71 Best Email Marketing Blogs to Follow and Learn from

Are you looking for a trick to skill up your email marketing skill set. Well here we will share awesome tips for email marketing, keep on indulging

Eleanor Foster

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In a globe full of media strategies attracting the consumer requires very little effort now, just a single click, and your emails are out. New beings or oldies need not worry anymore, here is the list of email marketing blogs you need to give a follow and win the hearts by learning from them.

1. Vertical Response Blog

The go-to solution for best email marketing is just here with unlimited offers. It gives an HTML editor, and custom brand emails.  To learn how to design your emails with a touch of professionalism follow their blog. The very handy feature is, it comes with auto replier and you can track what your consumers like the most which they teach on their blog.

2. Mail Bakery Blog

Sounds attractive when you know there is someone to build your emails eye-catching. They standout in the market with the handy features of custom design templates, email coding, you can monitor your campaigns, and make custom landing pages. To get over the anxiety of winning email marketing campaigns here is the mighty Mail baker that has launched their blog, helping business freaks to learn the best ways of E-messages.

3. Email on Acid Blog

For better email deliverability and custom-designed templates give a pass to this one. You can build your marketing drives less costly, deliver email on time, you can check before sending and analyze. Learn the schemes on daily basis by checking in their blogs and create customer-friendly emails. The A1 quality of your marketing campaigns is bettered here.

4. Mailchimp Blog

Marketing smarts for considerable aim, it brings help to every size and shape of businesses by simple guidance. Mailchimp focuses on marketing, getting you online, reach the right person, and look into insights on a single platform. Their blog is a must-follow for one who seeks penetration through email marketing strategies. They also offer free accounts so you can gain your goal.

5. Marketo Blog

The demand in the market, the easy build-up for templates, tracking right customer, automated mode, and lastly determine how marketing channels will impact your emails with them. Marketo focuses on their blog well and provides marketing classification including marketing budgeting, automation, and lead and consumer base. The complex structure is reduced to a simpler one through Marketo marketing. Highly prioritizing customer needs and satisfaction, you can keep on gaining knowledge by following the blog on a daily routine.

6. Marketing Profs Blog

Marketing Profs educates the users on marketing fields such as content, brand, pricing, and much more. They update the blog day today and have various topics on it to get an education. On this blog, you can discover a variety of information regarding marketing ways.

7. Campaign Monitor Blog

Through a strong marketing drive, you can build a backbone of your very business, campaign monitor educates you through their updated blog. Ease of use, precise adjustments to your campaigns, template management, automate email journeys, and drag and drop feature makes it standout in the market. They provide you with the quality of writing and skills on their blog. Well, hands down to a follow button.

8. Marketing Land Blog

Breaking down the complex structure of email marketing you can easily learn the tips on their blog. Providing you with E-messages niche they are best for your follow list. They enable the marketing handbooks and experts writing blogs to bring the drive to the table. They have tips for you to learn the digital, content, and other marketing skills for better drives.

9. Mailjet Blog

Every professional need professional, the mailjet is like a professional friend who points out the bad impacts on your business, make you perfect enough to draw the right email for your customers and market, analyze your drives, build creative emails, and before sending recheck it again with recheck facility. Their regular updating helps one to keenly observe their drives. They dig deep into topics covering marketing drives. It’s a BIG YES.

10. GetResponse Blog

Whether you run a large organization or a small business you need the right form of marketing to grow.  The handy points for standing out in the market is autoresponder, landing pages, and marketing automation. Run your campaigns with united features. They provide white papers, eBooks, and guidelines on their blog to impart the know-how of marketing emails. Another marvelous blog to hit a follow is Get Response. They are powered, simple, and auto emailed qualities for you to gain the attention of the media world.

List of Email Marketing Blogs to Follow

In this section we will discuss more of  email marketing blogs to that you can follow

11. Pinpointe Blog

To construct better sales with email marketing, outgrow with Pinpointe. Get inside the inbox and automate the emails, create dripping emails, get along segmentation, and save time with real-time mode. Their very fancy blog allows you to water your knowledge on email marketing compromising of creation, sending out designed messages, and overlooking them. The experts are out there looking for you to embrace the operations by reading their guides on routine. 

