Site ground vs CloudWays – the deep dive review in which one is better

If you are on the fence on selecting Site Ground and CloudWays. This guide will help you to select the one that suits you.

Written by Louis Perry | Last Updated On: [date format=”d F, Y” timestamp=”-47 days”]


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You should ask yourself if you need a more familiar host that uses the cPanel like SiteGround, or maybe you want to have a cheaper website host which is also really good like Cloudways.

Or maybe you care more for the website speed and performance. Then you have to take into notice that Cloudways runs a bit faster than SiteGround.

We will be comparing the two website giants and we will find out which one runs faster or which one runs better.

The price comparison will go first

When signing up to Cloudways hosting services you can choose to try out the product first, Cloudways allows you to try their hosting Features in a free 3 day trial without any catch (you don’t even need to put your card details).

Cloudways is a Platform as a service provider or also called (PaaS), after signing up you can choose from the two different options, they allow you to choose the size and the type of the cloud server. There are six different possibilities when it comes to choosing the cloud server you want. You can choose from that point what will be the server of your website. These servers are Digital Ocean, Amazon web services are also known as (AWS), or you can also use google cloud platform known as (GCP).

Since Cloudways uses a pay-as-you-go type of pricing after you choose the size and the type of server you are going to use you will get the Approximate price you are going to pay. But you have to keep in mind that this kind of pricing can sometimes lead to spending an unplanned budget. On the other hand, this kind of pricing can give you much more flexibility and is cheaper.

On the contrary, the pricing in SiteGround is labeled as transparent pricing. Even after displaying its price, you should be aware of the renewal deals which can hike up to double or sometimes triple. But still, SiteGound remains more reliable.

The setting up of the hosting is something to consider

When comparing these two website hosts you have to take into notice the technical levels you have. different Hosting has different technical needs, Site ground for example requires you to know domain mapping and DNS settings to make your website live.
Cloudways help you a bit more in this matter, when signing up to cloud wave they provide you with an article which can be very helpful to get your website directing to the right domain.

You can also set up quickly by installing applications like WordPress, With a very simplified way all you need to do is select a few options and CloudWare does everything else. All this will take you max. 10 mins and you can also set up staging areas with a single click.

SiteGround also helps you know the basics, when first signing up you get an understandable tutorial that you can find in the help section. SiteGrounds then gives you the option of using your already existing domain or purchasing a new domain which will cost you 15 USD annually.

Cloudways uses a control panel of its own, some users say that it’s an inconvenience since it is not very familiar like the famous cPanel. On the contrary, SiteGround uses the popular cPanel, with the help of the cPanel some things are easier like finding the settings and the features you need. Even if you are not very familiar with the cPanel, SiteGround helps you understand their system and you will be able to understand the cPanel interface. This specific panel makes it much easier for you to use tools like DNS management, e-mail setup, one-click installers, and much more.

So once again I would say that SiteGround needs a lot less effort and knowledge, but if what you are looking for is a different approach and you want to use your skills in domain mapping you should opt for Cloudware.

Performance and speed

Both providers give their customers a 99.99% uptime guaranty, and most of the time, you get what you pay for the system is up 100% of the time. SiteGround works with the help of the latest SSD drives which helps rank in the top 10 of the fastest loading website hosts on the market. But in this matter, Cloudways is surpassing SiteGound by nearly double the speed.
Cloudways use some already built caches which are more advanced some of these are: NGINX, Memcached, or even Redis. This configuration helps Cloudways beat Siteground in the speed contest. But SiteGround timing is also one of the greatest in the Website hosting industry.

What are the features that make SiteGround leave CloudWays behind?

In this section, you will learn the features that make SiteGround leave CloudWays behind

What are the features that make SiteGround leave CloudWays behind?

When choosing the right host you want to use for your website, the features can help you choose. The features include some serious advantages or disadvantages to the Host. In this part SiteGround and their spectacular features leaves most of the other website hosts way behind, Including Cloudways.
Bandwidth in Siteground is unlimited, whereas in Cloudways you will have to pay-as-you-go. Data storage in CloudWays start at 10GB, you have more web storage in CloudWays. In SiteGround you can only choose between 10GB of space and 30GB of space, Cloudways gives you more options.
Migrations in SiteGround are free and very professional, in Cloudware the free Migration is not always free.
There are many more features that you can find in Siteground like Cloudfare CDN, Let’s Encrypt SSL, Unlimited e-mail accounts you also have a CloudWare CDN.
Cloudware also has some features you can find like: CloudWaysCDN, Auto-healing managed Cloud servers, Free Cloudways SSL certificate, and a lot more but SiteGround features are still better.

Security is also very important when you compare the two website hosts

SiteGround has a very unique security system, using individual account isolation on the shared Hosting packs, if any of the accounts is compromised in any kind of way, the other accounts are protected and will not be affected by the same problem. They are also monitored live and not only using the software.

Cloudways also takes the Security very seriously, by using an OS-level firewall that can filter attacks and it allows you to use security patching on system operators. By using BugCrown, Cloudways uses crowdsourcing to avoid any havoc to its platforms.

Customer service

Cloudways gives you excellent customer support, But many reviews say that they take more time to respond. There is also limited support via phone calls there is only one option they give you and its Call-back service.

In SiteGround you will be pleased with the Customer support, you can find 24/7 support in a lot of different ways. You can get assisted by live chat, call support, and even Ticket requests. SiteGround also provides you with a lot of tutorials for fast-acting.

To conclude this article it remains more of a personal choice which website host suits you best

You can acquire the security, reliability, on SiteGround Hosting, also the fixed rates help you manage your budget better. But The speed and performance may be a drawback.
If you want to choose software that can be more customized and at a lower price, CloudWays may be what you need. But you should always keep in mind that more tech-knowledge will be needed.

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