Mailchimp alternative [The Good, Bad & Ugly]

Last Updated: June 2024

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Mailchimp alternative [The Good, Bad & Ugly]


Looking for a few Mailchimp Alternatives?

You are in the right place.

Mailchimp is one of the most popular and famous email marketing applications available today. Mailchimp is used by businesses to send over 6 billion messages a week in over 175 countries.

But that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you just because Mailchimp’s right and popular.

Other brands (dozens of them) are on the market, and will better satisfy your needs. For example, Mailchimp does not provide SMTP communications, partner marketing and other important features to email campaigns.

Since e-mail has the highest possible ROI of all contact tools, you cannot afford something to work for your business that will not produce excellent results. After all, too many alternatives to Mailchimp should be justified, right?

So, after extensive research and using many Mailchimp alternatives I came across the best Mailchimp alternative and that is This article will save you hours of research and trials of different Mailchimp alternatives because I am here presenting you the best one already and after trying it out myself. So, let’s dig in and find out why this Mailchimp Alternative is actually the best available online.

Overview of

ActiveCampaign is category defining customer experience automation platform. It helps over a hundred thousand businesses meaningfully engage with their customers. ActiveCampaign uses the power of customer experience automation tool to create a more personalized experience across the entire customer life cycle.

No matter your marketing sales or customer support goals, ActiveCampaign makes personal connections scalable at every touch point. Access 100s of prebuilt automations from within the platform or you are easy to search from market place for powerful orchestration, segmentation and personalization across social, email, messaging, chat text and more. Easily enter contacts and leave as well as current customers into automation to bring the power of machine learning to marketing automation and CRM.

ActiveCampaigns 300+ inaugurations including shopify, square, Facebook, event bright, word press and sales force connect your automation with best in class tools you already love and enhance your automation strategy. Customer experience is critical for businesses that want to grow so in too automation work flows so you spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time our business.

Whether you are nurturing your prospects and cultivating repeat customers better understand how your contacts are engaging with your messages from within the contact record and better understand your entire customer journey with reporting features with in ActiveCampaign like the conversion attribution report don’t only automate your email activate your entire customer experience with ActiveCampaign.

Now, before you are enthusiastic about the chance to board your email list and go to another email firm. If you have an automation sequence, a content upgrade or a single opt-in? Would you want to worry about the priorities of your email list, how you wish to collect data, what data you want to collect? How many emails you send and how many of them will be considered in people’s boxes.

My migration from Mailchimp to ActiveCampaign

Now, I’m sharing my journey switching to a good initiative from Mailchimp in order to give you a nice comprehensive account of the fine, bad and disgusting Mailchimp solution.

After spending the last 8 years at MailChimp, I wanted to turn to another service. The reason for the move comes from the way I want my ideal consumers to stroll into and use the sign-up and nursing collection.

My only drawback using mailchimp was that I wanted to see more opts on a list, so I quit MailChimp. What I tried to do was have a number of lists of various offers or competitions I created for MailChimp.

It wasn’t easy to switch from Mailchimp to ActiveCampaign. I did a test then tried ConvertKit, but I liked ActiveCampaign better because of its automation capability. But I just dealt with LeadPages because the Successful Initiative had no lead magnets. But only now I have a lot of opt-ins and they all go back to one ActiveCampaign list.

It took me good 3 weeks to get there. It wasn’t realistic. I had to refurbish automation, set up 15 new content opt-in offers and updates. I am comfortable now and last week I sent out my first campaign and wondered what the best mailbox delivery rate was. My email list is wider than last month, and I am deeply impacted by the updates.

When it’s time to make a move at the end of the day, it’s time to move and now it’s time for me!

Sensitive Initiative delivers leadership in ratings that go cold, consumer insights! And I can see how people go beyond my automation and open their emails right now. The drag-and-drop automation tool is awesome and simple to use and install.

Now, the most interesting part of the article comes. I will explain one by one the good, bad and ugly of this Mailchimp alternative.

ActiveCampaign vs. MailChimp:

The reason why the #1 functioning application on our platform is ActiveCampaign because as we’ve seen, when it comes to functionality, deliverability, and value for money, it’s a great email marketing tool that’s hard to beat.

MailChimp ActiveCampaign
Plan Type: Unique Plan Type: Essential
Contacts: 500 ( Unique ) Contacts: 500*
Emails per month: Unlimited Emails per month: 5lacs
Setup Cost: 0$ Setup Cost: 0$
Email Marketing

Advance Setup Automation


Per month – Paid yearly

Email Marketing

Basic Setup Automation


Per month – paid monthly *Contacts on multiple lists count as multiple contacts.