12. Return Path Blog

Deliver, optimize, and manage the services with the Return Path. It also enables the feature of monitoring the emails along with astounding customer services. The well-designed features which make it land well in a market are optimization and deliverability. The very up to date blog rationalize the data for their followers. The blog covers the new aspects of email marketing covering every topic. For world-class deliverability, keep on reading their blog. 

13. AWeber Blog

Race your business, leave rest on us, the very motivated and trusted email marketing site to attract your customers is right here. They allow you to create your own templates, drag and drop ability enhances the email creation, and automate tagging with the amazing content for you to read on their blog. They are qualified in giving you smart designs for mails, drag and drop email creation, no-cost templates, and auto newsletters. AWeber blog empowers your mind on diverse topics to learn impressing your clients.

14. SendGrid’s Blog  

For best email marketing practices, SendGrid allows you to destine your emails. With their award-winning API, they allow sending one too many messages and making marketing drives more creative with designed templates. The blog displays tutorials along with a variety of articles covering marketing strategies. Sign up right away to engage with the world.  

15. BenchMark Email Blog

With the one right choice, you can leverage your marketing movement, grow your audience. It saves your hour in lay-outing the mails. Build a strong relationship with your contacts, with drag and drop property make fussing emails, leverage your emails, and allows you to save time with your contacts.  Carry style with BenchMark Email blog, it helps you understand the market and enhances your knowledge on daily basis. Featuring a variety of contents at a single place, you need to sign up for their newsletter.

16. CakeMail Blog

Deliver your emails with variety and style. CakeMail offers you to track your management, develop dynamic content with CakeMail. You can analyze your work and regulate the complaint. The blog has an archives section where you can drop to any month and read the content easily. Offering products, news, and best practices. Having a feature of email market tips to attain your attention towards it.

17. Litmus Blog

Litmus Blog provides you with the experience you never thought of. Without any troubles design your email templates and cooperate with your team members on marketing campaigns. Experience world-class education on marketing skills by just signing up for the Litmus Blog.  Read their EBooks and reports diurnal.  The categories help you sort out the articles and pave a path to betterment.

18. Pepipost Blog

Email practices to your workspace, covering the marketing areas such as, SMTP, user-friendly dashboard, fast and effective services, and giving reasonable prices to their members to get along. To look at a bigger picture of emails join the team Pepipost Blog. Explore world-class email marketing strategies.

19. Omnisend blog

Building focused eCommerce brands with all-in-one marketing skills. Increase your work and not stress, the Omnisend provides the shortcuts to your marketing drives and makes you develop more than just mail. It makes the editor the best choice list because it offers the autopilot mode for driving your emails, target the market, and add SMS for better emails. The very blog carries information about the market. Learn how to autopilot the sales and the very attractive feature is feedbacks on the blog.

20. Sendlane Blog

All your wants and needs are full filled in the place, designed to bring all email marketing experts in one place. Providing custom templates and 24/7 support live to help you reach out to your consumers. The structure is simple and impressive landing pages attract the email creators. Hit a join button now and get a ride of world-class knowledge. Through a blog, you can get tips on email marketing techniques and it also gives details on email automation. 

List of blogs to boost up your other skillsets

In this section, we will share list of blogs to boost up your other skillsets which will help you to grow your business

21. GetVero Blog

This email marketing website allows you the most amazing feature of autos sales when you can’t do it for yourself along with more ideas production. Running A/B tests and giving creation and edition features. The blog allows you to watch and read the content in a single place with a free trial to it. The team is there to keep you updated.

22. Traffic Wave.net Blog

Now the email marketing is simpler than ever, powerful than you can think of, and attractive enough than you can design. Set your business up. Delivering sharp emails with custom templates. The three-step setup of your efficient emails. The mighty blog covers the quality of free reports showing you, your business growth, allowing feedback section, and giving email marketing tips. Give a try to this one to get along your business well.

