Reason why your emails land on your client spam folder [And How To Fix it]

You sent out a lot of marketing emails but your sales did not go up.

Sounds familar?

It is likely that your emails went to your client’s spam and promotional folder.

In this article, I will share with you the tricks to get more emails to your client inbox and get more sales.


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Bygone are the days where you can send (or spam) thousands of emails to your client and get results, but still, email marketing is still the most profitable marketing tool. 

So how can get the emails to our client’s inbox for good?

The Right Configuration

In simple term, if you send emails to your client via Gmail, yahoo or your own business domain. E.g. [email protected] to your clients, all email providers will place a hidden score to your email with their algorithm to check the spam rate. 

If you send via your business domain, it will be sent via Php format. The underlying sending server (or name) will be your email IP address. This can be a huge problem if you are using shared hosting like SiteGround, Bluehost because your IP address will be shared with a large number of websites. 

This is like having a very bad neighbour with your and its so notorious that everyone gets to know your street name and doesn’t like to go there.

Sounds bad, isn’t it? Is there a way to fix it?

No actually. If you riding on shared hosting, the reason why it is so cheap is that you are sharing the IP address, CPU, RAM, and all resources with other websites owner. One of the ways large corporations use is a dedicated VPS server and needless to say, it costs a lot of money.

So how do we get around it?

Get a dedicated email marketing software like GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, or Aweber.

Here’s why

Correctly Configured SMTP Server

Unless you are very comfortable going to your website backend coding page and set your SMTP server, the best way is to use a mailing services that are precisely configred for that. So what is SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is? 

In simple term, it’s like a carrier to hold your email to the receipient. Think like its a mail man and this mail man is well known to all email services companies like gmail and yahoo. If gmail and yahoo see the mail man in suits and a tie and most importantly, a good reputation, they will open their mail box filter and let the mail man deliver the emails to the mailbox. 

Make sense? 

Avoid Huge Images In Letter With No Text

Many startups or even large conglomerates spend time and money and make a killing leaflet or brochure, hoping it will convert. 

What’s wrong with a nice leaflet in the email?

Well.. nothing wrong except it will hurt your inbox rate. Statistically, the less the text and the larger the size of the images you send to your client, the lower the inbox rate you will get.

But I don’t want boring plain emails!

I get it, you want to deliver a nice looking email images with a lot of fancy product images and a pretty lady holding your products with a big happy smile. But whats the point of it if it doesnt even land on your client inbox?

So what should you do instead?

Make a plain simple HTML email which has a balance of the both. All the tools mentioned like GetResponse, ActiveCampaign and Aweber come with a nice template that is optimized for email inbox rate. These companies send over millions and millions of emails each day for their clients and their only job is to make sure it gets delivered to them nicely and easy.

Some Words To Avoid In Your Subject Line

“100% FREE Product Gift For You! Get Now!”

How this email headline looks like? Familar?

Let’s put aside whether the email headline is spammy or not and focus on our today topic – email inbox rate.

You guessed right.

Key words like “Free”, “Buy Now”, “Get Now” are some of the keywords that “helps” you to get the email to your client’s spam and promotion folder. 

In fact, they not only have a lower inbox rate but also a lower open rate. 

No one like hearing sales pitch, neither in person or in emails.

So how should we put it? Something like below may help, let’s use a restaurant company as an example:-

“Take your family and loves one to your favourite restaurant this Christmas”

“Thinking about Christmas dinner with your family? Here is the solution”

“What to enjoy a happy Christmas night with your family this year? Check out our offer”

While the tips and strategies on writing email headline will be for another topic, but you should always write emails and the ultimate benefits the users need. For the example above, no one wants to book a Christmas dinner set, what they want is a happy memory, atmosphere with their loves ones on this important day. So you stress on family and happiness. But again, I digress from my topic. 

You can learn more about this post if you are interested to learn more about copywriting:

Copywriting Principles That Will Make Your Landing Page Convert Like Crazy

Check The Email Open & Spam Rate

If you send over 50 emails to your clients, will you be interested to know who has opened your email? It’s not just useful for your marketing strategy but save your time in sending the same email again to those who never open them.

