How to write an email that gets opened and with a high click-through rate

Last Updated: June 2024

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Is your email having a poor Click rate?

Is your email keeps falling to spam inboxes?

You send emails, but no one is opening, reading them, or even getting them, it could be only going to their spam box, and this is too many horrible things to you.

Here are the 9 tips and tricks for you to explore the several factors on how to increase your email opened click rates and deliverability.


Obviously, no one will see your email if it is only going to spam, sometimes even if you are using premium SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) services, still your emails will go directly to their spam.


Are you testing your emails before sending them?

So from the start, you need to test your emails to ensure where your mails land whether it is in promotions or spam considering those subscribers who are using email providers such as Gmail, AOL, and Hotmail.

 Here are some tips to avoid spam filters:

  • Choose verified domains.
  • You must choose a good IP address to send your email campaigns.
  • How to write email that get opened and with high click rate -1.png How to write email that get opened and with high click rate -2.png Test your email using spam checking tools such as IsnotSpam, Glock Apps, Spam check this software automatically checks the main elements which cause emails to be rejected by recipient mail servers.

How to write email that get opened and with high click rate -3.png

  • Do not use these languages such as “trial”, “quote”, “sample”, “access”, “buy”, “discounts”, or “cash” for these are spam triggers.
  • Keeping your template code clean.
  • Personalize your email campaign by using merge tags.

Targeting Your Potential Subscribers

It is important to target only the correct people, those who are only interested in your product. Why?

Obviously, no one will open your email if you get a list just to have a list, the tendency is they will just ignore your emails because they are not interested.

It is important from the start to know your customers, what areas you target, the size of the company, or what are their traits or interests. You must know how they interacted to your sites or pages with your product.

How?  By adding pixels to your websites, a cookie will be placed on the user’s browser; with this, it will allow you to track their online behavior.

With smart planning and targeting an effective marketing strategy, you can grow your list with the people who are eager to listen to you and buy your products.


To avoid your email going to spam and becoming black listed before it’s too late, it is important to keep your list periodically fresh by removing inactive subscribers and only email those active subscribers. Why?

 Because some people might have changed their email or maybe they are not already interested in your brands anymore.

So you need to identify which subscribers are active or not to make your list always fresh and only filled with engaged subscribers.  You must get rid of those being inactive now.

OOOOPS!!! But wait!

Before getting rid of inactive emails or subscribers, first, you must try sending emails to know that your subscribers are still active, how will I know?

 Try these:

  •   Information Updates: Ask if they would like to update their information and their preferences by checking in your subscribers for once in a while. This way, they are reminded that they can take control of how they want to be engaged with you.
  •   “Do I bore you?”, “I’m missing you”: Ask if they still want to stay subscribed by sending the last email to inactive subscribers. Others will get purged but do not worry, for there are still some people who will respond.

Remember, your email list can do a lot for your brand.

Send In The Best Time!

Think carefully about what day and time you should send your emails. Timing can have a very huge effect on whether your subscribers will open your email or not.

When is the best time and day to send my email?

Explore for your future campaigns, how? You may perform some A/B testing (an email split testing), send trials for only a few subscribers first, to identify the highest rates which time frames seem to be the best.

How to write email that get opened and with high click rate 6.jpg

If you are thinking that this is only a waste of time, you are thinking this wrong; did you know that the former President of the United States has A/B testing?

In addition, marketers found out from their studies, it’s shown that every Saturday is the best day for conversations, and some studies from GetResponse, that every Tuesday has the highest open click and open rates.

All this testing will help you to decide on the best time to send your emails.

 But For your additional information, it’s not only Time frames you can test, through email marketing, you can also test the Subject lines, From address, short vs. long emails, and  HTML campaigns vs. Plain text campaigns.

With the help of email split testing, it will help you to know where you can get your highest open rates and boost your sales.

Here are some tools which have 30days trials and demos that can help for your email split testing:

  • vwo

How to write email that get opened and with high click rate -3-vwo.png



  • FRESHMARKETER How to write email that get opened and with high click rate -Fresh Marketer.png

And for more additional information, did you know that some SMTP tools offer A/B Testing? Yes, they have! Such as the GetResponse and AWeber.

In GetResponse regardless of what plan are you in, they have features to allow you to test up to 5 versions for email split testing, there A/B/C/D/E testing, but , the split testing on GetResponse’s new templates is limited to just subject headers.

How to write email that get opened and with high click rate-getresponse.png

And in AWeber, This tool allows you to test up to 3 versions of e-newsletter; their split test involves both subject header and contents.