23. EasySendy Pro Blog

EasySendy allows you to segment emails, create email templates with drag and drop features, produce aided email marketing strategies. The perfect guide to the world of marketing is waiting for you to join it, providing a variety of topics for you to read. The blog covers vast variety of tips on email world like how to attract customers, what are the best timings for sending out mails, what are the common the mistakes one make during their campaigns.

24. MailRelay Blog

Manageable HTML and plain templates bringing uniqueness to your E-messages side by side it gives certificated solutions to your problems. Through MailRelay’s blog, you can accomplish your objective. The blog shows related tutorials on email marketing has a separate popular post corner for you to read, the uniqueness of the blog makes to editors the best choice.  

25. Drip Blog

Drip gives you a platform to engine your skills to another degree. Giving you awareness to make you work smarter with multi automation facility. Become rebel with Drip Blog and break the rules of being common, register now, and seek the wisdom rebelliously. Get the demo, avail the search bar for any topic about marketing strategies you want to read, and explore case studies, agencies, best practices, and much more.  Such a variety makes this blog stand out in a market.

26. Really Good Blog

The school to eCommerce, design your templates and get free designed as well. Good Email aims to make happy their customers so you can bring joy to yours. Learn about lessons from experts. Their blog is like school where you can study new articles daily, watch Friday feedback videos now by entering their small word of E-messages.

27. BombBomb Blog

Now you can set up your business with video messages. A new feature in the market where you can attract your consumers through a visual message. Watch new videos daily on their blog and learn new ways to consume numbers in the market. Super exciting blog to follow in a market and style with it. The blog also shows the content on how to make visual text more attractive. The editors pick up blog to follow is this one.

28. Quick Email Blog

Verified email services with little more insights. Skilled emails to send a word around. The Blog covers a variety of topics, enhancing your marketing skills. Covering subjects that you never have read. It finer your skills in the marketing world and makes it easy for you to attain the market.

29. Email Marketing Maverick Blog

Target the goal and achieve it with professionals, they provide a platform to amplify your reach, build customer loyalty, review emails, and set promotional campaigns to outgrow your business. Enter the globe of articles by registering yourself to their blog. Get notified daily and gain information to get marketed. The blog covers topics such as marketing ways to attract consumers, how can you send a word, tips to write attractive emails and some articles on what is liked in a market.

30. What Counts Blog

Engage yourself with digital marketing, send your mails day and night without worrying anymore, a platform for every business enthusiastic. Need any help? Get help with what counts email marketing experts. Learn customer engagement with their articles by watering your eCommerce skills. Follow now and get the ride of knowledge.

List of blogs to write good content for your email

In this section, we will share list of blogs which you can use to write good content for your email

31. Pure 360 Blog

The all in one market to target your aims. Get better email templates and send it with automation mode on. Have command over your emails with their blog. Connect with your team and get tuned with your customers. The blog has tips and facts related to email drives. Learn how to have better revenues, powerful personalization, and outstanding email writings with the help of a website and blog.

32. Accudb Blog

Discover the proper channel to exceed now with Accudb, responsive, targeted, and accurate emails that are specially designed for your profession to grow. With a unique feature of adding missing data to the customer list for better relations. Interpret the trendy articles to fit in the state of the market with their blog. They have featured articles on marketing drives and solutions to your problems.

33. Red Cappi Blog

The chic and simple email marketing platform concerns with auto email schedules, dynamic templates, A/B tests, and manage your delivery rates. Red Cappi Blog welcomes you to their small setup where you can set down on a world of articles around you. Travel a little in a category and explore your interest. It also displays the delivered emails section with that you can learn how to better write the emails. This feature makes it stand out as less blogs display their work for learning purposes

34. Maxemail Blog

Have automation with experts, they provide e-commerce with gadgets and support to hold on to your customers. They have innovative solutions to your crafty problems. Join the blog right now to go through their recent posts. With a wide group of topics, experts are looking after you, by providing A1 articles, covering sectors on the latest news about email drives.

