Commission Hero Review – What is it for you and is it worth it

Last Updated: June 2024

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Unleash the mystery behind the commission hero today by joining it, a platform for everyone who wishes to make money online. Make commissions through a trained procedure. It is basically an Affiliate Market.

3 secrets about it

To start with this site, you will get to know the top 3 secrets of the site and it will lead the path to a successful job you are looking here for;

  1. You find the best offers to make money.
  2. You get your Facebook connected with the site and make paid ads for other people for a big commission.
  3. Easy 3 step system to attract people to make them buy the best offers.

A Helping Hand for you

Do you own a Facebook account? Using it for fun only? Wanted to earn something from the same account? Here is the best possible solution for it. Well, the commission Hero brings a platform to your doorsteps and makes it easy for you to earn money by hard work. You can now add a Facebook account to this site and create ads for people, get paid for the work you do.

It’s third most top secret is to attract the people in buying the ads for them, making an easy path for you to earn today. It helps you to make the ads worth the money and being very honest with you, now you can make around $1000/day, and it’s no lie as it is proven by many people making money from it. They also provide a wide range of videos and webinars for your training purposes. The best thing about them proving how useful they are, Robby the owner is part of the helping team, online, taking part in answering your difficulties. 


Commission Hero undergoes the reviews, and testimonials to seek the results from the online training course. There is no uncertainty that anyone who invests their time in the training and follows Robby ways to get paid traffic through Facebook ads, they are to earn from it. 

Commission Hero’s refund policy makes it feasible for you to get the money back if they are not satisfied with the program. Free webinars make it easy for you to get along with them. The three-step program allows you to wander around the training program with texts and videos designed for you to complete the task. 

These videos are better for you to make landing papers, and then you can jumpstart to the affiliate market


  • You get the opportunity to encounter the creditable instructor, the owner himself, to instruct you throughout the program.
  • Practical methods are taught assuring you meet high ends in terms of money.
  • There are no upsells and extra schemes to purchase.
  • The easy 3 step procedure, no complications.


  • It requires a high upfront investment.
  • You cannot get to know how much money is being spent on ads.
  • The refund policy is not much clearer.
  • There are no discounts to be availed of.

What really is inside

Till this time, you are well aware of what is commission hero? And how it works, under is the list of things you will discover inside it;

Begin the program

Robby explains the detailed pattern of how things work here.

Discovering the image for Ad

Choosing the right form of an image or to design it will help you in getting the attraction of people more, Robby suggests you the right designer.

Landing pages setup

Well, the templates of landing papers are already given, along with the domain name and right URL to put forward in pages.


Now you can track the campaign you are running to see the success rate.

Setup of Facebook Page

Making business page, fan page, and others to run campaigns, training is given.


Look into what level of the scales are reaching.


Run the marketing schemes through emails to engage with the audience.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the cost?

Commission Hero costs only $997 or you can divide by $597 every 30 days. It is much easier now to get it started.

Are there any other payments to be made after signing up?

There are hidden costs for Facebook ads or click funnels, but they aren’t much costly, so nothing to worry about?

Do you get discounts?

There are no discounts offered, but discount codes are accessible. They cannot be accessed at the beginning of the year.

How authentic is the refund policy?

Their refund policy is genuine, the 12-month policy allows you to get satisfied, and if not then you can claim the refund within the period.

How can a newbie know about the program?

Nothing to worry about in regards to this matter as there are many webinars, help support, and more than 20 videos for training purposes.

Commission Hero Price

Still, questioning whether you should get registered or not? Is it worth the money? Or what if it’s quite expensive? No worries, it only asks for a single-time payment and then you can unleash all the features. The hidden costs are there but they are not much more expensive. The best thing is you can divide the payment in two and pay every 30 days to complete the payment.

One payment is for $997 or two for $597. 

Case Study

Commission Hero Reviews and Upsells


There is no as such requirements to meet for having a start with Commission Hero but to have a Facebook account that is for Business purpose and rest is fed to you once you get along with the program.

As far as the requirements for the payment are concerned, you will be asked to spend around $10-$20 on your promotions. To spice up, your payments use Facebook ads and Click Bank offers. Understand the 3 frameworks to make everyday income otherwise, you will get tangled with the program. You’ll be asked to choose by choosing the topic to advertise.


There are no further bonuses for you, it’s the only onetime payment but there are the hidden costs which are must be a paid every time you run a scheme, they differ from bonuses which this program does not offer as such.

Hidden Costs

These are the costs you will be asked every time to pay to run a successful drive, these are to spice up the money you will be generating from the marketing drives.

The hidden costs can be divided into three parts;


These are the amount to be paid to Facebook ads to train yourself and attract the audience. You do get a profit of 30-50% means you are eventually getting money back.

Now the payment of Click Bank means you won’t be able to get the payment in 2-3 weeks. You’ll have to spend $600 to start the proper money.


  • Click funnels-

The cost to it is $97/month, it helps to build you the landing pages.

  • Click Magick-

To track and optimize your online drives. Cost is $27/month.

  • A weber-

$29/month for a 30-day free trial, the purpose is to collect the email addresses.

It is to design the images and create creative drives. It costs $5/design.

Do not worry that it’s a must tool to pay for, no it is just to make more success for you but if you do not pay for this you still get the work done.


Multiple reports which you are to toss an upsell called Inner Circle right after you join the program.

It is a bonus offer you get after you join the Commission Hero which gives the benefits such as special designs for your campaigns, an inner circle support group, and more questionnaires with the owner.

Personal trails with Commission Hero

My experience with Commission Hero makes me say that it is the best way to make 6 to 7 figure income in no time, you get the proper training for the whole work progress you will carry throughout the program, use Facebook ads and Click Bank offers to spice up the payments, even if I was to spend the $10-$20 I would still used to make much more than I was expecting, the constant help throughout the drives, the easiest way to attract the people to proven affiliate market.

Get the and off opportunity to run a business leading a life with Commission Hero, get the insights of the work progress you have been working with.


Want to stay in your cozy clothes, enjoy the lounge life, and still want to be the boss of your leading life, well the solution is just one click away from you. Get yourself registered to Commission Hero and earn money you have always dreamt of. The easy 3 secret frameworks to a successful life.