Or at least, you know you will need to change your marketing strategy or email headline for those clients.

The aforementioned email marketing platform like GetResponse, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign all comes with a nice report for you to check your email open and spam rate. This way you can better manage your spam rate signal and conduct a more effective marketing campaign.

Power Of Email Automation

As you may already aware, email automation helps you to send emails automatically. It can be as advance as sending an email A 30 minutes or 2 days after the clients open an email. 

There’s a ton of use cases with email automation on how it can help you to get more traffics to your blog or eCommerce site and sales. 

You may check out this guide regarding email automation technique 

What is Email Automation & Why Use It? (+30 Awesome Automated Email Responses)

In fact, email automation can help your inbox rate like crazy. 

How is it related?

First, if your clients open your emails every time you send it, the high open rates actually send a signal to Gmail, yahoo email handler that the emails from such domain sender is not likely to be spammy and helps your future email inbox rate.

Secondly, if you used email automation wisely, you can send a hook before sending your next offer. 

How does it work?

Say for example you are going to send a promotional offer for Christmas with a huge discount, you can send a teaser 2 weeks or 1 week earlier and let your clients know that there will be a sales coming.

Use email marketing software like GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, or Aweber to check the open rates and retarget these clients, and set automation to send the offer on the days your promotion start.

I can guarantee you the inbox rate will increase drastically. 

Before we move to the next section ...
Here's the latest email marketing benchmark for 2021

Learn More About Email Marketing Benchmark With GetResponse

How To Leverage Reputable Email Marketing Software

So how do we leverage the power of the email marketing software?

Lets get right to it

If you are worried about the cost of the email marketing software, then you are in the right place.

Emails will brings you massive return on investment (ROI) but every pennies saved is a pennies earned right?

Fortunately, email marketing provider like GetResponse, ActiveCampaign and Aweber provides free tier for users all up to 1000 contacts.

Right now GetResponse is offering a 30 days free trial and no credit card is required. 

Spread Your Eggs To Different Basket

Here’s the trick.

Every platform offers almost thousands of emails in their free tiers. If your size grows over thousands of contact, spread your email contacts into GetResponse, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign. 

This way you can even compare which one suits you the most without paying pennies. 

GetResponse comes with a 30-day trial period while for ActiveCampaign their trial period is 14 days.

Pros and Cons

Let’s compare the good and bad side of ActiveCampaign and GetResponse


Here’s a quick summary for users who are interested in GetResponse and ActiveCampaign

The Good Side

Highest Email Deliverability rate in the industryEasy to navigate for beginners
More advanced CRM featuresMakes incorporation of affiliate links possible
Can customize workflows Has an auto-funnel tool
Advanced automation features (even on the lowest plans)Landing page service available
More integrationsWebinar service available
Includes SMS Marketing OptionProvides access to different courses and education for beginners
Offers great visuals for campaigns Longer trial period

The Not So Good Side

Might be overwhelming for beginnersMight be too simplistic for experts
Can’t be used directly for sending affiliate links Limited CRM features
Doesn’t incorporate a sales funnel facilityInadequate automation features
Landing page service isn’t availableNot many diverse integrations
Can’t be used to host webinars Can’t be used to do SMS marketing
Might take a bit of time to get customer care supportA lot of tools require third-party syncing
Shorter trial period and more expensive Unattractive visuals

Last Thought

If you want to leverage the power of email marketings and get more sales, sign up to the top three email marketing provider above and try out the power of high email inbox rate and email marketing tools today! 

After all it’s completely free and nothing to lose.

P.S. Many people email me after reading this article and asked which one I like the most. Personally, I use GetResponse because I was using it when I started my blog, I tried ActiveCampaign and Aweber and they are great, but I am more familiar with GetResponse layout and I just don’t want to spend time learning a new platform. But in all, they are more or less the same.

Sign up below and give it a try (No credit card required)

GetResponse 30 Days Free Trial  –

Aweber 30 Days Free Trial –

ActiveCampaign 14 Days Free Trial –

Hope you like my sharing today, do not forget to leave a comment below and let me know how you think. 

Louis Perry

Louis Perry

Louis is a full-time blogger and email marketing expert. He is a contributor in Income Roar

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