Best affiliate marketing programs for passive recurring income

Making money via affiliate marketing has never been easier, in this article we list the best programs to help you get started

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Sharing your art, knowledge, ideas, and lifestyle to millions of people around the world and getting paid in the process has never been easier. By knowing the right tools to do so you can turn your hobbies into very lucrative endeavors. With the countless affiliate marketing programs out there, you can easily become overwhelmed. To facilitate your search, I have compiled a detailed list of the best affiliate platforms that you can use right away to start making money and finally book your dream holiday!


1. Building Tools

Integrated online marketing programs, allow you to make the best of your time and money by giving you access to all the necessary tools required to build a finished product and successfully launch it online.

1.1 Builderall

This all-inclusive marketing platform provides hundreds of features that you can use to build beautiful websites and enhance your online presence. Due to its user-friendly interface and countless tutorials, you can easily create personalized websites, blogs, apps, sales funnels, and also start an email marketing campaign.
Aimed at: Small businesses and entrepreneurs
Free trial: 30-day for only $1

Subscription plans: Offers two monthly pricing plans, the Funnel Club Plan for $99.90 and the Builderall Premium Plan (4.0) for $199.90.

Commissions: Builderall operates on a 2 tier commission structure. For your first sale, you will earn a 100% commission and if your referrals remain paid clients, you will receive a 30% commission in the recurring months.

1.2 ClickFunnels

A funnel building platform with a user-friendly interface that enables you to construct smart sales funnels and aesthetically pleasing websites that you can easily share with your team members and business partners.
What sets apart ClickFunnels from its competitors are countless tutorials, videos, and books that guide on how to fully harness its features. It also has a very supportive community on Facebook and Reddit (r/clickfunnel).
Aimed at: Entrepreneurs, business owners, content writers.
Free Trial: 14-days

Subscription plans: ClickFunnels is available via three pricing plans. The Basic ($97/month) and the Platinum ($297/month) plans, which are highly popular among users. Besides, if you make more than 1 million dollars, you have the chance to join the exclusive club Two CommaClubX for only $2497 per month.

Commissions: Categorized into three distinct tier levels, with each pricing plan offering a different commission percentage. In the table below you can find the recurring passive income that you will receive from every plan.


Cloud-based integrated online marketing platform that allows you to prepare and launch your product into the market using only one account. Some features offered by Kartra include building sales funnels and gorgeous webpages, split testing, simple checkout, calendars, and many more.
Aimed at: entrepreneurs with a limited budget and newbies in the field of online marketing.

Free Trial: Not available, but you can get 14 days’ trial for only $1.

Subscription plans: Kartra does not offer a free account for its new users, but they do offer four paid pricing plans. The cheapest plan, “Starter” costs $99 per month, with access to one custom domain, and allows you to host up to 50 videos. The “Silver”, “Gold” and “Platinum” plans provide unlimited access to Kartra features, including Kartra Agency (free of charge) and access to many domains and leads.

Commissions: Kartra’s affiliate program is available to Kartra users, bloggers, online marketers, and every online content writer for free. For every sale made via your affiliate link, you benefit from a 40% lifetime commission. If your referrals continue to use the Kartra paid plans, you will receive a recurring commission of 40% every single month.
But that is not all. When your referrals upgrade their current account, Kartra makes sure to update your recurring passive income as well.

SEO marketing platforms

In this section, you will learn about SEO marketing platforms that you can use for affiliate marketing


2. SEO marketing platforms

As a blogger, YouTuber or influencer you already know how important it is to put the right hashtags, post at the best time of the day, keep an eye on your competitor and also find new business opportunities for your brand. Continue reading to find what platforms will allow you to improve your traffic and earnings at the same time.

2.1 SEMrush

With powerful features like keyword research and ranking, backlink checking, and organic research SEMrush allows its users to drive more traffic into their webpages and quickly achieve their goals. This SEO platform allows you to keep a closer eye on your competition, identify new keyword trends, and most importantly land on new and better opportunities.
Aimed at: Bloggers, content writers, online marketers
Free Trial: 7-days

Subscription Plans: Although SEMrush is not the cheapest option among the available SEO tools, they offer you the possibility to choose between three monthly pricing plans. The “Pro” plan for $99.95 is suitable for users with a limited budget, and as your web presence grows, you can upgrade to either “Guru” ($199.95) or “Business” ($399.95).

Commissions: By signing up to SEMrush’s affiliate program you will gain 40% for every subscription plan that your referrals purchase. The monthly recurring passive income is depended on the type of subscription plan purchased by your referrals.

