Drip alternative – Which tool can boast your sales revenue today

Last Updated: May 2024

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Drip alternative – Which tool can boast your sales revenue today


Active Campaign has all the features we as an online business or a consulting business can ask. It has all things needed right from small to high – sized businesses to boost their sales.

It has all the features one can account for. It has CRM, A/B Testing, SMS, and other amazing features.

I will make you consider Active Campaign in this blog by highlighting its super cool services and leaving all other marketing tools.


When you jump on the website of Active campaign, you see a pretty good Dashboard that displays everything so clear. 

It has contacts, contact trends, News, Campaigns, Automations, Templates, Pipelines, and My Tasks features on its main screen, due to which the users can search their required thing within seconds. 



It connects you to any tool you can imagine. It has survey tools. It connects to bot tools like ManyChat (bots and emails at the same time).

It connects to a financial tool like ThriveCard. It has checkout tools, webinar tools. It connects you to Zapier (anything you want to do).

You are flexible and stack your tools as you like according to your preferences.

Active Campaign makes progressions and updates its tools from time to time so, it is the best choice one can account for.


The deliverability of the Active Campaign according to the Email Tool Tester is the best. It was on top according to their results, whereas other campaigns were behind it. 

As the deliverability of the Active Campaign was at 96%, Mailchimp was on 79% and Drip was on 89.8%. Active Campaign is said to do tons to maintain such a reputation.

It shows all the responses to the emails accurately. It has almost 25-35% response on an almost single email. 

If you want to make huge money online, this tool is wonderful. The affiliates and marketers should try Active Campaign. 


The automation feature of Active Campaign is widely powerful. If you try it, you would love it for the following reasons:

It is visually appealing, it has a drag and drops on automation, and it has the pipeline features which other campaigns do not have. It can import automation on one URL. It has contact segmentation, a wait for a time option, and what else you can need. 


You can send personalized email sequences to your subscribers through active campaign automation. It is based on how the subscriber interacted with your previous emails. 

It is so timely that it personalizes according to the day and time of the subscriber.

It works on the highest open rate and the time zone of a particular country. 

It works on the If- else phenomenons like If you sent an email and the subscriber did not open it so it will be sent again with a different subject line so that the subscriber thinks it is a different email.

See the magic!

Active Campaign has inbuilt Easy sending options, condition options, and waiting options for the emails. It has versatile automation for different products.

Active Campaign is pretty robust as it works on the entering behavior. It monitors everything that your users, visitors, customers, and subscribers do.

It gathers all information about them like name, phone number, location, activities, and automation they go through. Everything is there.

You can personalize automation for each of the contacts individually and do anything that you can think have based on all their activities like what they do, where they live, what time they have, and their interests. Sounds cool yeah!

Campaign Builder:

The campaign builder of the active campaign is amazing as it has sent emails, mini automation, split test features. The split test makes it unique as they are not available in other auto responders.

You can split tests and email subjects from information and email content


You can send two different emails with different subject lines for both and split test to know which one has the best result. This just an active campaign gives you. 

This is much beneficial to the online marketers as when they split test, it’s like 20% more opens on this email because they format it according to the choice of the customer

It has incredible open and click rates because by split testing one can get all information on what the audience responds to better. 

The second best part of the campaign builder of the active campaign is the segmentation that you can send only to a particular group of people. The email is sent only to the location, tags, and names in the list and buyer list you make. 

It is not sent to those who already had brought the product. It has a huge list of conditions. It knows that email shall be sent To specific people. It knows How to just hit the audience. 

It is known in 2021 that Active Campaign has high open rates, a High number of subscribers, High clicks, and High email marketing results than other marketing campaigns.


Active Campaign can save every email you sent before and make it a template for future use.

You can save the emails and just grab the in-built template if you have to send similar emails every week.

desidn template.PNG

You can just change the words and you are good to go.

Active Campaign gives you the opportunity of Newsletter creation; it has a handy preview of templates in a responsive version.

Its usage is quite easy. Like it has a drag and drops element, Columns between actions, Spacer elements, it has Preview and spam tests options also so you can undo something very easily.


Many of the auto-responders are not perfect in design, but the Active campaign gives you access to change the fonts or layout of emails in simple ways. You do not need any designer for that. How cool is that!

