Cloudways Complete Review: Should You Go For It?

If you are in confusion about whether you should go for Cloudways or not. This article will guide you.

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As the online space keeps increasing day by day, we understand it’s potential and try creating an online presence. But creating a webpage individually can become quite difficult and with the vast options available, it is just more confusing. And even after managing to make a website for yourself, web-hosting is another problem that you may face.
Cloudways is a hosting platform that simplifies this and manages all your obstacles in an affordable range without compromising in delivering functionality and great performance.

While ActiveCampaign has their own benefits in terms of some other features, we believe GetResponse is the more user-friendly one as you won’t have much difficulty creating your first sales funnel or webinar and you can also find some tutorials on the tools which might come in handy for beginners trying to understand automation.


Whenever you open an account in GetResponse, you will get two emails immediately and one of them will be from one of their senior marketing managers, who would welcome you to their platform and let you know the type of contents you would be getting in your email from their website. You will also have the chance to reply directly to the email from their marketing manager and ask any questions you might have, which is great for a beginner. While ActiveCampaign does send you a quick-start guide in their only email, there doesn’t seem to be a personal touch associated with that.


Although beginners will find it easier to navigate through GetResponse, if you aren’t new to the world of email and automation marketing, it might be a good idea for you to start with ActiveCampaign as it has the more complex and amazing features needed for a company at their matured stage of development.

17 reasons why you should be choosing Cloudways

In this section, you will learn why you should choose Cloudways over other hosting 

#1 Charges as per your usage

Cloudways allows you to invest as you grow. You don’t need to worry about the expenditure as you only have to pay as much as you use which is not the case for other web hosting platforms as they offer fixed prices.
It is a given when you are in the initial stages of creating your website you would prefer good resources that are affordable and with Cloudways offering both of these, your first problem has already been tackled.


#2 Welcomes non-techies

Even if you are a newbie to the tech world, Cloudways has made it’s interface simple and easy to use. You are not required to code or give any text-based commands, since Cloudways has already done the back-office work for you and gives you access to a simple control panel and, manages the whole server for you.
To start off with Webhosting Cloudways offers you many tutorials related to hosting and simplifies the problems that you may face throughout.

#3 Can handle high traffic

With an increase in the uptime of your website, the traffic will also increase and this is another benefit of having Cloudways there for you. As it can handle high traffic without any problem. With five different service providers, even if one of them fails the other server will support it right away and you will experience no difficulty.

#4 Secure individual server

Cloudways acts as a mediator between the existing infrastructure and you, to create your website and maintain it easily.
Shared hosting offered by other websites might seem like a fair deal but Cloudways provides you with a dedicated server so you can handle your individual space with your information being protected at all times which also allows you to utilize more security by activating 2FA in order to keep your webpage safe from hackers.

#5 Free and unlimited services

Cloudways offers many services on it’s basic plan which are unbeatable. You will have access to it’s 25GB storage, 1GB RAM along with 1TB bandwidth as well as 1 core processor


You will also be offered with-

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free migration for 1 website
  • Free 3 day trial
  • Free customer support
  • Free cache plugin
  • Unlimited web hosting and more

#6 No restriction for server location

The load time and speed of your server will drastically improve since Cloudways provides global server locations allowing your site to be accessed from anywhere around the world without any time lag. So you are not bound to select a particular location but have the free will to choose it.

#7 Interlinked backup servers

Cloudways offers you five different service providers- digital ocean, AWS, Linode, Google Cloud, Vultr. With many different data centers to choose from no matter, where you are, your website’s load speed, backup, storage or support will not be compromised.

#8 Reliable live chat 24/7

It’s obvious with your website, different problems will emerge. Cloudways offers you a 24/7 reliable live chat where you get constant support to handle any queries related to your website.

Also, Cloudways-Bot assists you to receive email and notification alerts related to software, servers, upgrades, and other stats. Also, the bot is available at any time to provide you with recommendations that could be helpful for you.

#9 Server side management

Cloudways provides you with a platform of great performance, fast server, good reaction time, and load speed. Along with these benefits you have your back office side managed all well by Cloudways and is one less thing to worry about.

#10 Flexible platform

With a consumer-friendly payment method, Cloudways also has-

  • No server maintenance
  • Simple interface
  • Temporary domain name
  • Single click changes
  • PCI compliance
  • Developer tools
  • Staging facility
  • Good inode count

    Much more

#11 Backup and storage

In Cloudways hosting, the Backups are done on a day-to-day basis by default and with one click you can execute the backup and recovery. Also, you have access to utilize the scheduled backup, so you don’t need to keep checking on it and it will be done automatically.

Cloudways Platform comes along with SSD storage that allows a quick and smooth read-write operation to take place.