35. Ben Settle Daily blog

Wanna discover the mysterious world of emails? Drop to Ben Settle Daily Email Market and come over tips and digital copies for your emails. They have a list of tips that are part of their website for only you. The blog entertains you with a variety of content. The app for blogs allows you to stay tuned anywhere at any time. Look into testimonials for skilling yourself in the email world.

36. Elite Email Blog

Want to become Elite enough to carry the business, say a Yes to this email marketing agency working day and night for better results including drop and drag editor, allows mobile-friendly access, analyzing your work time, and record the growth. The elegant blog allows multiple searches for innovative topics you to go through. Register now to become elite. Learn the features mentioned above how to use them through their blog.

37. Proofy Blog

The very handy freestyled, and better form of email ever is just one click far from you. Better your relation with your buyers with automated mode. The motto, you are busy we got it, they prove it to make your business grow and ensure you deliver safer emails. Proofy made it to the editor’s choice by giving 98% deliverability and domain reputation score. The 3 step setup for your work. Learn all their ways by following their blog. View their videos on how to market your emails, how it works and covering the subjects on marketing ways.

38. Fresh in Box Blog

The advanced form of email marketing is here for your business freak mind. New templates and freestyle are available for your drives. Avail of the opportunity of active email resources. Rollover images and techniques for your live campaigns. Subscribe right now and avail the concepts of eCommerce. Wonder around the archives to discover old topics on their blog.

39. Fresh Address Blog

Either you are a brand or a person fresh perspective allows you to make innovative emails for your market. With your prospective achieve the goal with it.  Clean, improve, and segment your emails. The blog outreach multiple points, follow and enjoy the daily newsletter. It also displays tips on email marketing covering many topics like email appends, designs, and customer journey.

40. Fresh mail Blog

Draw the attention of customers with templates full of excitement. Work in automated mode while tracking email time, and target to achieve more from email marketing strategies. Avail free A/B testing as well. Subscribe to the newsletter now and get on the ride of knowledge. Be a seeker of tips and tricks and get along the trend. Learn what benefits are there for you on the blog.

List of blogs to write personalized email

In this section, we will share a list of blogs that will help you to write personalized email

41. Email Expert Blog

The very easy and convenient email agency serving you for multiple reasons, you scoring your best in the market. Achieve your target goal with Email Expert right away by learning from their up to date blog, where they cover topics related to marketing skills. The blog delivers content to you for you to better the abilities in sending emails. The blog displays news, views, and advice. The featured agencies and their experiences.  

42. Viewed Blog

Carry emails with style, it brings you an opportunity to cover your concern in a video. Simply record yourself and send the word out to attain the attention of people around the globe. The feature itself translates the video sent to an email address. Learn more about it and get more featured ways in your marketing strategies now by joining their blog.

43. Email Experience Blog

The voice of your email marketing drives is here to save your business. Experts are working to design better emails for you with better delivery rates and templates. Sit back and enjoy while experts do your task. The featured blog contains archives helping you to jump directly to articles from any period.  The fun feature is search by topic which helps you move around the article’s world.

44.  TimetoReply Blog

It has 3 strong toolssales, support, and remote teams. It is easy to use, protects your privacy to a new level. The blog gives you tips for running successful movements and also covers the companies update section for you to learn from it. 

Subscribe right away and get along with the team to better your relations with your customers.

45. Touch base pro Blog

The email agency communicates with you to better your skills. It gives you featured templates, along with reading the reports of your emails. It is an email builder that triggers your campaigns. Easy for the creation of mails. The benefit is custom costing which makes you choose what you like. Enter now the blog world and get going.

46. Uplers Blog

An outsourcing agency to make marketing life easier than ever. Enabling the automation market. Start a project, build a team. This makes the eCommerce finer for use and understandable. You can get them through 3 steps and then you are connected with the experts. They also provide EBooks and case studies for improvement in work. Through a blog, you can discover the topics of your interest and make a name in commerce.   

