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About Fergal Downes

Fergal Downes

Fergal Downes

"My internet marketing journey began back in 2008 at 21 years old when I was working in a telesales job that I hated while studying to be a personal trainer and nutritionist part time. I quickly realized that telesales is one of the worst jobs in the world and personal training really doesn't pay very well so I found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I had spent time and money pursuing a career in the fitness industry but the pay and hours were terrible. So I had to make a career change and had to make one fast. It was then that I started searching online for work and business opportunities in my spare time. I came across everything from pyramid schemes to just outright scams.

I then bought into a system which taught very basic article marketing and believe it or not I made my very first sale just 8 days after. I honestly couldn't believe it. I thought to myself “if I can make a sale after just 8 days then how much will I be able to make after 8 weeks, 8 months, 8 years?!”

Unfortunately I didn't make another sale for at least 6 months and as my hope and motivation started to fade I spent less and less time trying to make internet marketing work.

Then one day, about 8 months later, a cheque arrived in the mail for $200 from a campaign that I set up months previously. It was like someone set a fire under me. I was excited and amazed that something that I did on my laptop in my bedroom had generate me 200 big ones and I had the money in my hand to prove it.

Over the next 3 years or so I made some money here and there but it was only about $1,000 – $2,000 per year. This wasn't enough to retire on unfortunately.

I Finally Discovered What Worked
Then one day in 2012 I saw an advertisement to get an internet marketing coach for $397. This was quite a bit of money for me at the time so I thought it over for a few days and then finally pulled the trigger and grabbed the coaching from a guy who didn't even have a real name. His online persona was ‘Kenster'. That's it. No surname. No picture. Just ‘Kenster'.

I thought that for sure I was after throwing my money away but regardless I studied the coaching material and put everything that I learned into action.

And low and behold… it worked.

The coaching took 6 weeks to finish. 104 days after I started the coaching I dropped out of college and became a full time internet marketer. A few months later I jumped on a plane to Thailand and stayed there for 4 months while I worked on my internet marketing business.

Since then I have used my internet business to travel the world while working online. I am currently writing this blog post from the Canary Islands where I have been living for almost 18 months now.

Internet marketing changed my life and I know it can change your life for the better too.

With my help and guidance on this site you too will be able to reach your online income goals."

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Are You Tired Of Wasting Your Time Trying Method After Method But Seeing No Results?

It seems like most of the methods for making money online say you can make money fast…

…what what does FAST really mean?

Unfortunately, most methods can take days, weeks, or even MONTHS before you see any decent money in your pocket.

For most people, that’s just too long to wait.

What if there was a simple method for making affiliate marketing commissions that only took 30 minutes per day to work on and produced real results?

The good news is we’ve got a brand new method that finally makes it easy for anyone to make sales online as an affiliate marketer without the need for them to ever create their own product. 

My team and I have been using the Empire method to rake in big affiliate commissions for many years now while only working as little as 30 minutes per day on the method. 

Here’s Why Smart Online Marketer Love This Method…

It’s Actually Something New

A lot of methods out there claim to be new or fresh, but at the end of the day, you just end up with something you’ve seen before. When we started doing this we knew that we were on to a sure thing because it worked so well and so FAST!

Start Seeing Results FAST!

Most methods take forever to see any results with, but Empire is a foolproof way to start seeing results quickly even if you are the most novice of computer user. 

You can finally start focusing on other things now that you will have a structured, step-by-step plan for making affiliate marketing commissions online!

Getting traffic can be extremely expensive and time-consuming, and a lack of traffic is a big reason why most fail online. The good news is, we an unheard of method for getting UNLIMITED traffic to any website which will bring you in a flood of sales.

Anyone Can Use This To Build And Online Business

Are you tired of working hard to have little to nothing to show for it. That ends now. This method makes it easy to build an online business and see results quickly. Even if you are a novice computer user. 

Scale Up As Much As You Want

This method is completely scalable. What starts off as a trickle soon turns into a flood of sales and commissions. 

Are you ready to get results like this too..?

Introducing… Empire

Empire gives you everything you need to start making easy affiliate marketing commissions. 

