When you should and not use SiteGround for your site

If you are on the fence on whether you should use SiteGround or not then this guide will help you to select the one that suits you.

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Based in Bulgaria, SiteGround is an amazing website hosting option that you can choose from, it started operating in 2014 since has become one of the diamonds of the hosting industry, with the number of users exceeding 1 million active websites using it as a host every day. Experienced web developers, as well as technology newbies, can profit from the very powerful marketing tools this company provides.

SiteGround can offer you anything from simple hosting (which includes the website builder) to much more advanced website hosting. Starting from managed WordPress and WooCommerce plans to pass through scalable cloud hosting and also enterprise solutions. The SiteGround has its data servers which are spread in five different locations, situated on three different continents.

You may think that this web hosting company provides perfect services for every one of us? Well, I wouldn’t say so! If a pair of jeans fit perfectly for someone it doesn’t fit for everyone, the same concept applies to web hosts.

You should keep in mind that you always have to look at your needs and find a web host that fulfills these specific needs in the best way possible. Together we will go through some of the most important SiteGround properties including here the performance and the functionality and also the usability of this web host, never leaving out one very important part that is the customer service of this web host which is one of the strong points of SiteGround. Continue reading this review and we will see if this ‘’Diamond of the hosting industry” is really worth it to help you optimize the skills and help you with your valuable Website.

The functionality of SiteGround


The security and the performance of SiteGround are at their top Since as a user you deserve nothing less but the best, SiteGround gives you access to a very interesting set of tools that you can use to increase the security and the performance of your web site, The best part? You don’t need to be a tech expert.

If what you need is trouble-free easy to use WordPress hosting, you may have found what suits you best. You will be very satisfied with the SiteGround WordPress hosting. In SiteGround you have a lot of included services in the package, you have a full e-mail hosting you also have a free cloud fare CDN license, you have good support of HTTPS, as well as a free SSL certificate, is included.

If you are not into WordPress, or if you are a newbie in the web site building industry and you need some time to get used to it, you will be very pleased to use another tool that SiteGround includes for the users to help them set up their first web sites in the best way possible without a lot of hassle, its called the Weebly website builder. With this amazing feature SiteGround offers its users you can create a website with ease and some might say having fun in the process. Now let’s see some other interesting features that SiteGround offers you in the pack.

SiteGround SG optimizer

If you are a WordPress User, by using this plug-in it is possible to link your website to the optimized SiteGrounds Wordpres structure. By using this Plug-in you don’t only boost your web sites Performances, but it makes your website much easier to manage, makes it easier with a single click installation of SSL and it also comes with a version of PHP manager.
With an additional cost, this plug-in comes with other tools you can use. The plug-in can be used in the configuration of your HTTPS with a single click. It is also possible to optimize your CCS or your HTML, you can clear cache, remove URLs.
SuperCacher becomes accessible for you, known as the best tool used in WordPress for dynamic caching.

SiteGround Site Scanner

The SiteGround site scanner is another tool offered, this is a helpful tool that can not be found in all the web hosts on the contrary it is not very common for a web host to offer this feature. Optimized by Susuri this tool’s main role is Detecting Malware. This Malware detecting system also does a couple of other things, it scans all the pages that have a link with your home page and detects if you have any infected URLs or any Blacklisted URLs.
If the Site Ground Site scanner detects any issue with the URLs scanned it notifies you to fix any possible problem you might have with your web site.

Sophisticated tools you can find on SiteGround

In this section you will learn about the sophisticated tools you can find on SiteGround

Now we will go through some more sophisticated tools you can find on SiteGround

If you subscribe to the Go Geek package, you will benefit from some more sophisticated tools, one of them is a single click site testing, you can also manually restore and back-up or use the automatic restore and back-up option, also the cPanel. You also have a lot of other amazing features you might struggle to find elsewhere.

SiteGround hosting also comes with a pre-installed SG-GIT, with this feature you can add your website to your GIT repository, which then allows you to work and download all the different aspects of your site code from everywhere.

With site ground, you can also configure e-commerce secured sites for the retailers who use PCI-compliant hosting.
Another pre-installed feature that comes with the package is WP-CLI, this Feature allows you to run the WordPress web from a graphical user interface.

We can see a Good Performance on SiteGround 99.99% up-time guarantee


SiteGround has incredible performance with a nearly perfect uptime. This nearly perfect uptime of SiteGround is one of the most important features of this website host and makes it one of the most reliable hosts on the market.

With this excellent Uptime performance, you will be a happy customer, you can be sure that your website will be working 24/7 and you will not lose any potential customer that is interested in purchasing from your website.

The SiteGround loading speed (673ms), Not the fastest we have seen

Something you might want to check before choosing which website host to choose is the loading speed, you will lose a lot of customers if your page takes a lot of time to load. Even after lowering the quality of images etc… A slow host will always remain a slow host there is nothing to do about it. If you choose to build up your website with SiteGround you don’t need to worry about this issue. The load time of SiteGround reaches 673ms, this made SiteGround climb in the top 10 on loading speed. But other websites like CloudWays are even faster.

Limited Webspace is a drawback in SiteGround

Another drawback in SiteGround is the limited 10 GB of web space which will have to handle approximately 10.000 visitors, this plan which is the lowest also has unmetered bandwidth. The bad side of this limitation is that once you get closer to these stats, the Performance of your website is going to fall. If you own a small website its good but when your website becomes larger you will most probably need to switch to a larger plan (more expensive plan)

Friendly and helpful customer support

Many users describe SiteGround Customer support as very friendly and helpful. As a new user you also get a knowledge base so if you need a quick question you can find it urself quickly, SiteGround also uses live chat and a 24/7 call customer service.

Very expensive renewal prices

The pricing rates of SiteGround are very attractive at only 6.99 USD per month you get what you pay and much more, But the renewal rates get pretty high with the rates hiking up from 6.99 USD to 14.99 USD, other packages prices raise even more as much as 24.99 USD and 34.99 USD.

No free domain on SiteGround

Unfortunately, unlike some other hosting companies which provide you with a free domain in the first year, SiteGround does not offer a free domain you either need to have one or pay 15.95 USD for every year you use it.

So, in conclusion, it all depends on what you are looking for in your host

If you consider yourself tech-savvy, and you have time in your hands to optimize your website’s performances, then SiteGround is an excellent choice you can make. If you plan to build up and host more than one-page SiteGround is again a good option.

On the other hand, if you seek a more ready-to-use Experience which is more adapted for beginners, I think you can find better options. And of course, the steep price of SiteGround makes this website host less interesting if you are not going to use all the features they offer.

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Louis Perry

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