How email marketing can help SEO?

Last Updated: June 2024

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These days, optimizing your website for search engines using the standard techniques is just not enough.

As the internet is flooded with information, blogs, and articles, it is challenging to appear on top of search engines.

So, is there any other approach to boost your website SEO?

The answer is yes.

There might be other ways as well but here we are talking about, how email marketing can help SEO?.

Let’s dig deeper and see how email marketing can drive quality traffic to your site and boost your website SEO.


Search engine optimization is the process of increasing your site ranking in search engines.

Typical techniques for SEO are on-page SEO off-page SEO and technical SEO.

While these techniques are mandatory, but to rank high in search engines, just optimizing your site for SEO won’t be effective as there are other factors as well to be measured by search engine algorithms.

What are those factors then?

  • Site traffic
  • Site engagement
  • Backlinks
  • Site reviews

Email marketing can help your site with exactly what I have just listed above.

Let’s now find out how email marketing can help with these factors and boost your site ranking in search engines.

How email marketing can increase site traffic?

Marketers use email marketing to persuade their clients to buy their products, and of course, it’s the easiest and cheapest way to reach a healthy ROI.

Secondly, email marketing is the best way to drive quality traffic to your site.

Quality traffic means that the visitors are more interested in your content or service than the organic traffic through search engines.

So what?

The beautiful thing is these visitors are more inclined to stay than cold traffic.

Why it’s important?

Your email traffic is the most valuable traffic you can ever get because of the following reasons:

  • They stay for a long time, which decreases your site bounce rate.
  • A high bounce rate results in deeper issues like bad user experience, poor content, etc.
  • There is a great chance of a conversion.
  • This traffic increases your site engagement.

how to get more traffic with email marketing?

Knowing the importance of relevant traffic and its importance in SEO, the next thing to know is how can you generate more traffic? What are the best practices in email marketing which can lead to more traffic?

1.Grow your email list

In the end, an email list is key to your success.

To grow your email list work on these techniques

  • Use multiple sign-up forms on your site
  • Offer content upgrades, like some sort of free product after user sign-ups.
  • Run give away and contests
  • Create multiple lead magnet pages

2.Personalize your emails

Personalizing your emails means targeting your customers in a more personal way like adding their names in the email title and creating relevant content.

Personalized emails are 26% more likely to be opened. 

It’s a great way of building long-term relationships with your clients.

3. Make your email short and relevant

People are busy and they don’t read if they find something very lengthy in their mailbox.

If your email is short and scan-able, there are more chances that people will scan it and find something they are interested in.

Note: this may vary according to your business and purpose, if you are promoting educational materials long detailed email is ok.

4. Use mobile-friendly emails.

70% of web traffic happens through mobile phones.

So make sure that your promotional emails are optimized for mobile view.

It’s all about clicking your email.

The more people will see, the more chances of site traffic.

5. Embed videos in your email

Reading a flat text is sometimes boring. 90% of online marketers use video in their marketing campaigns.

Because watching videos is less boring than reading a bunch of text, it’s an important factor to be considered in email marketing.

Let’s get back to how email marketing can help SEO and see what site engagement is, why it’s important in SEO terms, and how email marketing can help with site engagement.

How email marketing can help site engagement?

Cold traffic from search engines is no doubt what you want the most for your site.

But there are few things to consider when comparing it with email traffic.

  • People from search engines will leave your site without showing any interactivity in most cases.
  • This might cause your SERPs to drop, which is a disaster.
  • Visitors from your email are already interested in your service, and they will stay for a good time.

So, if visitors are leaving without spending much time, Google will try to replace your site with the one which is showing more relevancy in their contents.

Thus, email traffic helps towards increasing time on page and decreasing bounce rates for your site.

But if your site is not engaging enough, visitors will not stay, doesn’t matter they visited by invitation or through organic search.

How to increase site engagement?

Engaging user is a crucial step before convincing them to buy your product.

To engage users, make sure you work on these:

  • Optimize site loading time
  • Improve your site internal links
  • Show relevant content
  • Make navigation easy
  • Use responsive design
  • Add contests and giveaways
  • Use a friendly writing style

Time to check on backlinks.

How email marketing helps in acquiring backlinks?

Backlinks are simply links from other websites to your website.

Is it important?

Yes, but quality over quantity.

From small to large businesses, SEO is critical.

In SEO optimization techniques, nothing is important than building high-quality backlinks.

How to build backlinks?

Traditional techniques used to build backlinks are:

But you are missing one tactic which is the easiest of them all.

Yes, email marketing.

In this approach, you simply sent your content, service, or your blog post to other companies and let them know if the content you have created can help them as well.

In this way, if they show interest in your work, they will add it to their site and you will get a backlink.

But challenges are every were, you cannot just send your emails to some random companies and hope to get some free backlinks.

Most of them out there are your competitors and they won’t waste their time helping you.

Direct emails sent to a company’s email address are moved to the spam folder in most cases.

So, here is what to do:

  • Do keyword research and find the top sites in SERP.
  • Collect their contact information.
  • The company’s interest must match your content.
  • Prepare quality content that can reflect a great value.
  • Sent your content directly to someone in the marketing section.
  • Try to make your competitors your friends by supporting them.

I know this approach to building backlinks is time-consuming and needs special attention.

But remember one thing, the backlinks you will get are of the best quality.

As I said before, it’s quality over quantity.

How email marketing can get you positive reviews?

Reviews play a huge role in site ranking.

To beat your local competitors, good reviews are crucial because  86% of consumers read reviews before they dig deep into your products and services.

One best use of email marketing is asking for positive reviews from your subscribers.

Your subscribers are your real friends and asking them for reviews is not a bad idea.

Asking for reviews using email is the most effective way than the other approaches of doing it because we know that 91% of people use email and 58% of them open their emails on a daily basis.

Here is how to ask for a review:

  • Don’t make them feel like you are begging for it.
  • Write a simple and professional email.
  • Try to write a personalized email.
  • Use a friendly tone.

Good reviews can help your site rank on search engines and drive more customers.

Asking for reviews from customers via email is a simple and effective way, so go ahead and get your positive reviews now.

Final words

Email marketing is a powerful tool to promote your business and to magnify your site ranking.

Marketing professionals mix email marketing and SEO to get the maximum value out of it and win the competition.

While email and SEO may not seem to be related directly but there are plenty of ways, you can use email marketing to affect your SEO and rank your site in search engines.

Launch personalize campaigns and segment your audience to drive quality traffic to your site.

This will increase your site engagement metrics and hence decrease your bounce rate.

Promote your quality content via emails to build backlinks which is the most important SEO ranking factor.

Get reviews from your subscribers with email marketing and win the local competition.

Email marketing can help in natural social shares of your content, which might not affect SEO directly but indirectly improves search results.