It only takes 1-hour from this exact moment to get everything thing setup, and you can start seeing results almost instantly.

Once you get going you can scale the Empire method up as much as you want.

How Other Says About Empire

Empire Gives You Easy-To-Follow Video Training!

The video training inside Empire breaks everything down and shows you every step in the process.

You don’t need any special skills to get results with Empire and we’ve intentionally made the training super easy to follow – It’s just like having us showing you 1-on-1 how this works.

  • Simply follow along with the video training
  • Get everything setup in the next 30-60 minutes
  • Start the Empire process
  • Go to bed tonight knowing that you have began something that is going to change your life
  • Repeat the process every day with just 30-60 minutes of work. 

What You’ll Discover Inside Empire

  • How to get everything setup today, so you can start building your online business the right way
  • The big reason why traditional internet marketing techniques are holding you back, wasting your time, and preventing you from making the kind of money you deserve
  • The unheard of trick we use to get unlimited traffic in any niche
  • Want to scale your online business? We’ll show you how to scale up the correct way
  • Plus, get access to insider methods for working less time on your internet marketing business while still having the same results. 

Empire makes it easy for you!

Get Empire Right Now At A Big Discount

Empire gives you everything you need to start building your online business from the ground up. If you’re tired of courses and methods that don’t work, and you like the idea of NEVER having to worry about traffic ever again, you need this.

If you could get traffic and leads effectively for free how much would you then scale your business up?

Although we thought about charging $299 for this training, we decided to make it easy for anyone to be able to afford this training.

For a very limited time, you can get your hands on Empire for a massive discount when you click the button below now…

Why This Is Different Than Other Methods And Courses

  • Most methods are old, tired, and rehashed – Empire is new and fresh
  • Most methods are complicated and require you to have some technical skills or online experience – Empire is newbie-friendly and easy for anyone to use
  • Most methods require you to spend a lot of money on traffic – Inside Empire, we’ll show you how to get unlimited traffic in any niche for free. 
  • Most methods require you to work hard with very little to show for it – Empire makes it easy to get started TODAY!

When You Get Empire Right Now, You’ll Also Get access to Fergal’s exclusive training and 1-2-1 support Facebook Mastermind Group. 

In this group we will be there for you every day to ensure that you make the Empire course a massive success for you

Here’s A Quick Recap Of Everything You Get With Empire Today…

The Empire Step-By-Step Video Training – Real-World Value = $299

Bonus – The FB Mastermind Group = $127

Total Value = $426

You’re Investment Right Now Is Just…

"Here at Empire we are committed to your success with the method that we teach inside this course. We will supply you with all the training, support and tools necessary for you to reach your goals with this method. We look forward to working with you on this inside the member's area."

But Wait... Here's More

Get Results Or Get Your Money Back With No Hassle 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Yes. You get 60 days to make sure Empire works for you, and if you change your mind any time during those 60 days, all you have to do is send a refund request. No questions asked, hassle free, 100% refunded. There’s no risk for you and the investment on yourself today is just $0.5 (Coupon code 50OFF

The only way you can lose is by not getting Empire right now at a discount.

You Have Questions? We Got Answers

Empire is a brand new method which teaches people how they can make sales online as an affiliate marketer using free traffic.

Empire is a brand new method that changes everything you thought you knew about affiliate marketing. 

It sure is. We’re sure you’ve never seen anything like this method.


No special skills or prior experience is required to make money with Empire. This is completely newbie-friendly and gives you a simple, straightforward, step-by-step plan for getting results.


Yes. Learning our unheard method for getting unlimited traffic is a big part of this method.


Yes, at Empire we are giving you the best guarantee that you will find with any course that you have ever purchased anywhere.

Yes. You get 60 days to make sure Empire works for you, and if you change your mind any time during those 60 days, all you have to do is let me know, and I’ll send you a refund.

The only way you can lose is by not getting Empire right now at a discount.

Empire uses Clickbank – A global e-commerce platform and affiliate marketplace, founded in 1998. The company has more than six million clients worldwide which secured it in becoming the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America.  

The payment is will be handled by Clickbank and you can rest assured that it will be safe.

Wikipedia of Clickbank

You only fail if you stop trying ...

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