AWeber vs ConvertKit

Last Updated: June 2024

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AWeber vs ConvertKit

There are a lot of email marketing tools on the market. All of them have its cons and pros and sometimes it’s not so easy to choose which one is the right for your email marketing business. When it comes to AWeber and ConvertKit, they are both good tools if you are blogger and choosing the best email marketing for your business. They both offering free plan, so it is the best way to try them and see if they are suitable for you. Before you do that, we made this article that can help you bring up your decision.

AWeber advantages

AWeber is an email marketing service that is running business for a very long time. They offer you one easy to use features, that can help you start your email marketing with no trouble. The most important characteristic is their auto responder emails. That is automatic emails which you can customize and set up to be delivered to your subscribers whenever you like.

Another advantage of AWeber is their great number of different templates. Their templates are user-friendly, you can choose one of a premade template, you can make a custom one or even to mix and match using their drag and drop tools. So, if you like to send well designed and stylish emails at your customers, AWeber offers you so many different choice to do that.

One of AWeber’s main advantages is their professional customer service. This is the most common advantage according to their clients. They offer you support on many different ways in order to create a positive and great experience for their customers. You can get your support throe emails, phone, live chat, and throw webinars, post casts and video guides.

When it comes to price, one of the major pros if you are a user of AWeber is that you can access to all their features no matter the price plan you choose. Even if you choose their free plan and the lowest price plan. The price increase only based on the number of your customers.

Company as AWeber, that are in business over a 20 years, has great cooperation with other platforms. Their integrate list is very long so, you have no problem to connect with Facebook, Etsy, Shopify and much more platforms you need for your successful business.

AWeber is one of the oldest email marketing service. They run their successful business for over than 20 years, and has more than 100000 satisfied customers all over the world. They are the most convenient for new bloggers and small business’s owner that only need a simple auto responder emails, no need for serious and complex email tools.

AWeber drawbacks

As we said before, AWeber is the most convenient service for small businesses and persons who need only simple auto responder emails, and no need for complex and serious email tools. If you are running a complex business campaign this email marketing tool maybe isn’t the right choice for you. This is one simple email marketing tool, with beautiful user – friendly templates, and auto responder emails for your subscribers.

They don’t offer you much if you are running a big business and great business campaign that need more complex features and tools for your email marketing.

Advantages Drawbacks
20 years of experience Too simple tool for larger companies
Easy to use
Over 700 different templates
Auto responder emails
24/7 customer service
Excellent integration

ConvertKit advantages

ConvertKit is an email marketing automation platform great for the professional bloggers. It is the most suitable for persons who are running a blog, influencers, YouTubers and for creators. With ConvertKit you will have one single list of your email subscribers, with different tags and individual specifics that help you interact with your subscribers. It means that ConvertKit email marketing tools are subscriber- centric, and it is their most important characteristic if you decided to work with their service. AWeber, on the other hand, is list-centric that means that on this platform you will have many different lists where some subscribers could be members of more than just one list. It can be confusing, and sometimes it can duplicate email deliveries. So, having subscriber-based list is ConvertKit great advantage.

ConvertKit has some great features. For the most of their users, the best features ConvertKit has is their advanced visual automation. It allows you to keep your email list active and at the same time to tag your subscribers for some specific emails. This makes emailing your audience so much easier and smarter.

When you are new in business it’s normal that you are wondering, which email marketing tool is right for your business. Sometimes it is very hard to know where to start, and which options are the most important if you want to run successful business. That is the main reason why free plan is so important. Free plan allows you to experiment and to explore service so, you can decide what is right for you. ConvertKit offers you free plan email marketing tool until you reach up to 1000 subscribers. On the other side, AWeber only gives you free trial, not a free plan. Another great advantage of ConvertKit is that because of their subscriber-based list you won’t get double charged for your subscribers, as it is a case with other email marketing services. Your subscribers are not members of multiple lists at the same time and you don’t need to pay double for them. Also, ConvertKit allows you to have unlimited emails no matter the price level you choose. This is another advantage of this service.

ConvertKit allows you to generate more revenue than other email marketing tools does.

