AWeber vs Campaign Monitor

Last Updated: May 2024

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Aweber vs Campaign Monitor

Email marketing tools are very important for your successful online business. There is so many email marketing software on the market and it is difficult to find the right one for your job. In the text below, we will represent you two very famous and successful email marketing services. We will compare them, analyse their advantages and disadvantages. These two email marketing services are AWeber and Campaign Monitor.

AWeber and Campaign Monitor are both very famous and successful email marketing service providers with a great number of satisfied customers all over the world. They both have easy to use tools so that you can manage it with no problem even if you are a beginner in online business marketing.

Who is AWeber?

AWeber is an email marketing automation service provider. They are successful in their business for over a 20 years. They are experienced email marketing service and have a lot of satisfied customers all over the world. It is an easy to use service that provides you all the tools you need for your email marketing automation features that they offer are very useful automation tools that allow you to make subscribers list and deliver customized auto-respond emails to your customers. AWeber is very proud on it’s excellent email templates offer. They are offering more then 700 different email templates, so you can customize very nice looking emails that can attract your customers and increase your sale.

AWeber has very good customer support service. They are available 24 hours a day, all 7 days a week. You can contact their service by phone, email or live chat. Also, they have good training videos, webinars and tutorials that can help you to use their platform even if you are a beginner in email marketing automation. AWeber has excellent cooperation with more than 150 online platforms which are also very important and attractive for your clients.

AWeber Pricing plan

AWeber is very affordable email marketing automation solution. They offer a 30 – day free trial plan so, you can sign up and test their features, tools and options before you decide is their service suitable for your business needs, and before you choose your pricing plan. Their pricing plan goes from $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers, to $149 per month if you have 10.001 – 25.000 subscribers. Good thing is that the price depends only on the number of your subscribers, and even for the cheapest pricing plan, you’ll be able to use most of their features, templates and other tools.

AWeber Pros and Cons

AWeber is an email marketing automation service provider that is very long in the market. Their experience and satisfied clients are living proof that they are great in their business. AWeber offers you so many options and features which will make your business easier and more successful in so many ways. There is a lot of other email marketing service providers on the market and it’s difficult to decide which one is the best. In-text bellow we will talk about AWeber pros and cons to make your decision an little easier.

Pros – First of all, AWeber is an easy to use email marketing automation platform with all necessary tools for successful email marketing. It is the most suitable for small businesses. AWeber offers you great number of different email templates, over 700 of them. That can help you to make a nice appearance for your emails and to attract more subscribers. You can simple make auto responder emails and make subscriber custom lists. Their price is very affordable, and even for the cheapest you can use all their features. Their customer support service is great, and they will answer on any question 24/7, by email, phone or live chat. Cooperation with other online services is also very good.

Cons – Some AWeber’s clients complain that some features is difficult to use. Also, AWeber is offering free trial, but some of the clients would like to have free pricing plan in their offer too. Their platform is not suitable for larger companies business, it is primary email marketing automation service for a smaller businesses.

Pros Affordable price, 30 – day free trial plan

Easy to use tool,

Excellent email templates offer, over 700 of them,

Auto respond emails,

Great customer support service 24/7 – phone, email, live chat

Cooperation with over 150 other online platforms

Cons Not suitaa ble for larger companies,

Some features are too difficult to use,

No free pricing plan, just free trial

Who is Campaign Monitor?

Campaign Monitor is an innovating email marketing service provider, suitable for small and mid – sized businesses. This is one easy to use email marketing solution that can provide you a very successful business marketing strategies. It is an easy to learn how to use platform, with great range of different newsletter templates offer, that makes a very nice designed look to your campaign. Campaign Monitor offers you very nice and interesting tools that can automate your email marketing process. It provides excellent analytic so, you can easily track and improve your business strategy. Beside its advantages there are also a few complaining by its users. Campaign Marketing has lack on its customer support service,

especially with its online customer support.

Campaign Monitor Pricing plan

Campaign Monitor is offering you a three pricing solutions – Basic, Unlimited and Premier. The cheapest pricing plan including up to 500 subscribers and cost $9 per month and allows you to send 2.500 emails. For up to 50.000 subscribers and 250.000 email sent, price is starting at $299 per month. On Unlimited or Premier pricing plans you can get unlimited emails sends per month. For example on Unlimited pricing plan if you have up to 500 subscribers price is $29 per month, and besides unlimited emails included it also includes spam testing and unlimited inbox previews. If you want up to 50.000 subscribers the price goes up to $699 per month. The Premier pricing plan costs $149 per month and allows you some more features and tools. Campaign Monitor has one interesting price offer for those who doesn’t plan to send their emails regularly. You can sign up for “Pay as you go” pricing plan that costs $5 per campaign and 1 cent per recipient. They do not offer a free version, but they have a free trial.

Campaign Monitor Pros and Cons

Campaign Monitor is easy to use platform with easy sign up process. They have a simple signing up with clear introducing steps to follow. When we talk about features that Campaign Monitor offers to it’s clients, there are a plenty of them. They are offering you – auto responders, a/b testing, drip campaigns, mobile optimized emails, subscriber management, great analytics tool, template management and so much more. But they also have some disadvantages and limits. In the text bellow we will list Campaign Monitor’s pros and cons.

Pros – With Campaign Monitor you can create good looking emails. It’s an easy to use service with all tools you need on one place. It’s drag and drop is very easy to use and it offers you great analytics tool. Analytics tool is very important because it allows you to monitor your campaign and audience in order to improve your business strategy. When you send your campaign, you can very easy do your campaign tracking. You can track your opens, social shares, link clicks, unsubscribes, and so much more. It allows you to successfully manage your campaign and improve your sales. Campaign Monitor allows you a great preview on different devices – mobile phone, tablet etc.

Cons – Some Campaign Monitor’s customers are complaining that some of it’s features are hard to understand without help, and its a little bit complicated to use. Also Campaign Monitor doesn’t offer you so much email templates options, and doesn’t have online support service. Sometimes you need to modify your templates too much, and than you get not so nice newsletters. Campaign Monitor has higher prices then other email marketing services. On the market there are more affordable email marketing services that offer more for less money.

Campaign Monitor
Pros Simple signing up and easy to use,

Good looking emails,

All tools on one place,

Great analytics tool,

Good preview on other devices (mobile phone, tablet, etc.)

Cons Some features are complicated to use without help,

Lack of email templates options,

Doesn’t offer online customer support service,

Other email marketing services are more affordable.

AWeber vs Campaign Monitor – Comparing and conclusion

Both, AWeber and Campaign Monitor, are very successful email marketing service providers. They run successful business and have thousands satisfied customers all over the world. AWeber and Campaign Monitor are easy to use services, and provide you many interesting and very useful tools to help your business grow.

Both of them offers many features, templates, video trainings and good customer support. Also both of them has their advantages and disadvantages, their pros and cons. At the end, every email marketing service provider is good on its own way and can be successful, but it is important to put the time and energy into it. It is on you to choose which one is the most suitable for you and your business need, and to put on your effort.

AWeber vs Campaign Monitor
AWeber Campaign Monitor
Price Affordable price

30 – day free trial

$19 up to 500 subscribers

$149 up to 25.000 subscribers

Three pricing solution – Basic, Unlimited and Premier

Prices plan from $9 to $699

Features Auto responder emails

Customize subscriber lists

Great analytics tool

Easy campaign tracking

Email Templates Over a 700 different email templates Lack of email templates
Customer support Excellent customer support


Phone, email, live chat

Good customer support, but doesn’t have online customer support service