NameHero vs SiteGround - Which Is Best for WordPress Hosting

If you are confused which one to choose among NameHero and SiteGround. This article will help you to choose.

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One of the major parts of owning a website either a WordPress or Woocommerce website is choosing a web hosting platform, a platform that is quite fast in speed, reliable, and also cost-friendly. One of the two best WordPress hosting platform which is “NameHero” and “SiteGround”, this two Web hosting platform has quite a lot of similarity and good features which makes a decision as this a difficult one.

So real quick we are going to be talking about the great features that make these two websites stand out as one of the best web hosting providers out there.

NameHero Hosting Feature

NameHero is one of the best web hosting providers you can choose today for your business website, Namehero not only is this provider reliable but it provides a great feature which enhances the sales and productivity of your website.

NameHero does provide free SSL, and free domains also providing three types of service, they are; Shared, VPS, and Dedicated. one which they are mainly known for is there Reseller Hosting which is for people who desire to use WHMCS(web host manager complete solution), this hosting provider surprisingly is among the top fastest hosting platform than other providers like Godaddy, Bluehost, and the likes.

NameHero Speed

NameHero provides high-speed cloud hosting that is perfect for websites that is either small or big. This provider uses cloud technology optimized to load fast unlike other providers.

NameHero Reseller Hosting

As briefly mentioned above, NameHero offers reseller hosting on its platform which is a great way for business owners to earn extra Income this is quite exciting.
This reseller hosting plan is white-labeled which implies you can add your business name in place of NameHero and set up your price.

NameHero Price

NameHero provides several hosting plans ranging from low budget plans to high budget plans.

Below is a brief general overview of NameHero pricing and features provided by each plan.

Here are the 4 plans provided by NameHero:
1. Starter cloud
2. Plus cloud
3. Turbo cloud
4. Business cloud

All the above plans provide a Free Domain, Security features, and other great features.

Here is a table of various plans with three Features:

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NameHero Customer Support

NameHero offers 24/7 support via customer, they are available via phone, email, and live chat.

SiteGround Hosting Features

In this section, you will learn about SiteGround hosting geatures

SiteGround Hosting Features

SiteGround is mainly the most recommended WordPress hosting providers, as they are known for their quality features and great customer support. SiteGround features include GIT version control, automatic upgrade, and built-in WP caching. SiteGround provides location-specific hosting in the US, Asia, Australia, and Europe only a few companies have data centers’ location.

SiteGround Free SSL Certificate And VPS Hosting

Every WordPress site must have an SSL certificate, this is SSL is necessary for any WordPress site, SiteGround offers free SSL by LetsEncrypt which is by default available for all new users, and a VPS Hosting which uses virtualization technology to provide you with dedicated (private) resources on a server with multiple users.

SiteGround Free CDN Service

Each plan on SiteGround comes with a free CloudFlare account which makes you activate a CDN for your website. A CDN basically increases the site speed by sharing access to your site across various servers all around the world, your users can then connect to the closest server to them.

SiteGround Email Hosting

This hosting provider also provides email hosting for a low monthly fee. Every email account you create is free. This email account created is protected by SpamAssassin and SpamExpert to help decrease the incoming and outgoing spam your account give and receives.

SiteGround Plan and Price

SiteGround provides different plans for hosting starting from Web hosting to WordPress hosting and Woocommerce hosting.
SiteGround also provides a list of plans for web hosting on their platforms, with several free features across all platforms such as Free e-mail, Free SSL, and others.

The SiteGround Plans are:
1. StartUp
2. GrowBig
3. GoGeek

Below is a table of feature comparisons across these plans.

SiteGround Customer And Support

I had to stop using my old hosting provider as their support and services were poor, support service responding to one ticket after 6hours, but this is not a case on SiteGround as they provide top-notch support services which are available 24/7 via email, phone, and mainly live chat.

Feature Comparison Between NameHero And SiteGround

In this section, you will see the comparison Between NameHero And SiteGround, which will help you to decide which one you should go for

NameHero Vs SiteGround On Pricing:

One of the major differences between NameHero pricing and SiteGround pricing is that SiteGround is slightly more costly with little or no difference in features, with NameHero having a cheaper price with great features.

Price Comparison:

Based on price, the winner is NameHero.

NameHero vs SiteGround On Free Domain

Namehero provides a free domain on there for all hosting plans that last more than a year, which Siteground does not with Free domain on all hosting plans with the low cost of these plans, NameHero wins this round.


The winner Is NameHero.

NameHero vs SiteGround On Server Caching

Server caching is very important as it is a type of network service that saves internet content and web pages locally. Both Namehero and SiteGround have these server Caching features, while SiteGround caching is known as the SuperCacher while Namehero supplements it with its lite speed.

SiteGround provides this server caching from the GrowBig plan the basic plan which is the StartUp does not have this Server caching. NameHero on the other hand provides this server caching on all platforms making it far better in this comparison.

The winner is NameHero.

NameHero vs SiteGround On Uptime

It’s clearly understood that 99.9% uptime is hosting industry standard, which is what both NameHero and SiteGround provide on their respective websites.

So therefore it is a Tie.

NameHero vs SiteGround On Page Load speed

Every Website owner loves to have a website with optimal speed, as this will not only please the customers but also better their positive reviews and ranking on google, Namehero is faster than several top web hosting providers like the likes of Godaddy, Bluehost, and even Hostgator. Both NameHero and SiteGround have great speed but NameHero’s average load speed is 2.9seconds while of SiteGround average at 3.5seconds.

Which makes NameHero win this tie.
Winner: NameHero

NameHero Vs SiteGround on Upload speed

Both NameHero and SiteGround have excellent upload speed with one with far more upload speed in a region as Namehero is data-centered in the US but both web providers have top and high upload speed.

It is therefore a Tie.

NameHero Vs SiteGround on Support and Customer Services

Both NameHero and SiteGround has great customer services and their service provider are well-groomed haven received excellent service provided by both Web hosting provider, so it is a Tie.

Winner: Tie

In Conclusion

NameHero and SiteGround are two great Web hosting providers ranging from their great features as mentioned above and good cost-friendly price, though they both provide their services differently. In all, if you hosting mainly in the United state NameHero is a brilliant choice but SiteGround covers several regions across Europe and Asia.


What did you choose for your Web hosting? Kindly comment below.

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