Is the Builderall part of a pyramid scheme?

Last Updated: April 2024

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If you are running an online business, affiliate marketing, or in simple words, if you love making money while you sleep, then most probably you have heard of Builderall.


You must be searching the internet to find out an honest answer to this question.

Is the Builderall part of a pyramid scheme?


Yes, the answer is “No”. I know this simple answer doesn’t seem fit and I have to explain the FAQ in a more detailed way.

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With the answer already been given, let’s find out the perfect definition of Builderall.

Builderall is an all in one digital business platform which allows you to :

  • Build websites with drag and drop
  • Build and run e-commerce stores
  • Create sales funnel
  • Leads generation and email marketing
  • And much more ….

I know you are not concerned about Builderall’s definition at this point, but what I want to reveal here is that Builderall offers real products and services and that’s why it cannot be categorized as a pyramid scheme.

Let’s now jump deeper into this article where I will be talking about:

  • what is a pyramid scheme?
  • Why Builderall is not a pyramid scheme?
  • Builderall affiliate compensation plan
  • Is builderall worth it?

Let’s get started.

What is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is simply a business model where there is no real product.


In simple words, it’s an unsustainable business model where you get paid only if you recruit other members. It goes on, you recruit new members, promise them some services, and get paid by them, they have to recruit other members in the same way to get paid.

There is no end product or service delivered to the recruited members and that’s why it is considered a scam and illegal.

How does a pyramid scheme work?

It’s so-called a pyramid scheme because it resembles a pyramid in structure.

There is a single person on top who starts this hierarchy which grows progressively wider at the bottom.

To make things easier, let’s assume that the founder, John sits on top of the pyramid. Assume John recruited two more people in the second tier. Each newbie must issue John some cash as per law.

Assume tier two newbies recruited four new people in tier three and they must also pay the joining fee to tier two.

In this sketchy way, the cash from the third-tier goes directly to the second tier where some commission is sent to John who initiated the scam.

Don’t forget that there is no real product or service associated with this scheme.

OK, now that the idea is clear, let’s move forward and see Why Builderall is not a pyramid scheme.

Why Builderall is not a pyramid scheme?

Well, at this point, you might already have solved the puzzle. Builderall vs pyramid scheme.

If not, let me make the comparison.

The platform comes up with enormous features.

It helps its clients to grow their online business with a sales funnel, email marketing, websites, and lots of other tools.

See, an exchange is happening here.

Builderall is offering something in return which is not the case with the pyramid scheme.

From the above statement, the tools, and services Builderall provides, it is very clear that Builderall is not a pyramid scheme.

Builderall vs pyramid scheme

Builderall Pyramid scheme

  • There is a product
  • There is no product
  • Pays for affiliate sign ups
  • Pays for recruiting
  • Have a return policy
  • Don’t have a return policy
  • Legit market value
  • No product no market value

Promoting software is not a brand new thing. Click funnel had started this stimulant before Builderall.

The only reason some inexperienced affiliate marketers consider Builderall a pyramid scheme is its solid business two-tier affiliate compensation plan.

To get the pyramid scheme out of the way completely, it is very important to understand the Builderall affiliate compensation plan.

In the next section, I will talk about what is Builderall affiliate compensation plan and how it works.

Stay with me……

Builderall affiliate compensation plan

There is a pretty hard retention rate compared to a lot of other things out there. So as an affiliate you are looking at a good and stable passive income.

I am talking about the Builderall two-tier affiliate compensation plan which is paying 100% commission on your first sell, 30% commission on whenever your customer pays Builderall its monthly fees, 30% commission for whenever your second-tier customer pays Builderall its monthly fees.

Isn’t it a huge passive income?

Yes, it is and that’s why it is prompt to risks like considering it as a pyramid scheme.

The only way to take advantage of this scheme is to be sponsored by another affiliate. Again, it’s not like a pyramid scheme. Whenever affiliates pay the fee then they are unlocking Builderall tools.

Which plan to choose for affiliate marketing?

So now you are ready to earn some cash.


Before you jump into it and start your affiliate marketing, let me make it clear that you cannot earn money with the free plan.

Then which plan should I choose?

You can choose any of the four plans.



Personal sales


Personal sales

(Recurring) 30%

2nd tier sales






















How Builderall compensation plan works?

How affiliates can promote the platform? Well, there are some restrictions you should know.

Affiliates must sell Builderall plans, doesn’t matter which one. Just bringing in members doesn’t earn you any commission.

Affiliates cannot claim on the earnings while promoting Builderall. It means there is no guarantee on how much an individual can earn through this scheme. It depends on your dedication and desire.

Once you sign up for an affiliate program you will get different tools to help you start your affiliate program.

Some of the tools you will be provided are:

  • The earning calculator
  • Lead generation funnel
  • Pixel, which allows you to track conversions.

Let’s finish talking about the Builderall compensation plan here.

And I am not done yet.

The next section is about Is Builderall worth it?

Sit back…

Is Builderall worth it?

We have covered quite a bit so far.

Is the Builderall a pyramid scheme? What is a pyramid scheme? What is the Builderall compensation plan? Which plan offers 100% commission? How did the Builderall compensation plans work?

Now that things are cleared let’s explore some of the best features of Builderall and find out

Is Builderall worth it?

You will find many reviews about this platform. Some from other companies who try to change the game, some from digital marketers who are enrolled in affiliate programs.

But the question is, what are you trying to achieve, and can this platform fulfill your requirements?

Let’s now check out some of the best features this platform offers.

Hosting and Website builder

The first thing we will discuss is Hosting. This is where you store your website.

They offer a drag and drop responsive website builder like WordPress and Wix, called Cheetah website builder.

You can also design a WordPress website and host it on Builderall.

You can create e-commerce websites and host them on Builderall.

Builderall hosting is super fast,4 milliseconds.

Builderall provides SSL certificates with its hosting.

Sales funnels

Builderall website builder provides sales funnel templates.

These templates are designed to improve sales and conversions. Recommended for those who lack designing capabilities.

Comes with many design tools including

  • Design studio
  • Photo studio
  • Builderall image spinner
  • Video editor
  • Floating videos

Email marketing

Called the mailing boss, an email marketing autoresponder.

This impressive email marketing tool allows you to start unlimited email campaigns.

You can send unlimited emails to unlimited recipients and track your campaign analytic.

Mailing boss provides eye-catching email templates to run a successful campaign.

There are many many more features of Builderall. I have just highlighted a few of them to let you know and feel what the platform is all about.

I will not be covering all the features of Builderall as it is not related to our topic.

So, Is Builderall worth it?

It offers a huge passive earning for an affiliate.

It’s all in one digital platform to help you start and grow your online business.


Builderall worth it.

Final words

Many people assume that builder all is a pyramid scheme but that is not the truth.

Builderall truly has all the necessary tools which online business owners and affiliate marketers always wish for.

Where a pyramid scheme is just a scam and sketchy business model, builder all comes up with a large list of excellent features.

A large number of people are now using Builderall for their online businesses and marketing campaigns.

Many of them are recommending this platform to others because Builderall is a multi-functional tool and great for people with a low budget.

People enjoy the ethical leadership of Builderall and happily guide others to run successful businesses. Thus it is the only best digit suit that you need if you want to have a blast in the digital world with your online business.