How to retain your hard-earned subscribers in email marketing and keep them engaged

If you are looking for a way to retain your hard-earned subscribers in email marketing and keep them engaged, then this is the right for the article for you.

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Subscribers truly want to hear from you – the reason why they joined your list. But, they don’t want those fluff that sickens them each time or waste their precious time. Whether you’re thinking of improving your email marketing skills, or you are just getting aboard email marketing, this piece is just about important things that you should mind to make the most of your email list – retention and engagement – conversion.

Still floating?

It’s possible you are yet to specify what path to tow in getting these repeat customers. First, understand that no matter what may be the most advisable way to amass recurring customers or clients for your email list, as the case may be, the number one thing that ought to be on your mind is to get them to opt in.
The most approachable technique is to work on your permission-oriented email list. There’s no logic in retaining or even engaging what you don’t have initially.
Now, let’s zoom in into the big picture

How do you retain and engage your list?

Having met with some foremost mentors and industry-leaders in the email marketing niche, we have put together for you a detailed analysis of how you can retain your hard-earned subscribers in email marketing and keep them engaged. Here are a couple of ideas for doing this effectively.

Welcome Emails

Engaging your subscribers these days is a full-time commitment. Marketers hop around with their limited time offers. Emails come again from uncompleted purchases at online stores. Some parents send reminders for holiday plans, and the list goes on. 

Why welcome emails? Welcome emails get the highest level of engagement better than other categories of emails. So, if you’re going to be leveraging on welcome emails, you then need to put make your content richer and naturally engaging. How do you achieve that?


1. Make it personable – Aside from merely greeting your subscribers, making your emails personable will go a long way such as – Hi “_____” (first name). So, when setting up your email campaign, always remember to insert spaces for first and last names. An email automation tool like ActiveCampaign fits well here.

2. Set up a call to action – get them doing something that’s better than telling them to wait for your next emails – you may tell them to visit your blogs, follow your social media page, or tell them to watch your YouTube videos. GetResponse has tech features that support this utility.

3. Be creative in pushing your objectives – if you like to promote some courses to your subscribers, try to briefly introduce the course within the welcome email. As for this, an email software tool like ConvertKit will be great. If you want to sell them some services or products, start promoting them suddenly within the welcome email.

4. Make them want more – like getting those freebies, something like a discount upon their first purchase of your products or patronage of your services. Use the welcome email opportunity to intimate your subscribers with what they stand to get from their subscription. An email software like Aweber is a tested and trusted tool here. 

5. Build credibility – Start building your credibility by flaunting your testimonials for your services – just anything that could make them want more of what you have. 

6. Whitelisting – you can tell them to add you to their contact list – that’s whitelisting! And, why whitelisting? It improves the deliverability of your emails and prevents your emails from being pushed into the abyss of spam emails.

Special offers have a magical impact upon subscribers – you should try them!

In this section, you will learn about special offers that have a magical impact upon your subscribers.

Doing something cool for your subscribers

It LOOKS COOL the moment someone does something cool for you, right? As the owner of a website with some email list, you’re optimistically at a place at the centre of that friend-stranger scale in your subscribers’ eyes.
If you can fix something for your subscribers which they value, it will BRING YOU so many magical things.
One, it makes them esteem you greatly. Two, to remain with you as a buyer and too to purchase in the nearer future. Third, it helps them to be more disposed to give in return whenever you request for a share, recommendation, or anything valuable.

Now the issue remains:

What are those things you can offer your subscribers?

For most brands, a unique offer is the finest thing they can offer. Let’s look at a few actual instances, and then some more wide-ranging scenarios.

First, you can provide them with a live event that just only your subscribers can be invited to. It’s not just that subscribers will find the occasion interesting because it’s happening live. But, your subscribers will most likely attend it because it’s just exclusive to them.

You can do this as often as you feel you can, depending on how well it’s gonna work well for your subscribers. For instance, you may send an email with some offer to join a private mastermind program. 