47. Atomic Email Marketing Blog

Track your emails and verify them, get bundles of offers to get started. It gives you many email addresses to send your word and to connect. It allows us to send text messages. It’s easy and simple to use and hustle free. The amazing blog allows you to gather information related to email marketing campaigns and how other companies established their businesses.

48.  Wiz Email Blog

The simple way to achieve your target market through creating innovative and eye-catching templates, deliver with style and automation mode, analyzing your emails, and make your customers surprised. Your privacy and security are ensured with Wiz Email. Step down to blog and discover new concepts about eCommerce.

49. IndieMark Blog

They value your business and agency make sure you deliver with creativity and integration. Plan your strategies and get the benefit of automation. Outsource by teaming up with your team and get avail the opportunity of full-time service.  Get the blog on your list and fresh your mind with articles related email marketing. Use their services and search their resources on the blog for further gain in emails.

50. Squiz Mail Blog

To have more professional channels for your businesses to get along with Squiz Mail, they provide unsubscribe automation with a contact list of emails, free templates for creative and attractive emails, and personalized it. Now hit a send button and track it. Get it A/B tested and edit it anytime. The blog features facts and tips on eCommerce. If you know everything then get started reading the article published.

Know the right way to email marketing

In this section, we will discuss about the right way to email marketing

51. Enabler Email Marketing Blog

Unseal the future with an enabler, B2B and B2C email marketing, associated with large and known brands, your all data is secured, write granted emails to win the hearts and now you can track cloud hosting with them. You can trust them as they guide you to award-winning emails. The blog allows you to come across tips and guide on how to write award-winning emails. Join the blog now and get along with the experts.

52. MailUp Blog

Draw the attention of your viewers with tempting emails, deliver with full security, and design your marketing pile. Give your work a view. This is full of potential, where you can discover the utilities of strategic marketing. Masters are here to look after your grind. Have a solid grip over digital marketing master plans through going through the journal. Directly subscribe to them and get to know more about email and digital marketing ways.

53.  Striata Email Marketing Blog

Now achieve your target market with a maximum number of audience by engaging yourself in digital marketing drives, quick email services with exceptional templates, make a timetable for customer preferences. Unleash the expert-written essays and advancement in your workspace, the blog covers the details about their services and resources you can use to better your work. Becoming the best in the market.

54. Fresco Data Blog

Join a business with consumers like never you thought of. Discover the opportunities with Fresco Data email agency. The biggest advantage is that you can run offline campaigns with an 88% delivery rate. Your work is secure with them. Run your businesses in a style with their templates. The professionals look after your emails. The blog shows you a variety of topics of your interest, join it now and enjoy. As it gives the best in delivery rates it has made it to the editor’s choice over time.

55. Message Gears Blog

Section your work, send it, and engage with customers. It’s the latest technology with which you can market the campaign. You can also watch a demo on how to get it started. Message Gears allows you to manage the workspace better by providing you mail list. The blog featuring is a BIG YES for freaks who love engaging themselves with new platforms and seek learning. They also cover the topic of the problems you face and their possible solutions.

56. Email Marketing Rules Blog

It features unlimited topics for you to read on email marketing. The benefit of following and learning from this is, you discover the categories and better yourself in attaining the attention of your customers. Newsletters and daily updates help you to learn from the expert team. They have the best thing in them which makes them standout in other blogs is, featured articles section for readers to get more relevant information.

57. Sender Blog

Grow your audience with a high delivery rate, get notified with unlimited customers, easy to use as templates offer mobile responses. You can register your complaints to them and find a proper solution. The blog displays articles on multiple topics such as email marketing and how to better them.  Subscribe now and learn on daily basis with their team.

58. Mailfloss Blog

Floss your emails, the agency make sure you deliver content without fakeness. They filter your fake emails, it automatically filters the typing mistakes and the best point to remember is that it only takes 60 seconds to get started. The blog is tempting enough to look into. They have interviews with email experts in business, tips, and guides. The articles are topnotch. Give them a try as they are the editor’s best choice. Their obsession with email verification can be seen through their blog.