#12 Allotment of resources

The cloud host allows you to pick the resources that you require to run your website with ease and as your website’s needs increase you can add or remove the resources as you want.

There is no restriction for the usage of the resources and Cloudways is very flexible, when it comes to the allotment of the resources for your website.

#13 Granular group collaboration

With the top-notch Cloudways Webhost, we also get the benefit of team collaboration where you can appoint your team members for their specific roles without any problem, and only you will have complete access to it, whereas your group members will have limited accessibility.

#14 Energy efficient

The approach taken by Cloudways in tackling various problems is simply the best. As you use all the resources offered by the Cloudways server to its maximum, the idle time automatically reduces thereby reducing energy usage.

Reduction of energy is the key to maximize the efficiency of any company and Cloudways helps us eliminate these factors which will give us major gains in the future.

#15 Reduces work-time

As the cloud host takes up half of your worry, a lot of your time is saved. Your time is your money which is one of your major priorities, save it as much as you can. The primary reason for the Webhost is to meet the needs of it’s users and give them the benefits they seek.
With the great speed and performance of the Cloudways hosting space, you can get your work done fast without any interference.

Quick comparison between Cloudways and SiteGround

In this section you will learn Cloudways and Siteground pros and cons

#16 Quick comparison between Cloudways and SiteGround

#17 Why Cloudways is better than other hosting?

1. Well managed Webhost

Cloudways manages all the complexities for you and delivers a well managed platform that gives you access to one click staging and various additional features in order to maximize your Webhosting experience.

2. Dedicated resources

A dedicated server with SSD based hosting comprises of all the requirements your website needs. It enhances the overall performance of your webpage and gives a push to the web ongoing operations.

3. Application monitoring Cloudways helps in

monitoring the server as well as applications in a proactive manner with the assistance of which you can analyse the logs, consumption and errors of your Website. Also, you can monitor the RAM and CPU usage.

4. Fast server performance

Cloudways comprises of many server locations which is one of the reasons for it’s insanely fast server performance. Along with the fast server the load speed, response time, upgradation and installation speed is also swift and quick.

5. Auto healing technology

Cloudways provides with an auto healing feature that allows the server to prevent the website from crashing and restarting it without causing any disfunction to it. This additional technology improves uptime of your website and saves a lot of your effort.

6. Two factor authentication

TFA acts as an extra layer of protection for your website from intruders or hackers. The two factor authentication is already enabled in the Cloudways Webhost to ensure maximum safety of your privacy.

7. Easy software installation

Cloudways hosting has gone to great lengths to provide it’s users with easy one click installation. With the convenient and hassle free software installation you can enjoy your website up and running.

8. PHP language

PHP is a script language used to build your website. It is responsible to manage all the databases , tracking as well as, all the content of the webpages. Also, PHP7 servers are utilised for a quicker operation.

9. In-built OS Firewalls

The In-built OS firewalls filters out all the network attacks by analysing and restricting their access to your website. The Firewalls is responsible to protect your site from getting attacked from various networks.

10. Marketing and Web tools

Cloudways delivers mesmerizing themes with different layouts, fonts, colors, shades as well as buttons. Marketing and web design tools play a major role in attracting traffic to your website and Cloudways has provided us with these beneficial tools.

11. Unique IP address

Most of the Webhosts offer a shared hosting but with Cloudways you have your own website and a unique IP address that will remain unaffected by other website’s operations. It is an addition to the safety and privacy of your website.

12. MySQL based database

The MySQL manages database with the help of (SQL) Structured Query Language. These are the best databases used and proven to show fast processing, reliability and flexibility. With these databases your website will run without a problem.

13. Long term growth

The packages and services offered by Cloudways are the real deal. As they offer the key requirements any website holder would prefer. Keeping in mind the additional features and affordability that Cloudways offers, it also promises guaranteed uptime that will help you grow in the long run.

14. Increased scalability

Cloudways offers us with the best resources which are not only dedicated but also flexible. With Better search engine optimization and flexible resources where you can add or subtract resources as per your website’s requirements you are left with no restrictions.

15. Simple VI interface

The simple VI interface speeds up your work and reduces your overall work time. Since Cloudways offers a simple interface and built-in control panel so that you can work trouble-free and without any interruption.


Cloudways has brought about a major change in the services it provides it’s users with and since it meets the accurate requirements of it’s end, users it has started dominating the Webhosting market.

Cloudways hosting is a solution that has been implemented in the right way. With everything in mind, if you ask me I feel Cloudways is the best and overall managed Webhost available to us currently and I will recommend Cloudways for your website hosting.

Mentioned above are some of the reasons why I think you should choose Cloudways as your hosting platform, if I have missed out on any, feel free to add them.
Hope you found this review article helpful.

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