You can set it according to your choice. You can create visually appealing emails by customizing them even they are so aesthetic that they look like website templates.

So you may go for this tool with awesome and user-friendly interface of Active Campaign.


Active Campaign gives you the accurate data you are looking for. It has Individual broadcasts of each email. It gives you Individual access to know which people are unsubscribing.

It has a full record of Page visits, Geographic data, actual Openers, and clicks.

It gives you Conversion Attribution reporting i.e. analysis of a particular customer journey from clicking up to conversion. This feature is available on a professional plan.

It reports data on accurate average and percentage of people coming to any website.

contact report.PNG

It Looks for the individual contacts like who are they, what they do, through its reporting analysis.

You can have a report of your all automation as well through Active Campaign.

automation report.PNG It works on detailed fixing and improving phenomenon.

If you want to have accuracy in your research and analysis of the users and subscribers you should go for Active Campaign because it simply is a great choice.


If you want to go for the cheapest automation-tool, Active Campaign is the best option. It can send unlimited emails at the lowest prices.

It has unlimited automation tools (you can send multiple emails to members a month if your business is small).

Active Campaign is great and affordable the value you get is amazing. Its straight forward pricing gives more value than you pay for.

Mailchimp is cheaper at the beginning but becomes expensive later in order to automate certain processes.

The active campaign has different price plans. All basic things that you require are available on an easy (Lite) Plan.


You do not need to go on pro and standard plans for your basic things. This is much beyond the scope of any auto-responder in pro plan (which things you do not need actually).

It is so cheap that it takes $179 a month. What are you thinking? Hurry up, make your account in Active Campaign.

Some facts about Drip:

Drip is 10 years younger than Active Campaign. It was started in 2003 so its features are not yet upgraded.

Drip is used for online blogging and online courses.

It gives you two tiers in which one is free and one is paid but generally both have same functions. The free version can send out emails to only 100 contacts.

It is cheaper at the beginning but gradually pricing gets high and expensive.

Drip has automation workflows.


Active campaign VS Drip Campaign:

The question is which tool can boast your sales revenue today? So we are going to do a quick comparison between Drip Campaign and Active Campaign then we will come to know which tool can boast our sales in effective ways.

Active Campaign is easy marketing

Tool for small businesses but can cater

Larger companies as well.

Whereas, Drip is only ideal for info products and online courses.

It is very affordable and can cater 500 contacts for free.

Drip is free up to 100 subscribers only; the more you go up the more it will charge you.

The overall rating of Active Campaign is 5 stars. Amazing.

The overall rating stands on 4 stars only

At each tier, Active Campaign is less expensive.

Drip offers comparatively expensive plans.

You get four tiers on the go. Those are adequate to cover small to large business operations easily.

Drip offers only two tiers. They both have almost same features but you get one free and one paid.

In merely $9 you can send emails up to 500 contacts per month. It is all present in the Basic Plan.

If you wish to pay annually, you get 15%

Discount. Amazing!

As you go higher for more features, price increases based on number of contacts.

There are no discount offers in Drip.

The usability of Active Campaign is much easy for a newbie. One can send email with user friendly interface in minutes.

It has drag and drop options and no complex logics.

The usability of Drip is not well –suited for a newbie because it has no prior templates or drag drop options

Basic Features

Active Campaign


Lead Scoring



Lead Segmentation



Web Activity Tracking



SMS Marketing



Personalize web content



Invoice creation



Split Testing



Membership Sites



Social media posting



Sales Reports



Social CRM



A/B Testing



Minimum Contacts



Active campaign and Drip both have 1000+ integrations which include Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, Microsoft , Zapier and more. They are not compatible with SAP and Oracle integrations.


As compared to drip and other autoresponders, Active campaign is simply a top-notch tool that has pretty robust features.

It has convenient email options, split tests, autoresponders, and date-based emails. It works on the best Deliverability rates. It has a User-friendly editor and it gives you live chat support: you can get one to one training per plan.

So, why using other auto-responders which are costly and not user friendly. It can definitely boost your sales and revenues. Go and switch to Active Campaign NOW and make your life easier and simpler.