2.2 Tubebuddy

A YouTube SEO tool, with dozens of features such as bulk processing, keyboard explorer, tag suggestions, thumbnail generator, auto-translator, the best time to publish, and channel performance in order to help you optimize videos and to drive more traffic into your channel.
Aimed at: YouTube content creators
Free Trial: 30-days

Subscription plans: Tubebuddy is one of the cheapest and robust YouTube SEO tools available in the market. For only $9 per month, you will have access to the unlimited features offered by the “Pro” plan. And If you would like to get your hands on more advanced tools and monetization programs, I suggest you upgrade to the “Star” plan ($19/month) or the “Legend” plan ($49/month). However, keep in mind that the best plan for you is the one that allows you to achieve the long term goals that you have set for your channel.

Commissions: Tubebuddy’s affiliation program operates similarly to the one offered by SEMrush. By promoting Tubebuddy you will receive a 50% commission for each purchase that your referrals make and, if they remain customers, the recurring commissions will land into your bank account every month as well.

2.3 TailwindApp

Next on our list is Tailwind, a top favorite social media scheduling tool used by more than 700,000 brands. It offers a variety of features such as hashtag suggestions, automated scheduled posts, the best time to post, indefinite pin re-share, and detailed analytics.
Aimed at: Instagram and Pinterest users who are seeking to drive traffic and grow their social media profiles.
Free Trial: Unlimited for first-time users.

Subscription plans: You can choose the Plus Plans, which are available for both Instagram and Pinterest. These plans can be paid for either annually or monthly. When purchased monthly you are excepted to pay $14.99, however, I suggest you go for the annually billed plans as they cost only $9.99 per month and will save you up to 40% in the long run.
Pinterest users can also choose to add extra premium features like Tailwind Create, Smart Loop, and Tailwind Communities for a little over $7 per month.

Commissions: New affiliates are offered a two-month trial to encourage them to master the app, and the best bit is that you do not need to be a user of Tailwind to join the affiliate program.
As part of this affiliate program, in addition to a 15% recurring commission, you will also have access to several additional perks such as promotional bonuses and novice creator bonus.

Email marketing tools

In this section, you will learn about email marketing tools that you can use for affiliate marketing


3. Email marketing tools

3.1 GetResponse

Self-proclaimed as the easiest to use email marketing software out there, GetResponse allows you to send out emails and auto-responders to engage with your customers and to drive more traffic into your website. On top of that, you can also send online surveys, host webinars, create sign-up forms, build sales funnels, and dozens of other features.
Aimed at: Bloggers, content writers, and everyone who would like to jumpstart an email marketing campaign.
Free Trial: 30-days (does not require your bank details).

Subscribing plans: GetResponse offers you four monthly subscription plans, starting from the “Basic” plan, which is the cheapest for only $10.46/month. Other available plans are the “Plus” Plan ($34.15), “Professional” Plan ($69/month), and “Max” Plan.

Commissions: By joining the GetResponse affiliate program, you can earn up to a 33% lifetime commission and a recurring monthly income of $16.75 per referral.

3.2 ConvertKit

With this toolkit, you can elevate your email marketing campaign by sending out beautifully designed emails and follow-up messages to your clients and followers. Its user-friendly interface makes it a perfect choice for first-time users. Contains tools like Commerce that will allow you to advertise and sell your products easier than before.
Aimed at: Bloggers and online content writers
Free Trial: 14-day

Subscription plans: For all of its first-time users ConvertKit offers one free account (Yes, you read it right. Totally free!), to help them master the platform and grow their online presence. You can upgrade anytime to one of its two paid plans, the “Creator Plan” for $29 per month or the “Creator Pro” for $59 per month. If you are opting to purchase a paid plan, I recommend you to pay for it annually, to benefit two months for free.

Commissions: To start earning with ConvertKit you will need to join their (generous) affiliate program and you can easily do so by signing up for free.
Now, let’s talk numbers! So, every time one of your followers purchases ConvertKit via your affiliate link you will cash in on a 30% commission, which you will continue to earn every single month (as long as your referrals have an active account)

3.3 MailChimp

With MailChimp, you can create easily updatable email lists that you can later used to send out promotional emails and newsletters. The robust number of email templates and the detailed data analysis that MailChimp offers enables you to send creative emails and save valuable time.
Aimed at: Bloggers, content writers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs
Free Trial: Not available, but users with less than 2000 subscribers can create a free account.

Subscription plans: Starting from $9.99 “Essentials” is the cheapest paid plan offered by MailChimp, which supports up to 50.000 subscribers, followed by the “Standard” for $14.99 (100,000 subscribers) and lastly the “Premium” ($299 per month) plan aimed at fast-growing bloggers as it supports more than 200,000 subscribers.