59. Hub Spot Blog

A full CRM platform covering other topics about marketing globe. Through a blog now you can get tips, facts, case studies, interviews, and webinars gather the information from there. You can also get along with blogging software. To booster, your strategies learn from their methods now by subscribing to them.

60. Email Monday

It discloses the experience of its owner and allows you to gather data for your workspace. The reason why one gets attracted to it is, it’s nothing like other blogs. Its owner views and the faults he made. It’s easier, quicker to learn from, and a practical type of blog which makes it stand in the market. Jorden makes his blog more fun for email marketing freaks and provides them with a platform of learning from his point of view, which also doesn’t make it boring rather gives you a positive vibe.

Know the right way to the email campaign

In this section, we will discuss the right way to the email campaign for your business

61. G2 Blog

It’s a page where reviews are written. The most flaming blog in the market covers most of the marketing skills but less than every other blog. Allows you to unleash the potential of the eCommerce world. Filter your search engine and get along with new subjects to enfold new experiences. It’s a learning Hub.

62. Pabbly Blog

The powerhouse to run your business smoothly is here, unfold the applications like creating, editing, automation, and marketing to send mails out. Watch a demo on how to get started. They are feasible as they provide all benefits in a single package. The weblog has a vast range of topics for you to devour. Follow them now.

63. SendinBlue Blog

Monitor your email marketing like nothing before, it brings you multiple marketing tools to work with. You can chat with any of the customers anytime from anywhere. Segment your marketing drives and make the customer journey easy. The beautifully designed blog shows up a variety of content for you to learn from. It is basically a scheduled blog in which they cover most of the marketing skills for you and which makes it best in other blogs.

64. Constant Contact Blog

The motive of their agency is to work smarter not harder, initiate the campaigns among customers or even you can make a website with it. Blog traits are having A1 contents for exceptional minds who want to grow their number of customers and trust the constant contact for improvement.

65. Keap Blog

It brings you comfort and makes sits easy for you to work peacefully, make your emails easy for you to work their magic. The Keap allows you to work in automation mode while you can hire as many as people you want to. The blog pays off a great deal in research and knowledge. It has numerous groups of types covering different contents for you to study. It is a blog designed for marketing purpose and that’s why editors love to add it in a list to following it as teaches multiple ways of different marketing.

66. OptinMonster Blog

When you need expert tips on your growing business, subscribe right now and get going on tips on email marketing. Find solutions to your problems. Click and open more chances. Find out solutions to your email programs and have verified testimonials. The blog carries a variety of email problems and their solutions, how to get a name in the market. 

67. Chamaileon Blog

Unleash the covers of email marketing facts and tips, read articles on how to design eye-catching templates, and how to grow the number of customers through campaigns. Explore the new topics by being on a team with experts. Join the team now and read the newsletter anytime.  Ask any question freely. The way they make you learn the growth of customers makes them standout in the market.

68. Convince and Convert Blog

Wanna get thrilled, the blog channel has a team of specialists in marketing skills. It uncloses topics such as content, digital, email, and social media marketing. Read about industries and their encounters in the media world, their ways of overcoming the problems, and finding the number of emails. The way they feature industries they have made in the market.

69. Experian Blog

The marketing services agency giving you a platform full of wonders such as consumer reports and with activation, you can reach several customers. The weblog also has tags to search for topics of your interest freely and read tweets. Give a follow now and start reading more about email ways, how to make it creative, and how to engage with the market.

70. Edm Designer Blog

The better B2B marketing strategies are achieved here, by following their blog, you can cover many topics on digital, email, and consumer marketing. It’s a simple easy EDM kind of board with a variety of content to read and its vast variety makes it possible to be a favorite of email marketers.

71. Hiver Blog

It offers the best customer services, teamwork, and productivity in the market. Work with automation mode and templates designed especially for you. The blog media have vast coverage of topics just there for you to read. Clear your queries with them in the chatbox. Learn about customers through their blog.


To think out of the box, now pick up the best blogs from above and make your workspace more exciting. Though email marketing is all about your brain drives these blogs can add up more in it.

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