How to write email that get opened and with high click rate-Aweber.png

The good thing for these tools is they offer a free trial, the GetResponse offers 30 days while the “AWeber Free” is free for 500 lists which are good for small business, but for more than 500 subscribers you need to get on their plan, but still, they have a 30 days trial for that.

Plus, the good side here is in tracking your split test in these tools is easy enough because all the details show in your UI (User Interface).



Make your SUBJECT line STANDOUT!

Why do you need a Good Subject line for your email?

Your subject lines have the power to make or break your email marketing campaign. According to some reviews, 70% of your email reports are spam just because of a poor subject line, and 50% of email recipients opened an email, based on a good and triggering subject line.

In other words, you need to be cautious in checking which subject line will work for your campaign.

 Your subject lines are everything here when it comes to email and open click rates, so If you are already asking how you will get through to your customers with your subject lines?

Here are some awesome tips for you.


Create a short and snappy commanding subject line to stir up curiosity emotions. Something that sounds strange or unusual, from here, you can make subscribers curious by asking questions, interesting or promising subject lines that make them trigger enough to open your email.

Here are my great and awesome examples for you:

        “PLEASE!!! DO NOT OPEN”

          “Did you hear?”



               “WHAT’S NEW?? OPEN ME!!!”

If the curiosity is enough to entice your subscribers, this will definitely increase your open rates. 


You can make something that can trigger your subscribers by fearing them to miss an offer and opportunity to claim that will not last for a day. This is what you called “fear of missing out”; you can add this into your subject line.

This will work out by adding limited time or limited availability for your item this gives them a sense of urgency to claim and purchase your item. There is also a study for the psychological principle that it is practically impossible to resist the fear of missing out on something.

Here are some good examples for you:

“[URGENT] You have ONE DAY to CLAIM this…”

“Oh! No! Your prescription is expiring”

“John Earn Points today!! Don’t Miss your last chance today…”

This can cause panic buying from your customers.



You must always think when creating email subjects, you must not think from generic corporate email but think like you are emailing an individual. In marketing studies shows including the name of your clients, boosts your open rate to your emails by 15%.

You can also use casual language, with this it can create a familiarity like being a friend is emailing from them. It can make a reaction like “Oh! My friend sent me an email?” this triggers them to open their mail.

Here are some great examples from an awesome person:

 “John, Check this new ______”

“John, do you still remember me?”

“Quick –Favor”


Your subscriber may confuse for a funny subject line with this it can start connections to your subscribers, there is also a saying that “when you catch the person in good humor, People are more willing to buy more.”

If it makes your prospects subscribers laugh or even smile, you’ll stay top of their mind, this can really pay off in terms of open rates, although Being humorous requires a bit more thought and creativity. This is why you need to know your subscribers’ traits.

Here are some examples:

“We Like Being Used”

“New! Vacation on Moon”

             “Call me thigh Fieri”

OOPS! Please be aware that not all audiences aren’t comfortable with jokes; this is the importance of knowing your customers.


Create a feeling of greed in your subscribers, this is something like you are telling your subscribers to “open me”, “this is for you”, or “you need this”.

You can also offer sales discounts or special offers, and it really works on the subject lines, probably because the people who love discounts will be inclined to open your email.

Here are some of my catchy greed examples for you:

             “Meet your new shoes!”

             “Your Dinner is on us”

             “A great price, for a little Luxury”


These emails serve to bring back your sales process or your subscribers. You must re-target your subscribers who fail to purchase or abandon their cart after their free trial by sending them an email and give more offers, by re-targeting them helps increase conversion of their mind.

By adding effective re-targeting subject lines such as offering something from your dealer or by giving alerts from your sales, you are telling that you are keeping them.

Here are some great examples of your Re-targeting subject lines.

             “OOPS! Forget something? Here’s 10% off”

             “The price dropped for something in your cart”

             “Did you miss out on some great deals”

             “We are not gonna give up on You!”



 After all several steps to increase your open rates in email, now you need to note how you can stand out to your newsletter or content to boost your sales and engagement.

The personalized message ensures positive communication experiences with your prospect subscribers; it is more effective to write as if you are talking to one person. This way the recipient will feel you’ve sent a message just for them and tends for them to reply and create engagements with your prospects.

Best examples of creating a personal email to an individual: Instead of “Dear valued customers”, use their first names like “Dear John” this will add a nice touch to your newsletter.

How do I create personalized emails by their names?

