How to build real estate sales funnel with Builderall

Last Updated: May 2024

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Building and optimizing a sales funnel takes a lot of time. But with Builderall it’s very easy to do online business now. Builderall is the most affordable tool for digital marketing and provides a very easy way to build sales funnel. Sales funnel is the only way to survive in a very competitive marketplace.

What is a sales funnel?

Sales funnel is a process of converting a person from being a prospect into a customer. Currently, it is one of the standard ways of digital marketing.

Stages of an Online Sales Funnel

  1. Awareness:

Primary Tools used are Social Media, Content Marketing, SEO/SEM, Paid Advertisements, Public Relations Eg: Create a Facebook ad to funnel users to your website.

  1. Interest:

Primary Tools used are E-books, Landing Pages, Free tools, Newsletter, Case studies, Retargeting. Eg: Provide the user with something of value in exchange for the lead capture.

  1. Decision:

Primary Tools used are Free Consultations, Promotions, Sales Pages, Trust Signs, Free trials, Email Marketing , Demos. Eg: The content informs your user and prepares them for your product purchase.

  1. Action:

Primary Tools used are Shopping cart, Payment system, Reviews and Referrals. Eg: Offer a coupon code and your leads can’t resist, then starts marketing to them again and again to boost retention.

What are the elements of a sales funnel?

  • Landing Page/Opt-in Page
  • Offer
  • Thank you page
  • Offer Delivery
  • Email list

What is Builderall?

Builderall is an all-in-one web designing and online digital marketing platform that will enable us to create and grow our online business. The websites built using builderall is responsive, so it works well on different devices–desktop, laptop, and mobile. We can drag and drop different elements, add images/text and update color to build and customize pages. It provides thousands of templates.

Whether the user is an entrepreneur just starting a business venture, a startup or business, or just a company looking forward to growing on a global scale, Builderall has all the tools needed for online success.

Builderall is the most popular way to build sales funnel. It offers digital marketing tools like website page builder, sales funnel builder, and email marketing tool to name a few. These tools are designed with the sole purpose of increasing sales and conversion rates.

Promoting ClickBank affiliate offers using Builderall

We require three important tools for building complete sales funnel for any successful business:

  1. Sales page/landing page builder: This page is required to build a lead magnet and also to promote on different media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  2. Funnel builder: This is required to design complete user flow eg: Squeeze page, bridge page and thank you page.
  3. Marketing tools for email: This tool is useful to capture leads. Leads are captured using the autoresponder. It’s used to upsell or down-sell all product promotions.

All three tools are available in Builderall library, and these can be used to build sales funnel very easily.

Builderall Cheeta Page Builder ( Drag & Drop ):

We can use this tool to design and build the landing page, squeeze page, and sales page using the drag & drop page builder. It’s very easy to build websites or landing pages and the pages are responsive so works on any device. We can build unlimited websites. We can build a single page or multiple pages using the website builder tool on Builderall.

Site settings, SEO, and script

Cheetah site builder provides us more than just building creative and powerful pages. There are options to enable SEO and scripts which provide us the power to drive traffic to the website. Enabling SEO has options to add meta tags, robots text, ads, etc

It also provides an option to enter scripts, script analytics, and script pixels.


Enabling pop-up options helps to generate followers, subscribers, and opt-ins.

Pop-ups help to increase the customer following and promote products and services and cheetah site builder has options to easily enable Pop-ups on pages.

Membership Area

The cheetah site builder has an option to build a membership area. This helps to offer any offer exclusivity to your free or pay-to-access content and create a very private and protected community.

Real drag-and-drop editor

Any number of webpages can be created using a very powerful tool just by dragging and dropping the elements. We can build a very powerful and fully functional website in a very short time using this tool.

Build Squeeze/Landing pages:

For initial user interaction where they can enter email ids, we need a landing or squeeze page.

Eg: let’s assume we are using a 3-page funnel as below:

  1. Optin Email entry and Email confirmation page
  2. Product page.
  3. Bridge page

Cheeta website page builder or funnel builder can be used to build all pages

First, without entering any credit card details, we can try the trial version of Builderall so that you can understand and get more familiar with the tool.

First option: Website Builder

After creating an account on Builderall, navigate to the website page builder by clicking on the “enter” button under “Website builder”.

We can choose either a “Simple” Or “Smart” template for initial page creation. Using a simple template will provide us with a basic template but has many features that can be customized to make it more personalized suitable to your business.

Under the “Simple” template, we have different pre-built templates options to choose from as shown below:

The new page has an option to select different options using its inbuilt template and customize it further.

Under the “Smart” template, you can assign values to your standard tags. These standard tags will be assigned to the specific locations of your smart template. You can create a more personalized page suitable for your type of business with this feature.

Optin template is chosen as the first-page template as shown below:

We can create other pages like email confirmation and bridge page in a similar way.

After creating all required pages, we need to link the page with mailing boss.

Mailing boss Email Marketing Tool:

This is an inbuilt email marketing tool that provides unlimited email hosting, email follows up and auto responder.

Email Auto responder & Follow-up: This tool can be used to collect complete details about leads and update the data in pre-defined responder list

How to create an email listing using Mailingboss?

Click on “enter” under Mailing boss. A pop-up will be displayed in which we need to share the address and other details related to GDPR policy. Continue with the next steps and follow further instructions to create one list which can be linked with pages created using Cheeta builder.


Link email:

The list created should be added to the opt-in page. Now navigate to the mailing boss and setup autoresponder in a similar way you update other email marketing tools.

Autoresponder needs to be set in the mailing boss tool as well.

Once setup for opt-in email list is completed, we need to just link the “action” button on the landing page with other pages like the email page ( confirmation page ). This confirms that the call-to-action page is linked to the bridge page then that should be navigated to the product sales page.

Second option: “Funnel Builder”

Funnel Builder is a special funnel builder. Building a sales funnel with Cheeta builder requires multiple switching and linking different pages. “Funnel builder” is a faster approach comparing to “Website builder”

Design and build an interactive funnel using Builder Canvas

To sell a product to the customer, we need to educate the potential customer and ultimately achieve higher conversion rates using a sales funnel. Here, complete flow is interconnected, so we need an optimized funnel. This can be achieved using the “Funnel builder”.

Navigate to website page builder by clicking on the “Enter” button under “Funnel builder”.

It will display a pop-up where we need to add the funnel details i.e. enter the funnel and choose the theme you think is more appropriate.

We need to choose the page i.e. bridge page/landing page/thank you page etc and click on next.

So, you can add all the pages needed for your business in a similar way and at last, you will have this user flow. This flow can be customized further according to your business needs. After choosing the funnel, on the top right corner, you have an option to build a website which is basically nothing but the Cheeta page builder built within build canvas with one simple click.

From this edit webpage, you can further customize pages further at one place by selecting options from the drop-down menu and publish them after integrating with the email tool i.e. Mailingboss.

So, you basically have two of the best options to create sales funnel pages:

  1. Cheeta builder: Here, you can create integrate pages and then link all pages together
  2. Funnel Builder: Here, you can find all pages at a common place.


Builderall Cheetah Site Builder is a powerful tool to build websites, funnels, and pages using drag-and-drop functionality in a very short span of time. The conversion rate will skyrocket.