AWeber vs Constant Contact

Last Updated: April 2024

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AWeber vs Constant Contact

In modern digital world, if you want to run successful online business you will find a huge help in one of many email marketing automation service. Email marketing automation software offers you interesting tools and features that help you to manage delivered mails to your customers and to help you to improve your business campaign. There is a lot of email marketing services on the market and the only problem is, which one is the best choice for you.

AWeber and Constant Contact are two famous and successful email marketing automation services. These services help your business grow, and allows you to create and send targeted emails and to set up auto respond emails to your subscribers, based on their specific tagging. Email marketing automation service allows you to successfully run your business, easy managing your emails and contacts, and customizing your email appearance that will attract as much customers as you want. If you are new in email marketing business, choosing the right email marketing service isn’t easy job. There is a lot of characteristics, tools and options that is important to compare before you decide which one is the best for your business.

In this article, there is comparing of AWeber and Constant Contact email marketing automation services, their characteristics, reviews, pros and cons, features, price and much more.

AWeber – pros and cons

Pros – AWeber is email marketing automation service suitable for small businesses. They successfully run their business for a very long time, for over 20 years. It is an easy to use platform where you can set up auto respond emails to your customers. AWeber gives you a great number of features and tools. There you can find simple automation, email creation tool, unlimited emails, sign up forms, landing page builder and so much more. They offer you a great number of email templates, more then 700 of them. You can customize them and make your email appearance creative and well designed.

AWeber is very affordable service. The price depends on number of your customers, and even the lowest price allows you access to lot of features and tools. It also, has a free plan and you can sign up for free and try it’s options, tools and features, before you choose which paying plan is the best for your business needs. Also, they have excellent customer support service. You can get support 24 hours of day, 7 days of week. Their customer support service is available by emails, phone and live chat.

AWeber has great integration with other platforms and services. They cooperate with more then 150 different platforms, which is very important if you want to run your business successfully.

Cons – AWeber email marketing tool has some limited options to import data and a bit complicated user interface. Customers need some time to get used to it. AWeber is great solution if you are running a small business, but if you are running a larger company, you are probably looking for a software that offers more.

Pros Cons
Set up auto respond emails to your subscribers Limited automation features
Great number of templates, over 700 Complicated user interface
Affordable price Not suitable for larger companies
Excellent customer support service
Good integration with other services
Suitable for small businesses
20 years of experience

Constant Contact – Pros and Cons

Constant Contact
Pros Cons
60-day free trial Long waiting for new customer update
Discount on annual payment Message number option is not available
Over 400 different email templates Doesn’t offer mobile preview
Excellent customer support service
In-person classes

Pros – Constant Contact is email marketing automation service with great automation abilities. With it’s easy to use email marketing automation tools, it helps your business to reach new customers. It is very easy to set up and start your email marketing automation. You don’t need to have any experience before, it is suitable for beginners and for people that never used any email marketing software before. This email marketing automation service gives you more then 400 different email templates, so you can customize your email appearance, and with drag and drop tool you can give your personal touch to their look. They offer you a 60-day free trial plan, which is twice more then other services does. Also they offer you discount on annual payment. Constant Contact has excellent customer support service, and allows you so many options to learn how to use their services. You can contact them by emails, phone or live chat. Also, beside their live webinars and video tutorials they offer you in-person classes, which is great advantage according to AWeber and other email marketing services.

Cons – When you add new email contact to your auto responder list, you need to wait one day for list to be updated and synced before your new contact can receive their emails. Also, message number option is not available. They don’t offer mobile preview.

AWeber vs Constant Contact – Marketing Automation

AWeber has simply way to create auto respond emails to your subscribers. They have segment lists that help you deliver relevant content to your audience. AWeber allows you to create tags to your contacts and you can determinate which message should be sent to whom and when it can be sent. Constant Contact doesn’t provide this feature. On the other side, with Constant Contact you can create an email series for similar clients and you can set up your messages to recipients. You can choose different specifics according to your contacts, and create any criteria you want so, you are able to target specific contact group and send them content they need. Also Constant Contact allows you to compare different email performances on one graph. On one graph you can see for example sends, clicks and opens, and to analyse them and prepare new business strategy.

