How to host webinar with Builderall

Last Updated: May 2024

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Anyone who deals with online marketing faces numerous challenges and hard work. The market is wide and competition is great, so beginning in online business is very challenging. There are so many online platforms, so there is a logical question–which one to choose? One of them stands out from the crowd – Builderall.

Why Builderall

The most interesting characteristic, that distinguishes Builderall from other digital marketing platforms, is that this platform provides all the necessary tools that you need in one place.

On Builderall you have all tools in one place, no need to search and spend money and time on different tools, all you can find is already there, so all you need to do for your online business you can do from one location, and that will save you a lot of time, energy and money. This is especially important for beginners in online business when can be very confusing where to begin, which tools are preferred, and what skills do you need for a successful business?

Builderall saves your time and money

Builderall offers all the needed tools for our online marketing, so we can set up an entire online business on one single platform. It saves our time and money, mostly because there is no need for buying services from other platforms – Builderall includes all necessary tools for a successful digital business.

You don’t need to switch between one tool for SEO, one for email marketing, and one for hosting the website, so you save your money and make your business much easier. Looking to other platforms we can say that they don’t offer as many tools and options as Builderall does, so it makes your job much easier, especially if you are a beginner in this enormous digital marketing world.

Builderall has options for all kind of digital business set up and marketing you need. It is intended for website builders, business owners, product creators, web service designers, video apps, e-mail marketing, webinar creators, hosting, sales, and so much more – whatever you need to support your online business.

If you want to work with Builderall, all you need is to create an account on the Builderall official website, which also has cooperated with other websites and apps (e.g. PayPal, Stripe, Amazon S3, AWeber, Cloudinary…).

So whatever your business needs you can find solutions that work best for you. Builderall has excellent features and functions, and all the tools you want to contain in one package.

Tutorials and training

Reading Builderall reviews, you can find out that some of the customers think that there are too many tools and consider it a little confusing.

In order to be convenient for everybody who is doing online business, Builderall gives too many options and some customers struggle to cope with them, and it might be overwhelming for beginners. For other users, it is very satisfying to have all options in one place.

Builderall has a solution for all the problems. It has an extensive knowledge base and gives you plenty of material that helps you learn how to use the platform and its tools. There is 400+ different video tutorials and training where is explained step by step all you need to know about online business, every different process, and stages. You can have your own personal guide through Builderall platform, depends on your business needs, and you can watch it as many times you want, step by step. These videos are designed for new members and beginners in online marketing, so they can get started their business without problem.

Our objection is that all tutorials are in video format, and maybe It would be nice to have some help in text format too because if you need some quick answer to a simple question, you need to watch them from start to end to find what you need.

Builderall App Creator

Builderall has one more interesting and exciting tool. A tool that gives you the ability to make apps and also allows you to put them available to download.

The platform includes an App creator, which makes it very simple to create your own app for a very short time. When you create your app you are able to publish it to the Google Play Store, The Apple App Store, and Amazon App Store.

Support team

If there is some problem that you can’t solve you can always speak with Builderall Support team.

You can just go to the Support page, open a ticket and ask your question, and when the ticket has been submitted they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Sometimes they need more than 24h to answer you, so that is not convenient if you need some quick answers and solutions for your problems.

There are also YouTube Builderall tutorials and The Builderall Facebook group, where you can find some useful tips, and connect with other Builderall users to share ideas, discuss and learn from each other.

If you are a beginner, try the $1 Premium package, explore the platform, use tutorial videos to help you to create your business platform. Like I mentioned before, Builderall’s support videos can help you get set up with the Builderall platform and explain to you how to start using it.

Also, there is another useful and interesting option of the Builderall knowledge base – the QuickStart. It is created for new users; it welcomes you and gives you information quickly, so you can immediately get started.

Joining to Builderall platform

Builderall platform is a premium tool, but it comes with an affordable and reasonable price, especially if we know that we can get all the features that I mentioned before.

There is a 14- day free trial provided with access to all features and tools.

You can also pay 1$ to try the Premium package for 30 days, after that, you will be charged by the package plan you choose: Builder, Marketer, Essential, and Premium.

Choosing between different packages is very practical because if you are new in business you can start with the Builder package plan, and then how your business grows, you can go from Marketer and Essential package plan till you get to work with Premium package level of your digital marketing business.

Considering all the benefits you got, the price is more than reasonable, lower than others, and definitely worth your money.

If you want to have all your options in one place, or if your budget is sensitive, you should consider Builderall.

Hosting a Webinar

In the world of digital marketing and online business, the use of webinars is a common way to connect and build a meaningful relationship with our audience.

Webinars allow us to share knowledge, ideas, and experience, and to earn the trust of our audience. It is a very effective way to encourage them to visit your website to buy your product or use your services.

Webinars are very important tools for online sales and if you want to take your business to the next level.

Webinar tools

Builderall offers useful tools for creating webinars with high- quality videos. It has a powerful and professional webinar platform ready for you, and It allows you to create and host an interactive webinar where you can take live video streaming, share screen, or record a webinar.

There is a webinar hosting software, so you are not only able to design your webinar landing page, but you can actually host up to more than 1000 people just using a Builderall.

You don’t need to pay for any other webinar hosting software. You can also use a live chat or integrated messenger chats to offer real-time answers on recorded webinars. Other available options are waiting room, ghost users, email sequence, autoresponder integration, and much more.

Ghost users are an example of one very interesting option- these are bot users that you can program to log in and make some comments, so it would be more interesting in your webinar audience.

Also, there is a function called “Streaming tool “that allows you to play the video directly to Facebook and YouTube channel.

The tool allows users to schedule webinars start times and to integrate with MailingBoss that allows you to create email marketing campaigns, use and edit templates for your emails to your list, add tags, schedule your emails and build out sequences.

MailingBoss allows you to see the structure of your entire email marketing strategy, and you can see if there is some physical flaw in your emails.

There are also several remarkable video tools available, so you can design and host first-class webinars where you can promote your products and services.

Builderall is worth it

Builderall is so many things–a website builder, webinar software, blogging platform, email marketing software, hosting, and a lot more.

Builderall is also an online marketing platform that transformed more than 700.000 websites and online businesses, has more than 250.000 satisfied users, and more than 1.5 billion emails sent.

You can run almost every aspect of your online business using just Builderall. All the numbers speak for themselves, and there is more than enough reason to make Builderall be a solution for your online business.