Advantages Drawbacks
Great for bloggers Doesn’t provide highly stylized emails
Subscriber – based lists Limited A/B testing functionality
Advanced visual automation
Free plan up to 1000 subscribers
Unlimited emails

ConvertKit drawbacks

If you are a person that likes to have your email well designed and to have high amount of customizability to your email templates, then ConvertKit isn’t right place for your business. When you need highly stylized email you need to know HTML to reach it. In other way you will get only simple text based emails. Also it doesn’t provide you a lot of email templates, there is only a few email template options. Another drawback of ConvertKit is functionality limit of their A/B testing, and you are able to split test only on two variations of subject lines.

AWeber vs ConvertKit – Which one to choose?

When you are deciding which one of these email marketing services to choose for your business, you need to do some comparison. In need to help you here is some comparison by their experience, price, features, integration and customer services.

Experience – AWeber is much more experienced company if we have in mind that they are running their business for over 20 years. On the other side, there is ConvertKit that has only 5 years of experience. But if you go deeper in these analyses, you will agree that years of experience are not important. Some professionals believe that AWeber, on some way, has stuck in the past. They have trouble to adapt with new tools and ways of running the successful email marketing. So, maybe AWeber has more years of experience, ConvertKit has more experience in some tools that are very important for customers and successful email marketing.

Prices – therefore, both of them are offering a free plan for up to 1000 customers. Pricing slightly start to change as you reach more customers. At the time you reach more than 5000 subscribers prices are more and more different. AWeber is more affordable solution. For example with ConvertKit for up to 1.000 subscribers you will pay $29 per month, and if you have up to 5.000 subscribers price is $79 per month. With AWeber if you have up to 2.500 subscribers price is $29 per month, and when you reach up to 10.000 subscribers price is $69 per month.

Features – ConvertKit has some interesting features that really makes your email marketing so much easier. With them you can easily organize your subscribers with tags and segments, do easy update automaton, sending target content to your customers. Otherwise, AWeber is much more simple than ConvertKit. As we said they are great if you are looking for simple email marketing auto responder, but if you are looking for something more professional ConvertKit is much better solution for your email marketing tool.

Integration – integration with other platforms is very important if you want to run successful business. In this part AWeber has a great advantage because they integrate with more than 150 other services. ConvertKit is integrate with less than 100 services. Both integrate with all major services as Facebook, Shopify, WordPress and others so, this is not so great advantage of AWeber, but still is advantage.

Customer service – the strongest weapon the AWeber has is their customer service support. They are very happy to say that with AWeber service, someone is always there to help you. They got AWeber’s award winning Customer Solution Team, that will support your email marketing business 24 hours a day, and all 7 days a week. Furthermore, they are offering support by phone, email, live chat. On the other side, ConvertKit customer support service doesn’t offer live chat support and phone support.


Email marketing is very important for your business success. That is the best way to communicate with your customers. You need email marketing to promote your business and upgrade your business strategy. Sometimes it is very difficult to decide which email marketing automation software is the most suitable for your business needs. Both of these email marketing services has their good and bad sides, depends on what are your needs and what is the stage and form of your business. ConvertKit is the main solution for creative customers so, if you are blogger, or running a podcast or vlogs, they are a great solution for you. AWeber is more flexible for other types of businesses, but on the other side, it is suitable just for small businesses. They are a simple auto responder email marketing service, with great customer support service, and good integration with other platforms. But if you are looking for something more serious, and if your business need more complex tools, our advice is that ConvertKit is more suitable choice for you.

AWeber vs ConvertKit
AWeber ConvertKit
Experience Over 20 years Over 5 years
Price Affordable price

30-day Free trial

Price is rising with number of subscribers

Free plan up to 1000 subscribers

Features Set up auto responder emails

List – centric automation

Great automation tools

Easy organize your subscribers

Subscriber – based lists

Templates Over 700 templates Simple designed emails
Customer service 24/7 customer support

Phone, email, live chat

Email support
Integration Great integration

Over 150 other services

Great integration

Integrates with all major services