Commissions: The affiliate program offered by MailChimp is slightly different from what we have seen so far. To join the program, you have to share the so-called MailChimp Referral Badge with your followers. You can put this badge at the end of your emails, and once a referral purchases one of the MailChimp paid plans, you both will receive $30.
I would like to note that cookies ought to be enabled at the moment that the referrals use the MailChimp badge otherwise you will not be able to redeem the money.

3.4 AWeber

AWeber is the most popular email automating tool in this list, trusted by over one million content creators. I like this tool as it offers free email templates, a drag and drop builder, and an automated newsletter that you can use to interact with your followers.
Aimed at: small businesses, podcasters, bloggers, online content creators.
Free Trial: 30-days

Subscription plans: Users with a number of subscribers ranging from 0 to 500 are offered a free account. Those users that have a high number of subscribers can purchase the Pro Plan starting from $16.15 per month. I would like to emphasize that the price of the Pro plan increases with the number of your subscribers.

Commissions: Aweber offers a pretty straightforward affiliation program, where you can sign up for free and start creating your affiliate links based on the personal number ID assigned to you. Every time someone signs up for a paid account using your affiliate link you will be rewarded with a 30% commission, which will be transferred into your account for every month if your referrals continue to use the paid plans of Aweber. Translated into dollars that means, that for each purchase of a $19 plan you will make $5.7 per month, so the more referrals you bring the merrier will be for you and your bank account.

Domain hosting providers

In this section, you will learn about domain hosting providers that you can use for affiliate marketing


4. Domain hosting providers

Finding a domain hosting provider is the first step that you as a blogger will have to take. Finding the most dependable and reliable domain hosting site can be a frustrating task as you will have to go through every domain hosting provider out there in order to decide what is best for you. Annoying, right? Well, no need to fret about it, as I have narrowed down the list for you and all you have to do is decide!

4.1 Bluehost

This domain host provider offers you six hosting types (Shared, Shared WordPress, Woo-commerce, VPS, Managed WordPress, and Dedicated) and a dependable server uptime guarantee of 99.98%.
But, if you have already decided to build your blog in WordPress, then Bluehost would be a perfect choice as it will provide a smooth transition. On top of that, WordPress itself recommends Bluehost to its bloggers as the best domain hosting provider.
Aimed at: bloggers and content writers
Free Trial: 30 days

Subscription Plans: Based on the performance of your blog/website, Bluehost allows you to choose from one of its three pricing plans. For newbies that just started their blogging career, the Shared Hosting plan for $2.65 per month is the best choice. As your blog/website grows for $18.99 per month, you can upgrade to the VPS plan. Lastly, the Dedicated plan (\$79.99), which, is aimed at best performing blogs with high traffic rates.

Commissions: To join Bluehost’s affiliate program, all you have to do is sign up for free and start promoting Bluehost on your blog or website. You will be able to earn $65 if your referrals purchase one of the paid plans.
In addition to its affiliation program, Bluehost offers a co-shared affiliation program with Constant Contact. You can also join this co-shared program for free, and for every sale, you make you will earn $105 and an additional $5 per lead.

4.2 Green Greeks

Hosting more than 600,000 websites and trusted by more than 50,000 users this domain hosting company promises to offer you a high-quality hosting experience, with features such as unlimited SSD webspace, unlimited email accounts, free drag n drop builder, and a performance and uptime guarantee of 99.9%.
But what makes GreenGreeks special is their strong commitment to having a positive impact on the environment. To do so, they harness wind power to run their operations, replacing 615,000 Kwh per year with green energy.
Aimed at: bloggers, content writers, and all those who would like to have a positive energy footprint on the environment.
Free Trial: 30-day money-back guarantee

Subscription plans: GreenGeeks offers three different paid plans. The Lite plan for $9.95 allows you to host one website, but if you would like to host more than one website, then I recommend you the Pro plan ($14.95) and the Premium plan ($24.95).

Commissions: GreenGeeks’ generous affiliate program will reward you based on the number of sales that you make in a month. If you manage to make only one sale per month, you will earn $50, for two sales $120, and so on. When you reach the milestone of more than ten sales per month, GreenGeeks offers a custom rate.
In addition to this reward system, you can also benefit from their special incentives and bonuses, however, to get more information I suggest you contact them.

You have made it at the end of this list, and now you know all right tools to build your blogging or website empire. Time to start making money!


I hope this article has provided you the information that you have been looking for. Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section.

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