research other differences they have.

AWeber vs ActiveCampaign – Features

AWeber and ActiveCampaign, both services, have so many features that you need to run your job successfully. And AWeber and ActiveCampaign offers you automation, tagging, segmenting, auto responders, HTML templates, email newsletters, mobile app, and so much more. AWeber allows you to easily manage your contacts and to create appropriate personalize campaigns. You can sort your contacts by the date added, place of living, time they visited your page and much more.

But when we talk about features, we have to mention that ActiveCampaign is definitely the winner in segmentation capabilities. They have great contact management functionality. ActiveCampaign offers you plenty of features that allows you to make reports and analytics, build and personalize your emails, automate email response, automate alerts and tasks, landing pages and forms. It is built to help you to automate your email marketing and improve your sales, and that is why you are able to create very specific segments matching your target customers. That can include state where they live, date subscribed, total page visits, and more. With this advanced segmentation capabilities you are able to personalize yours customers depends on your campaigns, and your business needs. The automation tool is very easy to use with drag and drop tools.

AWeber vs ActiveCampaign – Service and Support

Both services try to be cooperative and supportive when it comes with their customer support. They both try to be very supportive with trainings, guides, videos, and if you are a beginner in email marketing you can start with no problem. AWeber has very impressive support 24 hours a day, all seven days in a week. They will help you step by step with any problem you have, and help you grow your email business online. They are friendly and cooperative. Furthermore, they also have all kinds of customer support – email, phone and chat support. On the other side, customer and support service on ActiveCampaign depend a lot on price and plan that you choose. It doesn’t mean that they don’t support you if you are beginner, but their support is much more helpful when you pay more for their services.

AWeber vs ActiveCampaign – Trial and Pricing

Both AWeber and ActiveCampaign, is offering you a free trial version. That is the most suitable for the new customers so, you can try their options and tools before you choose what is the right email marketing service for you. When it comes to price, it seems like that ActiveCampaign is less expensive, but it seems to be only at the beginning, and that for the long term AWeber is much more affordable. On both services

price depends on how many contacts you have, and all features are included no matter the plan you choose. Also, price on both these services are the same until you have 1000 contacts, and by that time ActiveCampaign is starting to increase their price. As your number of customer is growing and the prices are growing too, and for example price for up to 2500 contacts on AWeber is 29$, and on ActiveCampaign price is 39$ per month, and later if you have up to 5000 contacts on AWeber price is 49$, and on ActiveCampaign is 69$ per month. So, the conclusion is that AWeber is more affordable if we compare their prices.

There is one negative note that can apply for both services – both use some not so friendly tricks when you need to upgrade your payment account. AWeber automatically upgrades your account no matter of your choice, and start charging you more. ActiveCampaign on the other side, sends you some notification when you reach 80% of your capacity so, they try to trick you to start paying more for the next services although you already left 20% capacity of your current service level.

AWeber vs ActiveCampaign – Ease of Use

Consumers of both services said that their platform is easy to use, and that they are enjoying to work on them. They are user- friendly, and cooperative, and not complicated to figure out how to use it. But if we have to choose which one is easier to use, we will choose ActiveCampaign. This decision mostly has in mind that AWeber is an email marketing service that is the most suitable for small businesses so, maybe it is a little bit complicated to use if you are new in email marketing, it can be confusing.

AWeber vs ActiveCampaign – Templates

When we talk about templates, AWeber is in better position. They offer you more than 700 different email templates that you can choose from, and ActiveCampaign offers you only 25 of them. AWeber offers you to choose from more then 700 professional designed templates where you can change font, colour, and add some images, logos or other branding elements. It helps your customers easier to recognize your emails.

AWeber vs ActiveCampaign – Integration with other software

If you want to run successful business it is very important for you that your email marketing service has a good integration with other software. There are no great differences between these two when we talk about their integrations with other platforms. The only difference according to AWeber official compare on their site, is that some integrations that you get on AWeber, on ActiveCampaign you can get only on Plan plus, (such as Shopify and WooCommerce).

AWeber vs ActiveCampaign – Conclusion

If we talk about email marketing, these two services are both great and popular. Which one you will choose depends on your preferences and business needs. There are few differences that can make your choice easier – price, automation, templates, customer service and other, but at the end it is only depends on your business needs and wishes.

AWeber vs ActiveCampaign
AWeber ActiveCampaign
Price Affordable price

30 – days free trial

Price increase more with number of your contacts

Free trial

Features Auto respond emails tool Excellent automation tool

Multi step automation

Templates Over 700 different email templates Small number of different email templates
Customer support service Excellent customer support service, 24/7 Excellent customer support service, depending on your pricing plan
Integration Great integration with other platforms Great integration, but also depends on your pricing plan