Honest Clickfunnels Review-Why it can be good or bad for some users

Have you ever heard of clickfunnels? Well, this article gives an honest review of clickfunnels.

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From my interactions with several marketers who have used them, and being a user who has used it for a long period, I fully understand how it works. So, what is clickfunnels? In very simple words, this is a tool that enables one to build or develop webpages online. 

Therefore, the type of users who need it are online marketers and business promoters, while those marketers who do offline marketers do not require this tool. When you post a product online that you feel can help someone, you know how to market it by reaching many people. 

This can be done through the use of clickfunnel, which helps in reaching many audiences; thus, you can perfectly do the business in the midst of several competitors. Many competitors do business online; this tool will help buyers easily search for your products online. While for those who conduct business offline will thus require this tool in conducting their business. 

The tool avails the products in one platform, making it easy for business people to market their products. The buyers can also find the product he intends to buy on one platform, making it easier to access the products. 

The generated webpages can be anything that the designer wants, like a landing page for a product or even a page that gets people to register for a given webinar. The designer can make it simple or even complicated; this will depend on the designer. The clickfunnels platform looks like the one below;

Reasons you might get enticed to use Clickfunnels.

In this section you will learn how you might get enticed to use Clickfunnels.

Reasons you might get enticed to use Clickfunnels

In my experience and from what most of my friends say about the clickfunnels, the following are some of the reasons most people will want to use to use them.

Drag and drop

In case you want to develop something quickly and you don’t want to touch any code. Still, you want something easy and simple, which will enable you to achieve an output, i.e., a funnel or a landing page which will perform well then, this tool will be recommended for you.

Here the benefit of using clickfunnels includes how easy it is as it just involves dragging and dropping a builder, making it easy to develop a landing page.

It can be easily integrated with other tools

Clickfunnels integrates perfectly with other tools such as a CRM system or even your email marketing system.
For instance, if you use CovertKit, and each time someone tries to sign up to your email list or even download one free guide by using clickfunnels, it will straightway tag them in CovertKit ; thus, your email marketing system works perfectly with this tool. Again, in this case, you don’t have to be a technical person to do the integration since it is just a matter of clicking.


The clickfunnels are very flexible; thus, you can do whatever you want with the software; it gives you a tool to develop a landing page that enables you to integrate it with your email marketing. To develop a membership, a course, or even to have an email sequence go out.

With flexibility, it gives one the tool to do the integration, and most of the functionalities are in one place. The basic elements here include the images, headlines, video widgets, and input forms. Some extra advanced elements include survey, progress bars, SMS signup, FOQ, countdown timers, and Facebook comments.

Easy to split and experiment test

This is another reason most people use clickfunnels; they quickly develop landing pages and are faster to test things.
If you are a split test geek like me, you may want to try headlines against each other. For example, you may try various images, colors, and videos to check which one will perform the best and create those test environments quickly. The split test feature implies that you can develop a landing page and then do the split test.

Thus, it will be possible to run people and traffic to each one and check easily which one has performed best. With this, you can develop a membership, develop a new product, perform this very fast, try to market it, and check if people buy it or don’t buy it. You can create everything using clickfunnels fast and check if people would purchase it, immediately you get a proof of concept, you will need to think on how you could create that product further over WordPress.

All-in-one hosting

This tool helps one create and launch landing pages and the sale funnel from a particular platform; thus, you don’t have to host any sales funnels for your website business. This will promote security and maintenance as it will be possible for you to get access to load pages within minimal downtime. This feature of clickfunnel will make it very convenient to use in conducting online marketing.

The diagram below illustrates some of the amazing tools within the clickfunnel

Reasons you can get discouraged from using clickfunnels

In this section you will learn the reasons that can get you discouraged from using clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels are comparatively expensive

When compared to its competitors, clickfunnels are relatively expensive; for instance, it can cost up to $297 per month for a full clickfunnels suite as illustrated below;

This high cost may scare most people and resort to some relatively affordable alternatives such as Builders and Ontraport. The tool offers fourteen days of free trials; after that, you will have to choose your pay package.

The cheapest package is $ 97 monthly, while the most expensive is $ 297 monthly. With $ 97, you are able to access several features, and you can only create up to twenty different funnels. But with $ 297, you are given access to unlimited funnels and also have access to other tools like Actionetics, which can be employed to automate email marketing.

Clunky software

In some cases, the software may be a little bit clunky; things can go wrong and don’t work perfectly as anticipated; this results in poor overall performance. Meanwhile, you can fathom that it is just something that occurs with the online software; thus, you will not delve much deeper into that when such issues arise in clickfunnels.

Poor Support

Even though the tool’s usage is easier, you sometimes require some help in using clickfunnels. It is because somethings do not work, and they break, or you might not fathom how somethings are done. And in such cases, you need support to help you out.

This is a problem because clickfunnels have very bad support. Being honest, one cannot rely on the support of clickfunnels as it is extremely poor. Thus, you will be required to use tools to help you understand the operation parameters. But if that tool also fails, you will have to visit an external consultant.

From my own experience, when you move to the support feature, you will not be directed to the support team, as you might expect.


My final point on clickfunnels is that it is a great tool; I can highly recommend it despite its bad attributes from my interactions with it. This tool is used in building funnels for clients, thus making it a great tool for online marketing and business promoters. But people always have different preferences, and because of the good and bad attributes of clickfunnels, some people may view it as bad, while others like me would view it as a good tool.
From the marketer’s point of view, this tool’s positive sides outweigh its negative; thus, it is highly recommended for business marketing. This tool is one of the best for creating funnels, having some best features like a fourteen-day free trial for beginners to understand how to use the tool.

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