AWeber vs Constant Contact – Email Templates

AWeber is offering you over a 700 different email templates available. You can simply choose one of them and insert your content. With AWeber you can get nice and stylized emails, that can attract your clients. Also has a split testing for content, subject line, design and much more so, you can improve your email marketing strategy. AWeber offers you a preview on the mobile phone. There is a “mobile preview” options where you can check how your chosen template looks on your phone screen.

Another interesting option with AWeber is that you can use web fonts that are usually more attractive for your audience then standard and simple fonts. Constant Contact doesn’t offer this much email templates as AWeber does, but they still offer you more than 100 pre-designed templates which is also very impressive. You can customize your emails according to the style and colour of your brand. You can also modify them with drag and drop tool and customize your email look as you desire. It is very easy to use, and your customized emails can be ready for a very short time. You can take split testing depends on best send time, design choice or subject line effectiveness.

On bottom line, we can say that AWeber provides more options for your email look, it offers a lot of users friendly templates, that also can be open on mobile which is a great advantage.

AWeber vs Constant Contact – Customer Support Service

Both email marketing services are very well known for their excellent customer support. Also, both of them have customer support service that can be reached by email, phone, or live chat. AWeber provides a lot of free video tutorials, and live webinars, so if you are a new customer you can easy learn how to manage with problems.

Constant Contact also has very impressive collection of live webinars, and offers you in person classes if you prefer hands-on training. It is very interesting customer support option. They have step by step tutorials. Their support service isn’t available 24/7, but you can reach them on Monday – Thursday from 8 AM to 10 PM, on Friday from 8 AM to 9 PM, and on Saturday from 10 AM to 8 PM.

AWeber vs Constant Contact – Pricing

When you decide to invest in your email marketing software you want to know that your money is spent well. Also you need to have a simple pricing structure, with no tricks and extra money spending. AWeber has very simple pricing structure, depending only on the number of your customers in your user’s list. They offer a free trial where you can test all their options, tools, features a

nd more, before you choose which pricing plan is good for your company. They have affordable price, and also offer access to all of their features no matter of number of your customers. For example, if you have 0 – 500 customers, you will pay $19 per month, and for 5001 – 10.000 customers the price is $69 per month.

On the other side, there is a Constant Contact that offers very different pricing structure. They offer two pricing structures – Email and Email Plus. Both of this structure depends on the number of contacts on your user’s list. When you reach bigger number of your contact, price is high, and maybe it is more suitable for business with good budget. For example, if you have 0 – 500 contacts you will pay $20 per month, and if you have 35.001 – 50.000 contacts you will pay $335 per month. They also give you a discount for paying annually. Constant Contact offers you a free 60-day trial, which is twice more then AWeber free 30-day trial. Conclusion is that AWeber pricing plans are more affordable then Constant Contact pricing plans. But, Constant Contact users can get discount on annual payments, which is great for businesses with more complex email marketing needs.

AWeber vs Constant Contact – Conclusion

AWeber and Constant Contact offer you a great email marketing solution, with excellent automation capabilities. AWeber is more affordable, but Constant Contact gives you discount for annual payments. AWeber give you access to all features no matter how much customers you have, but Constant Contact offers you a 60-day free trial. Constant Contact offers you in-person classes for those who value hands-on training, but on the other side AWeber has great number of different email templates that is very important for your email appearance and many companies put their accent on this. The last word is on you. It depends on your business needs and preferences of your email marketing.

AWeber vs Constant Contact
AWeber Constant Contact
Affordable price Discount on annual payments
30-days free trial 60-days free trial
Over 700 email templates Over 400 email templates
Great customer support service, 24/7 Great customer support service
Free video tutorials and live webinars Free video tutorials, live webinars and in-person classes
Mobile preview