Send a few emails that lead up to the occasion and a few more towards the last minute to the program. They don’t need to be complicated – just do a brief narrative of what your subscribers should anticipate live at the event.
Is that all you can give to your subscribers? Nope!

What do you know about early access?

One more thing you can that would take little or nothing from you is EARLY ACCESS. You can create a WordPress plugin and send an email offering them that free early access to the event. 

Now, that sounds interesting, right? But to be realistic, there’s more – you’re also amassing your first group of users which translates into another landslide victory for you. 

Where you happen to be unveiling any great tools or guides, always contemplate acquiring an early response from your subscribers. 

There’s, even more, you can offer. Discounts. Secret Products. Free Samples. Webinars. Indeed, when subscribing to an email functionality like this, SendInBlue has got a lot to offer you regarding this. 

And lots more. However, whatever it is you’re introducing, it’s very important that you are creative about it.

How do you manage all the feedbacks you get?


Write something worth reading. Concerning this, you may need to undergo pieces of training or make your copywriters take pieces of training or courses to improve their effectiveness and deliverability.
Moreover, you should design your email dispatch well – Your first impression matter so much. Don’t take your email design flippantly. It’s a great part of any successful email strategy.

Run Polls and Surveys

At some point, you may have apprised yourself with the advantages of beginning an email newssheet and the way you can get on track.
Now, getting your opt-ins is only the first out of many steps you need to reach your goal at making successful sales to your customers.
So, to boost the subscription rate of your opt-ins it is important you familiarize yourself with basic strategies.
What’s more, if retaining and engaging these subscribers in your email address is at all important to you (which should be), then you need to learn some other tested hints and techniques such as running polls and surveys on your audience.

Sneak Peek - How can you boost your Subscriber rate exponentially? This is how!

In this section, you will learn how to boost your subscriber rate exponentially

Sneak Peek – How can you boost your Subscriber rate exponentially? This is how!

Don’t stay old – be current!

Using hackneyed forms of call-to-actions on your opt-in page is stale, old-granny way of doing things when it comes to attracting well-enough subscribers to your email list.
Come to think about it too – at a time where the activities of email list promoters reek around, how does something like “Sign up to our newsletter” sounds to you?
Today, hardly would you find a successful marketer today tell you they still use the same cut-and-paste stuff like “Subscribe to our RSS Feed” or “Subscribe to my emails now”.

Why are we saying this?

It’s simply because those fluffs are not enough of a motivation to push them to enter their names or email addresses.
As a result, if you’d like to get as many a subscriber into your complete visitor tallies, it’s important you provide some sort of incentive for them to chip in.
In doing this, many people try to use eBooks, discounts, tickets, and many more. It’s guaranteed that it will enhance their opt-in rate as different to just providing them “our newsletters”.

Ebooks and other informational reports can be of help

One of the simplest ways you can provide an incentive is to provide your subscribers with some informational report. Most subscribers become astounded this, it’s, however, nothing to be scared of. You’re, by this time, adding value to your site. As for eBooks, you can just put together something beneficial and produce a handy PDF report.

It matters little how long the report is, so long it’s easy to assess and value-adding, your subscribers will appreciate and would not think as much about getting off the cliff of your email list. Find some electronic tool such as to pen your report and transfer it to PDF at little or no cost.

Where should show off your free report?

An idea is to let your subscribers get your free offer on the sidebar of your blog and at the bottommost part of each of your posts. You may try outputting this free report on a distinct “squeeze page”.

After then, you can add your opt-in form to your sidebar making use of email kits like Aweber, or MailChimp. You may also put it at the rear part of every post making use of high-quality plugins around.

Another best practice I endorse is to design a separate page over your domain which you’re going to dedicate to summarizing the major advantages of your free eBook.

You may thereafter request their name and email address from them. You can call this a squeeze page.

