ClickFunnels Review: Is the hype worth it or just another scam?

If you are confused whether go for ClickFunnels or not, is it worth the hype. This article will guide you.

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ClickFunnels is a revolutionary software which started operating only three years ago in 2014, in such a short amount of time this Company has seen a lot of success and as one of the most famous magazines FORBES cited ‘’It is silently revolutionizing the online marketing industry’’. Here is the main point of ClickFunnels: It helps businesses and Entrepreneurs to sell their products by using a very helpful marketing strategy that is called Sales funnels (we will be covering sales funnels as well). 

As Brunson saw that creating sales funnels take a long-time sometime months, he first started the creation of ClickFunnels with his team to help them create sales funnels faster and more efficiently, after a short time he saw a big potential in this product, not only using it for himself but also giving other Businesses and entrepreneurs around the world the chance of using this time-saving software. 

The reasons ClickFunnels is such a big deal and What are sales Funnels used for

To put this in a nutshell, sales funnels or also called marketing funnels is a marketing tool which follows up the clients from the moment they become aware of your company turns them into potential clients, lead them in your direction, and follows-up the clients to the point where they make a purchase. 

Sales funnels are usually designed step by step starting from the awareness of a product or service and following up to the purchase.  

There are 4 different stage that ClickFunnel uses to have a successful outcome

#Step 1 ClickFunnels gives you different kind of sales funnels for you to choose

Depending on your sales market, Clickfunnels gives you the best option of funnels that will sell best and all you have left to do is use the Drag and Drop mode to start arranging your funnel in the way you like.

#Step 2 You can choose the design that fits best for an eye-catching sale funnel

ClickFunnels lets you choose from a wide range of very good looking designs so you can attract leads to purchase on your sales page, in this way you don’t need any service of a designer which would normally cost you thousands of dollars to make interesting and compelling designs.

#Step 3 Adapt the information as you need it for your product to sell

After going through a wide range of designs and templates ClickFunnel offers you, all you have to do is choose the right one and add the pieces of information you need to sell your product. In this step, you put anything that might help you sell your products you can add pictures, videos, different text options, and a lot of other amazing tools that ClickFunnels offers you.

#Step 4 The evaluation of the result for the click funnel you are using

ClickFunnels software allows you to choose the sales funnel that converts the best for your page by giving you the possibility to test the models of sales funnels. So this software is not only used to create complete sales funnels and independent pages, but it also helps you sell your product.
You can evaluate the results of your business channel one by one by making a split-test for each page.

This step is specially used to help you improve the pages where you lose potential clients.
You can measure the results and help you create the right funnel for everyone in your audience. You can also create a different funnel for all your desired products listed on ClickFunnels.

These are some of the reasons you should use click Funnels in your business

In this section you will learn  some of the reasons you should use click Funnels in your business

These are some of the reasons you should use click Funnels in your business

 A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs give their focus on insignificant nuances that don’t affect the sale of their product. The main goal of Click Funnels is to sell your product in the most efficient way possible. The training and the sales channels they give you for free are all concentrated on one main big goal which is skyrocketing your sales.

Besides helping you set-up your sale funnel, after signing up to Clickfunnels you also gain access to 100 hours of free training which can help you not only in using the software but also add great values to your E-commerce knowledge, everything you need to know to have a successful online marketing strategy is taught in this training.

ClickFunnels helps you a lot by making the whole sales funnel easier for you by saving your time and also saving your energy. ClickFunnels helps you by removing your need of implicating third-party technological companies which you would normally need to help you set up your funnel, these companies tend to create expenses and are time-consuming. 

The software is focused on making you money 

The software of ClickFunnels is constantly focused on making money for the registered user. It helps you create your account, show your Product\Service, and start selling. One of the best features of ClickFunnels is that the software is made specially to make everything easier for the user so you can understand how it works with ease. In a matter of hours, you can prepare your funnel and start selling immediately. 

The drag and drop set-up 

The drag and drop builders are a very helpful feature in ClickFunnels. By making it very easy to copy pages and also save templates that you can use later they made Drag and Drop builder a very important and helpful feature.  

This software also has built-in A/B testing. This feature is used to let you choose the way you want to see the amounts of traffic in your page version A or version B so you can find out which has a better conversion rate.


You can also use the technical assistance of ClickFunnels


You may have some questions on how you should operate the software, fortunately immediately after signing up for the 14 days free trial click funnel helps you go through every step, besides that you can also join the Costumer service 7 days a week if you have any issues with the system you will be provided with screen recordings so you can easily resolve any issues you might face.


You can also create sites of membership on ClickFunnels


If you need to create training programs, you can use ClickFunnels to create training members’ areas. The only thing you need to do is download the courses and all your files needed for the training program. After you have created the training program you can easily give access to your training members based on what kind of product or service they bought.


You can be a part of the affiliate program ClickFunnels provide


By being a part of ClickFunnels you can also work as an affiliate by promoting its products. ClickFunnels gives you access to its very-well designed affiliation program that might interest you. The bonuses they give are at very competitive rates. They also offer a service they call ‘’the hundred affiliate challenge” in which users can take part and win a prize (a car) if you get 100 click funnel referrals.

You can integrate different software into ClickFunnels


In Clickfunnels software you can also integrate different marketing tools. Some of the tools clickfunnel can integrate are Stripe, Mailchimp, or even Aweber and a lot more. The perfectioned software of Clickfunnels can make this integration very fast and very easy. There is also click funnel zapier zap makes it easier for you to integrate any tool you might need.

Some of the limitations of ClickFunnels

In this section you will learn the limitations of ClickFunnels

Some of the limitations or as some may call disadvantages of ClickFunnels

Some of the users who are a bit off from the technology may find it a bit difficult to maneuver with. Some other people may not find the exact models or the right designs that they are looking for. Even tho the concept of this software is mainly focused on being a funnel that saves you money.

The pricing of click funnels might be a bit of a drawback for some users

The pricing is sometimes perceived as a bit expensive, even after click funnel gives you two types of abonnements as 97 USD per month or a premium abonnement which is at 297 USD. But this price can be seen as an investment in your business and it also comes with a pack of good benefits you can use so it’s a justified price.

The data storage in ClickFunnels is also a bit limited

Click funnels themselves do not have a big capacity in storing the user’s data. But as it allows you to integrate other tools you can easily integrate software that does the saving for you, one example can be the software called Vimeo (free software like youtube ) which can help you store your videos for later.

There are numerous other Services you can use in click funnels

After creating your funnels you can also do dropshipping on ClickFunnel. This kind of service is used to deliver products. You can find a lot of product delivery offers online but the dropshipping services remains a very good way of making money if you choose to orient yourself. You can find a niche in ClickFund that needs dropshipping services and you can be very successful, for example, a technology company that needs to sell electronic products would provide you with a lot of drop shipping work.

Keep track of the evaluation of the traffic in your sale funnels

Click funnel software also lets you keep track of the traffic in all your pages of your different sales funnel. You can track in a per-minute rate, on the top of every page individually the exact number of people who have interacted with your pages. Additionally, click funnel also provides you with a graph highlighting the statistics with an exact period that can be seen on every page individually.

To conclude this click funnel review

Taking into notice some little drawbacks, if you are a user who is more interested in customizing the sale funnel even more you can always opt in the use of third-party companies.

After considering everything the drawbacks of click funnels considerably outweigh this sale funnel builder. Click funnels is a very strong sales funnel builder and succeed in its core goal which is saving your time, saving your money, and helping you reach a lot of traffic and reach higher conversion rates. I am pretty sure the majority of the Click Funnel users would agree that it offers you enough choices for the designing and building of a sales funnel.

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