Don’t worry! Most email service providers (ESP) offer this within their functionality, to address the reader by its name, such as sensible, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Mail chimp, and others, some of these email service providers has free plans and best for small businesses.

But this is already common nowadays, that is why you need to know the likes and dislikes of your subscribers and their behaviors, for you to know how you will interact and characterize them.

Here are some more personalized ideas for you to stand out:

  • Send a birthday greeting and give discounts or coupons.
  • You can also give an anniversary greeting.
  • Give a loyalty bonus such as freebies.
  •  Occasional greetings such as Christmas greetings, New Year’s greetings, and so on.


You need to take care of this; more friendly writing from the start of your email will appeal to your subscribers and will make them read more about your thoughts.

 For example instead of “We are offering savings to our customers!” you can rephrase this “You’ve got to check out this deal”, this is a friendly alternative for your subscribers, by putting aside your corporate views.

A short and brief introduction will make your subscribers feel a lot more personal and will less likely your recipients will ignore it.

Add Value to your content

The content of your email plays an important role to get in through your leads or subscribers.

 However, if your subscribers are unconvinced with your email, they probably will not open your email ever again, and they may even unsubscribe, conversely, if your customer is happy or satisfied with your content they are more likely to open your emails in the future.

How will you create amazing, valuable content? 

  • Make it Short, remember no one bothers to read long long long emails; it will only make you boring! For this is freak and ridiculous.
  • Make it simple, Add the benefits in your product and link a valuable resources webinar or other URL for them to continue scanning. Just make it simple and awesome, especially make it easy to understand to get in your points. 
  • Give some tips and tricks: tell some features that they don’t know about your product, ensuring that they can learn something new to your product can boost loyalty and sales.


You must try to fit in with your subscriber’s personality and traits because humor has a way of building strong instant connections to your subscribers, it sticks out to people’s minds and remembers you this could be a very big help for your business.

Be careful of jokes, remember: you don’t need to be a comedian in order to pull off humorous emails. It is important to know your subscriber’s personality, likes, and dislikes, for you to pull off jokes easier and get positive comments.

Here are some tips and trick for your funny yet appealing email:

 Hey (First Name), I haven’t heard back when the last time I tried to contact you with regards (proposition). Please let me know if you are being chased by a dog and I need to call Animal Control.


Optimize for MOBILE Friendly Emails

Lots of people are opening their emails on their mobile phones. Consider the fact that mobile screens are a lot smaller; so long subject lines may get cut off on mobile devices. Make sure your email is responsive and includes loadable media.

A worst-case scenario if your email is not optimized to mobile, mostly they will unsubscribe or just delete your emails without reading them. Yet on the opposite side of view, when email campaigns are optimized for mobile users, they generate lots of revenue! Who would not love that?  

Studies show that “revenue per email on mobile devices is 4X higher than desktop”. For furthermore reviews, there are 36% of B2B companies that optimized their email campaigns for mobile users saw an overall improvement to their email performance; this is a study by Flexmail.

So it is important to check your email before sending it if it is mobile friendly to others, the subjects, templates, messages, everything must be clear to the mobile to read.

Here are some awesome tips to be more appealing emails for mobile users:

  • Under 50px wide, keep the formatting simple by a Single Column.
  • Small fonts are difficult to read on mobile, so make your CTA big and obvious or use larger fonts.
  • For images some androids turn images off by default the tendency is your images might not be displayed, so make sure it looks good even without the images.
  • Make larger call-to-action buttons to make it easier to tap, make sure it is the size of your thumb.
  • Use smaller images, to load faster.


Did you know that readers tend to read the P.S. first?

Statistics once showed that although many years have changed, there are 80% of subscribers who would read the P.S. at the bottom of your very last email. This is a useful tactic for adding some specific thought to your products.

That is why email marketers use this way to provide some sort of bonus information about their product and also you can add a clever or funny thought into your P.S. for your last email.

  Here are some examples of PS used by email marketers:

“P.S, You must have an aging problem. Me? I would not go back one day, not even a chance!”

“P.S, Please excuse my not mailing this – but I don’t know your new address”

“P.S, in case you haven’t registered yet, simply follow these instructions.”

Email Marketing is an art, after all, you need to test your works to get more increased and I hope these tips helps you a lot to grow your engagements to your email campaigns, just do not be discouraged if you don’t see a turnaround right away for there are no easy ways. Find some more tactics and explore to find the best fits for your business and to your subscribers.

 Do you have any thoughts about this?

Great, I’m excited to hear about it, if you have any questions do feel free to share your comments below and I will do my best to get back from everyone!

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