To bring traffic to your squeeze page, you can get through your previous posts and each time you sight a sentence that looks like any of the advantages of the free report, try and link that text to your squeeze page.

Always have this in mind for other upcoming posts too.

Having gotten their emails, what’s next?

As we identified before, making your visitors opt-in is just the initial step. That they gave you their names and email addresses is enough to say that they are going to be repeat visitors. It’s important you make them come back to your site.

The good news is, there’s just some laid-back method to getting around that. One of the best ways to achieve that is to provide them with a newsletter sub, yet it’s not as difficult as you might suppose.

Try and maximize the greatness of your blog – only ensure the content on it is high in quality, and you’re killing it already.

Here’s an artless method for operating a stress-free newsletter sub that generates recurring visitors, abiding subscribers, and great sales.

Work with a definite schedule

Send an email to your list following a definite schedule, say every two to three days. By following a mailing calendar, you’ll be able to keep your name in the eyes and minds of subscribers.

It’s not impossible that some of your subscribers may be turned off by the constancy of your email dispatch. But trying to leave a few days in between would help reduce the chances of them being getting overly irritated.

Begin to talk about your blog

Let two-third of the series of the email you send, direct them to a link to a high-level blog that you posted on your blog.

Just offer them a tiny description of the write-up, and provide them with the link to it. Talking about how simple this hint looks like, you wouldn’t need to scrape for information from pillar to post.

You just leverage on what quality content you’ve been posting recently on your blog on a constant basis.  Optionally, you may offer them another free eBook you discovered and which you think they can take advantage of.

The summary of it all is this – offer them what’s free and valuable.

Run your promotions in-between

Let every one-third of the email you send to your email list be a kind of promotion coming by way of a product or services you’re recommending, or perhaps a review of such product or services.

Nevertheless, always make sure you’re giving them a high-quality product item or a tested service offering.

The motive behind sending a promotion every third mail is to not just record sales at the times you’re going to be promoting but is to condition your buyers to become more buyers.

The point that that two-thirds of your emails are offering them great value and you’re not including offers convinces them to realize that you have their best interest at heart.

Moreover, you’ll make them used to click their URL links that are in the emails you send. When you organize yourself that way, you’ll make your subscribers always look forward to your emails now and then.

In Conclusion: Test out!

As we go on from here, I think you already know how extremely adaptable the business of retaining your subscribers is. It does not matter what your marketing objective may be, reaching out to visitors who have gotten to your website is way more valuable than trying to receive new visitors to the same site.


In case, you are still in doubt, before you throw the idea down the bin, some reasons you should note are that–you want more clicks on your links. Yours may not be clicking–it may be sales.


Interestingly, you may just want to help out your subscribers achieve some goals without having a commercial benefit in mind. Whatever it is, you’ll find these strategies helpful in retaining your subscribers and engaging them too.

Email marketing is one of the greatest means for high ROI for many brands these days”, they say. And they are right! On an average, with as little as $1 spent, you get to enjoy a ROI of $40.


You may have been seeing many content online telling you what and what you need to do to build an email list.

Yet, after you must have done the hard work of compiling this email list, do you so much as come across stuff that tells you how you can retain these hard-earned subscribers and importantly, keeping them engaged?


Sending some batches of email to “keep in touch” with your email subscribers is not a great business strategy. Now, if there are any thoughts on your mind, they should be how you can write more actionable emails.

Enlightening you on the endless benefits of visitor retention is not enough.


The topmost medium to be more convinced is to test it yourself. Since testing is essential to integrate into any enterprise, you are encouraged to carry out your testing on your own.


As you make up your mind to test out, always have a clear objective for the emails in mind. This helps you to stay on track such that the rest of your content focusses on that objective. Within a short time of putting in your best to retaining your customers, it will amaze how much goodness you’ve been missing all the while. 

Don’t forget to leave your feedback at comment section.

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