How to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate for free [The Right Way]

You want to generate recurring passive income and you have chosen ClickFunnels. However, you are not sure how to promote it correctly.

In this article, I will walk you through the right way to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate the right way.

Let’s dive in


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Spamming your ClickFunnels affiliate links won’t work, simly beause no one will awake up in the morning and looking for a software product named ClickFunnels. 

The most common tactic ClickFunnels affiliate do is to drive paid of free traffics to their funnel and ask for their email and promote the ebook. 

Nothing wrong with it, except just one thing – It doesnt convert. 


No one wants to read a 200 pages book. Well yes, 1 or 2 out of 500 or 1000 leads, but that’s too slow for us to generate income for us to get out of the 9-5 human cattle life. 

The Right Way

To promote any affiliate product, like ClickFunnels, you need to think from a user perspective. Understand how people are able to use the tool and you got to think long-term.

The reason is simple so that they will not cancel their subscription and you get paid for life.

So how exactly we do it?

Help Your Clients to Get Leads & Business

Let’s use insurance sales as an example, what is the most difficult thing for insurance sales and what they are thinking and scratching their head each day?


One practical method is to provide the tool they need to generate more leads. You create a funnel page with all the templates they need to fill in the insurance policy, the plans, nice images and tools for them to copy and paste their promotion materials.

You teach them how to place ads and target the right audience and send traffics to their funnel and turn them into warm leads. 

Teach them step by step on how they can create the same funnel with ClickFunnels.

How You Find The Small Business Owners?

Go to Quora, Facebook groups in each and every niche, e.g. insurance sales, brick and motor business like a coffee shop, make-up artists. They all need and wants to get more sales for their business. Make a funnel page and take it as an image screenshot and put it to these platforms and tell them how they can use these kinds of funnel pages to generate more sales for their business.

Make sense?

The key is you are not spamming your affiliate links right to their face like a jerk and annoying person but someone that provides value to them.

Here are some pro tip you may want to know.

Look into the top 3 performer in their industry and see how they doing it. E.g. for coffee shop owner, go to Starbucks home page, see how they create their sites. Make a better funnel page and mention how the coffee shop owner can do something better than Starbucks home page.


How To Educate Them So They Stick With You

By now you see most of the ClickFunnels affiliate just spam their links to their potential leads, that’s for the newbie. You are now one level higher than them by promoting ClickFunnels with an intent to help them get more business and sales.

But there’s more you can do.

Help them continuously throughout the journey.

What do I mean?

See, your leads may not convert into a ClickFunnels user just because you sent them the ClickFunnels link for once. They are too busy handling their business, their clients, employees, suppliers and buyers, and all that.

You need to provide values to them continuously. 

Use any email marketing autoresponder like GetResponse, Aweber, and add them into an email automation chain.

Now you get it right, your job is not to continuously remind them there is a product name ClickFunnels. But you send values to them.

Let’s use the Coffee shop business niche as an example again. You let them know how people percentage of people drinks coffee a day, how much they consume, what sort of coffee beans is famous for which countries.

How you get this info? It’s very easy, go to Quora, Wikipedia and look for questions people in such niche and look for questions that are being asked many times. 

You bet it right, these are exactly the things your leads want to know too.

How do you convert them into using ClickFunnels then?

Mention The Functions Strategically

I have just told you how you can find the content and info your potential clients may be interested to know, now with the email autoresponder, you should have to build a degree of trust with them.

The best way is to send 3 emails value and 1 email that sales, now you mentioned to them the importance of warming their leads, and you can show them ClickFunnels have their own A/B testing capabilities for them to split test their funnels during their marketing campaign and can save them tons of money. 

Make sense?

Last Thought

That’s it, the key message here again is to think one level up and to think about how you can provide values to their prospects so that they will stick with ClickFunnels as the income it generates will replace the software monthly subscription fee itself.

Now take action, go to ClickFunnels and GetResponse and use their free period to test out the method, create landing pages for a niche that you are interested or familiar with, and set up the autoresponder and provides value to them and help them to grow their business.

GetResponse Exclusive 1000 Users Free Trial

ClickFunnels Free Trial

How do you think about this method? Comment below and let me know whether you like to read more content like this.

Louis Perry

Louis Perry

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