ActiveCampaign MailChimp
ActiveCampaign learns from users’ data and ultimately delivers efficient, customized messages. MailChimp, the world’s largest automation marketing tool, automates the production of convincing, consumer-specific email advertising.
It includes a customer relation management feature that organizes all customer information, consolidates channels of contact and automatically monitors prospects. It has a dashboard to help consumers grasp all the interrelated data that they receive.
Users can create email campaigns, create custom targets, consolidate all data (including data from third parties) and see detailed reports through their drag-and-drop interface. MailChimp’s flexibility allows users to send time zone e-mails, place-based segment list, customize predicted demographic messages, and generate automated e-mails based on defined triggers.
The software also integrates with a range of popular apps, like Shopify and Zoom. With popular e-commerce platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Google, MailChimp integrates.
ActiveCampaign provides both the drag-and-drop email design interface and professional email templates. Supplementary characteristics include:

Send emails to all contacts, or to a specific list, once

  • Send emails automatically as soon as your email list is entered by someone.
  • Planning email campaigns for specific dates and times of distribution
  • Creating an on-board drop campaign, especially for new customers
  • Creating automated workflows by combining triggers, actions and logic.
  • Perform A/B (split) tests to understand the most effective emails
Like ActiveCampaign, MailChimp has many of the same features. This remedy enables users to:
  • Using a drag-and-drop interface, prepared templates or custom encoding, build and design emails
  • Connect to an online store to showcase some of the products
  • Use integrated photo editing and collaborative features such as shared comments
The focus of ActiveCampaign is on achieving goals, CRM and sales. An informative dashboard and interactive graphs are provided by MailChimp.
You can adjust ActiveCampaign more precisely to your marketing and sales goals. MailChimp’s approach is somewhat easier to use.

The Good

I spent years researching other email marketing platforms until I changed to ActiveCampaign. I decided to discover an e-mail marketing tool that would make migrating suffering worthwhile. At the moment I used the ActiveCampaign, I thought I had “the one”

Its drag and drop automation editor were the feature that took my heart. “I used to drip over the graphics editor in Infusion Soft but was cautioned to be too costly and too complex for my needs (Confusion Soft’s nickname doesn’t encourage confidence), and I resigned myself once I tried to build automation in MailChimp to feel like my hands are tied.

The Active marketing automation editor just matches the way my brain functions – but it is a lot better from MailChimp’s! It literally felt like after wearing a pair of children’s jeans from kid’s stores, it suddenly felt like putting on a relaxed Jean.

The Bad

Usability failures are often recorded, which means that most consumers also need more time to use them. People with a small number of clients will get a lower reaction, but it will take very long.

The Ugly

Switching email marketing sites is a challenge because it is just because the company is — that you are scared of shifting. You should take a ‘pro’ approach for a Good Strategy with additional features such as lead score, CRM, SMS marketing and chat on the field. A good price for the successful campaign is available. No email marketing network is perfect. Here are some of the aspects of the ActiveCampaign that are still worrying me

The ActiveCampaign editor has certain peculiarities which slow me down. Difficult to change several addresses in automation. ConvertKit is the right thing in this case. You need to make something from scratch. In order to achieve this, email marketing programs are given shortcuts such as the detection of unused emails, the alteration of granular affiliations or circulating lead magnets. Both this must be built from scratch into the successful campaign, though, which spurs the learning curve.

The performance was incredibly slow when I first signed up for the Successful Campaign. I think they have experienced more and more discomfort as they have gradually grown into a leading email marketing forum. Performance has also improved significantly, but I still experience poor quality on a daily basis, particularly when I see posts. The tasks may be bullying.

However, there are several features to master so you can do something about ActiveCampaign. If you can’t spend time defining the ins and outs of ActiveCampaign, with a simplified platform like MailChimp or Convertkit, you can do much better.


In essence, it can be said rightly that nothing is perfect. ActiveCampaign has its flaws but if I compare it to other platforms available its pros out number its cons.

With all these features that we can use in ActiveCampaign, it promises our success in our business. A platform that provides all the resources that we want for our marketing is all we need. The automations, campaigns and deliverability of ActiveCampaign prove to help online markets every now and then. With a big community using it already, it always welcomes new users with free trials.

For professional businesses, higher plans and projects go side by side. A proper planner is organized and provided for the users of ActiveCampaign and I used the lite planner which is equally effective as other planners. As an affiliate marketer, I will absolutely recommend you all to use ActiveCampaign to make yourself professional in the working field.