How is Builderall better than WordPress? Can I build a blog with Builderall?

Last Updated: May 2024

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WordPress seems to be everywhere.

But that does not make it the only choice.

There are a lot of other strong candidates with unique features and support. One such blog builder is Builderall, which specializes in the creation of landing pages. You can choose from a slew of pre-built options that will set you up a specialized website in minutes, for instance, a Webinar or Ecommerce website.

If you are looking to start a blogging website, choosing the initial platform is one of the most important decisions. In this article, we will be discussing how Builderall is a better choice than WordPress.

Builderall Vs. WordPress



All in one Digital Marketing Platform as well as website builder

Focuses on being a website builder, plugins available for additional functionality

Built-in tools to build and grow website

Some built-in tools while others through paid or free plugins

Monthly subscription plan

No monthly subscription if hosting and domain are purchased

Better in design

Requires premium themes for good design

Specialized funnel builder

Third-Party tools required for funnel building

Membership portal integration built-in

Membership portal requires paid plugins

Professional email

Not in the base package


At first glance, Builderall may seem to be the pricey option. But it’s a trap! Here’s how…

Builderall charges upfront for all it offers instead of charging you at every point of your blogging journey, which is what typically happens with WordPress. You can use WordPress for free. However, you’d need to pay every time there is some feature you really need.

Here is the pricing plan, so we are on the same page:

How is Builderall better than WordPress? Can I build a blog with Builderall?

Essentially, you are getting both the packages for the same price!

For instance, you would need to purchase hosting and domain, which are a monthly expense if you’re going with WordPress. Not only that, you’d need to first conduct some extensive research on which hosting provider is the best.

How is Builderall better than WordPress? Can I build a blog with Builderall?

With Builderall there is no such headache. You get blazingly fast hosting complete with up to 15 domains included with the package. This alone is a major contributing factor that makes Builderall better value for money.

That is only the start of how it delivers value for money.

Builderall for Blogging – Features

Builderall is not just a blog builder but a complete all in one digital marketing platform. It provides easy integrations with social channels like Facebook and Instagram. But digital marketing is incomplete with just Social Media, so Builderall also focuses on SEO.

You can use any of the amazing templates from the library to get building really fast. Here’s their Cheetah Website Builder in action:

How is Builderall better than WordPress? Can I build a blog with Builderall?

It offers native tools for optimizing on-page SEO to boost your search engine traffic. Most bloggers start out with little to no knowledge of how they are going to market their blog. On the contrary, it should be one of the foremost considerations. Luckily, with Builderall, the tools take care of that.

Here are two simple steps to start using it:

Step 1: Type the keyword you desire to rank for.

Step 2: Simply follow along with the suggestions given by the tool.

It does another fun thing. You can not only generate a report for your own pages, but also for the URLs of your competing websites.

This gives you the exact insights of what you are going against. You can then try to study your competitor and try to produce an even better blog in the hopes of getting ranked!

Builderall SEO tools don’t stop there. Additionally, you have access to templates that are search engine optimized, making your job a lot easier.

Affiliate tracking is another headache to deal with on WordPress. You need to research and find a good plugin that manages affiliate links; one of the major sources of income for a blogger. Again, Builderall offers a built-in solution for the job.

Builderall truly lives up to its name. Looking for an app to go with your new blog? Builderall has you covered with its App Builder. It is just as easy to use as the web builder so you can get to creating an app after you’re done with the website.

You can explore their excellent selection of tutorials designed to guide you at every step of the way to help you get the most out of Builderall.

You could gain an unfair advantage with your blog as Builderall offers a built-in heat map feature. What it does is that once you have some visitors on your website, you can guess where their attention has been.

This way you can optimize the monetization on your website. You could place high-value ads/content where people spend the most time.

Often in blogging, writing is just one of the many content creations that you need to do. For instance, you could overhaul the overall look and feel of your article with attractive graphics as a featured image for your blog.

Now with WordPress or any other mainstream blogging website builder, you would need to master external graphics tools like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator. Not to mention the time it will take, those are also pretty expensive.

Builderall on the other hand offers a built-in Design Studio that is specially optimized for the variety of online businesses you might be using your website for.

You can utilize the Design Studio to not only create marvelous images but also videos tailored to any of the following:

  • website,
  • products,
  • courses,
  • eBooks,
  • social media, and others.

I could go on with the features one by one but that would make for extensive reading. In a nutshell, it has everything you may need from an online business, even with advanced features like customer relation manager (CRM) and the option to build a membership website along with so many other features.

Blogging Comparison – Builderall and WordPress

When it comes to SEO on WordPress, you have some standard plugins which most everyone is using. Yoast SEO is popular for WordPress users.

While it offers almost the same features as Builderall’s SEO tool, it has one advantage. You can check the status of the SEO of any page or blog at a glance. For the same thing in Builderall, you would have to generate a new SEO report every time you want to check some detail.


How is Builderall better than WordPress? Can I build a blog with Builderall?


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Already accustomed to WordPress for Blogs?

How is Builderall better than WordPress? Can I build a blog with Builderall?

Can’t let go of WordPress?

It’s okay. I understand. And so does Builderall. That is what really matters.

Builderall embraces WordPress. You can get WordPress running on your Builderall website in as little as three clicks. One of the best uses of WordPress is to set it up as a blog for your website.

With easy integration, you can have the blog for your website developed with WordPress while the other pages are developed in Builderall.

Bottom Line–Should you build a blog with Builderall?

As a blogger, you would essentially be managing your own business. That may be exciting for all those beginning this journey, but in business, it’s best to minimize the headaches which might overwhelm you.

Builderall is a good starting option for those looking to do just that. Focus on their work, which really matters, and leave the headaches to be managed by a platform like Builderall. While you can also start out with WordPress, once you purchase hosting and domain, it will all go to waste if you decide to shift to Builderall in the future.

Instead, I recommend you go for the 14-day trial that Builderall offers. If it works well for you, continue with it, otherwise, you can always go for a hosting plan with WordPress or any other builder.