Super Affiliate System – John Crestani’s Auto webinar Funnel Review [Good & Bad]

Last Updated: June 2024

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Super Affiliate System is nothing like other affiliating programs it does not make you rich overnight or do any magic but instead, it teaches you how to earn money online. It got training videos on its website to edify the person about online businesses. It is also known as SAS.

How Super Affiliate Market Helps-

To gain the purpose of what you need from SAS, you will need to promote the program and convert your promotions to leads and sales. Students who gained through this learning program did the same.

SAS masters its students in making landing pages, initiating the commissions, make them know how to sell other products and gain sales from it. The premium quality is that it fosters the course and sales of ads. 

While you are getting trained, you got to do work side by side in order to see the results. Need to produce sales and generate the leads from it. You can see many testimonials in favor of this course. One thing should be in mind: that it is not a scheme to make you rich but instead to make you grasp the techniques of collecting profits.

Discover Inside SAS

Once you enter the program, it makes sure you become their student who gets the training sessions for weeks and every week consists of different sessions on different topics with the owner John Crestani’s. It’s him addressing the audience to make it more friendly and visual.

Here is the list of weeks and the topics covered;

  • Week#1- The setup.
  • Week#2- Recognizing the system.
  • Week#3- Marketing abilities.
  • Week#4-Facebook and Google ADS.
  • Week#5- YouTube and Native ADS.
  • Week#6- Scaling and Motorization.

The program is designed for anyone interested in gaining knowledge about the affiliating market, sales, and leads. It can be used as a side gig which will provide you benefits about earning income. The context being delivered is quite rich and thus can be useful for professional as well as a newbie and thus can lend a helping hand in making them reach new levels of success.


Although the whole program is rich in its content and a single thing brings multiple benefits to their students. Here is a list of benefits you can avail yourself from it;

A training process

The procedure of visual introduction by the owner John Crestani’s, addressing how the work is carried out in the program.

Ad Campaigns-

Digging in a whole new topic about how to make money online through the Ad drives which can attract people to buying your products. They target the Facebook pages, landing pages, affiliating pages, and promotional top offers.

The Group

You are added to a private Facebook group which will help you learn from other’s experiences; it covers the question-answer sections and updates daily for better raining purposes.

Live Sessions

The fun part is, you get to be a part of live sessions which more enhances your abilities, it’s a webinar with John for a few hours every Friday. This session is an attractive session in which people share their work progress.


  • The support system 24/7 is available.
  • Step-by-step task modules.
  • Single down payment of 3 months.
  • 60-day refund policy guaranteed.
  • Bonuses are offered for the clients.


  • Quite an expensive course.
  • Covers less of the niches as compare to what it should be covering.
  • The scope and size of the lessons are lesser than expected.

Price of SAS

The price of the program is $997, which is quite an amount, though to make it easy for one they cut it down in three installments which makes it to $397 for next the 3 months down payment. It also does offer a discount and the bonuses are already included in the same payment. The return policy within 60-days comforts the people to trust the program.

Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of this program?

The main idea behind this program is not to make you rich in a day but to provide your training programs and webinars.

What niches do they cover in the program?

They do not cover much of the topics but that which they cover are landing pages, ads, affiliate pages, and sales and leads.

Is there any scheme to pay in installments?

As the price of a program is quite as much, they offer 3 down payment installments to make it convenient for their clients.

how it helps you in other fields?

As it focuses on teaching and making you learn how to earn money, you can use this teaching in any field online and run a successful business.

How to know whether it is a scam or legit?

Well, it can not be proved till the time you actually get along with it, the only policy which makes it easy for you to invest in it is and see the results is their return policy which means now if you feel you are being scammed then you can leave anytime during 60-days.

Upsells and reviews


It is a very simple program that does not ask for much of the formalities thus to get the payment you need a Pay Pal account or can have a credit card. To have registration all you need is an email account. You will be required to attend the webinars and be an active part of Facebook groups to learn more and keep yourself updated with new trends in the market.


The bonuses are included in the package of $997 and so you do not have to worry about paying any extra more. These include.

  • The tutorial videos,
  • The Google keywords searching techniques.
  • How to split landing pages.
  • How to operate Word Press.
  • You can get more bonuses from sending messages.

Is SAS worth the money

It depends on person to person as if you hold a personality of learning things you may feel it’s worth the money and so can get benefit out of it but if you are still taking this as a quick money-raiser and making you rich overnight then it might be a loss of money you have invested in. This program edifies you about carrying out the tasks, not giving you actual money.

My experience

Being an active part of the SAS community, I have learned the ways to better myself in the affiliating market more and more every day. It got me as a newbie and now I’m an expert in selling products, generating leads, promoting products through promotional campaigns, and know-how well the commissions can be raised. The very handy thing about this program is attracting with the owner every Friday and share your work progress, ideas, and get guided by other experiences. On their Facebook group, I keep myself updated on the stocks and information’s about the market doings, which help me choose my drives more wisely and to come across a wide space of products o sell. They also keep updating for the groupies to entertain them in a better way.

I have been able to generate more money than I could have from any other programs. I got weekly sales on my website, which helped me generate more sales and convert them into leads. Encounter with best deals and promotions and honestly can say that it was worth the investment. I took little time and attention and I have achieved the goal.


Lastly, the only legit program offering the best platform for training the students of looking into the world with wide vision. They are like a family who guides you on every step and sees you progress online. This platform has shown more proven results than any other. What are you waiting for? GET THIS ONE NOW AND DISCOVER THE WORLD FROM DIFFERENT VISION.