AWeber vs MailerLite

Last Updated: April 2024

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AWeber vs MailerLite

When you are running an online marketing business you know that there are a lot of email marketing tools on the market. All of them have its cons and pros and sometimes it’s difficult to choose which service provider is the right for your email marketing business. AWeber and MailerLite are both successful email marketing service providers with a lot of satisfied customers all around the world. In this article we will talk about their advantages and disadvantages and compare them for you. We will write about what are they offering, about their price, customer support and integration with other online platforms. Hope that with this article, we will help you to decide which one is more suitable for your email marketing business.


AWeber is an email marketing service that is over 20 years on the market. They are running business for a very long time and have a lot of satisfied customers. They are one easy to use service that offers a lot of different features, and help you start your email marketing with no trouble. The most important characteristic is their auto responder emails. With Weber you can make automatic emails which you can customize and set up to be delivered to your subscribers whenever you like.

AWeber is offering a great number of different templates. Their templates are user-friendly, you can choose one, you can make a custom one, or even you can mix and match them using their drag and drop tools. AWeber offers you so many different choice to send well designed emails to your subscribers.

Also, AWeber provides very professional customer service. This is the most common advantage according to their clients. They offer you support on many different ways to create a positive and great experience for their customers. You can get your support by emails, phone and live chat. Also, they provide you a webinars, post casts and video guides so, you can use their tools with no trouble.

They have great integration with other online services, integration list is very long so, you have no problem to connect with Facebook, Etsy, Shopify and much more platforms you need for your successful business.

AWeber price plan

AWeber is very affordable email marketing automation service. You can access to all their features no matter the price plan you choose. Even if you choose their free plan and the lowest price plan. The price increase only based on the number of your customers. They are offering a free plan for 0 – 500 subscribers, so you can easily start your email marketing business with no costs. Their price plan starts with $19 for up to 500 subscribers, $29 for up to 2.500 subscribers, $49 for up to 5.000 subscribers, and $149 for up to 25.000 subscribers. There are all pieces per month.

AWeber pros and cons

Pros – As we said before, AWeber is one simple email marketing tool, with beautiful user – friendly templates, and auto responder emails for your subscribers. They are affordable service, and offering all the tools you need for successful email marketing business on one place. Offers you more then 700 different templates for your emails so, you can create very nice designed emails to attract your customers and increase your sale. AWeber has great customer support service, available 24/7, and you can reach them by phone, email or live chat. Also, they provide you tutorials, video trainings and webinars so you can successfully manage your email marketing even if you are beginner in your business. Integration with other online services is excellent, and you can easily connect with your audience and provide them great service.

Cons – They are the most convenient for new bloggers and small business’s owner that only need a simple auto responder emails, no need for serious and complex email tools. If you are running a complex business campaign this email marketing tool maybe isn’t the right choice for you. AWeber is the most convenient service for small businesses and persons who need only simple auto responder emails. They don’t offer you much if you are running a big business and great business campaign that need more complex features and tools for your email marketing. Also, some customers complain that some of their features are very complicate to use.

Pros Affordable price

Easy to use

Over 700 different templates

Great customer support service, available 24/7 by phone, email and live chat

Video tutorials, trainings, webinars

Great integration with other online platforms

Cons Not suitable for complex business campaign

Some features are complicate to use


MailerLite is an email marketing service provider suitable for small businesses, mid – size businesses, freelancers, start-ups, agencies and large enterprises. They are cloud based system that offer you tools to customize your emails, to create your landing page, automate your subscribers and delivered emails and so much more. MailerLite provides you everything you need to make branded email marketing content. You can put pictures, text, videos, links, HTML and whatever else you want into your emails, so your email marketing would be successful. Some of the features they are offering is A/B testing, marketing automation, email integration, audience targeting, data export and data import, scheduling, social – media integration, and much more.

With MailerLite you can easily connect with your audience. They have great integration with a lot of other platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Zapier, Facebook, Twitter, MailerCheck and etc. Also has 24/7 customer support service. Their team is always there to help you with your questions. And they also have video tutorials so, you can easily understand how to use their service even if you are a beginner in email marketing business. MailerLite gives you 14 – day trial of premium features, so you can test their tools before you decide if they are suitable for your business.

MailerLite price plan

MailerLite offers pricing plan called “Forever free plan” that goes up to 1.000 subscribers. With this free plan you are able to send 12.000 emails per month. They also have “Small business plans” for up to 2.500 subscribers and unlimited emails per month for $10 price per month. Pricing plan “High Volume Senders” offers you up to 60.000 subscribers and 720.000 emails per month and its month cost is $260.

MailerLite Pros and Cons

Pros – They are suitable for small businesses, mid – sized businesses and large enterprises. MailerLite offers you a total free plan for up to 1.000 subscribers and 12.000 emails per month. That I is very useful for beginners and small businesses. With MailerLite you can create very attractive emails for your audience. They have easy to use drag and drop tool, and very nice newsletters design. Also they provide great customer support service, which is available 24/7. They offers you video tutorials to catch up easy how to use their tools and options.

Cons – Although they have very good customer support service, they doesn’t offer customer support by phone. Also, MailerLite is only web – based, doesn’t support other platforms as iPhone app, android app, windows phone app, only web-based. On desktop platforms they support only Web App, and on Mobile platforms just iOS.

Pros Suitable for small businesses, mid – sized businesses and large enterprises

Total free plan for up to 1.000 subscribers and 12.000 emails per month,

Creating very attractive emails

Nice newsletters design

Easy drag and drop tool

Video tutorials

Great customer support service, available 24/7

Cons No customer support by phone

Only web app and iOS

AWeber vs MailerLite compare

Both of these email marketing service providers are very successful in their email marketing business, and have a lot of satisfied users all over the world. AWeber and MailerLite both are very successfully used by small business companies. AWeber is not suitable for more complex business campaign, but on the other side MailerLite is. MailerLite is suitable and for mid – sized business and for large enterprises too.

AWeber and MailerLite, they both offers you great number of different features. On both platforms you can get all the tools you need for your successful email marketing business. Some of the customers complains on AWeber features that can be complicate to manage them, so MailerLite has advantage on this segment. MailerLite is easy to use, well designed and not complicated for beginners.

When it comes to price the both service providers are affordable for customers, but maybe AWeber has smaller advantage because their pricing model depends on number of subscribers and has no limit on emails.

AWeber customer support service is something that they are very proud on. They provide to their customers 24/7 support service, by email, phone or live chat. MailerLite also has great customer support service that is available 24/7. The only disadvantage is that they don’t offer support by phone. Also, they both have video tutorials for their customers so you can easily manage their tools even if you are a beginner. AWeber can be provided on all devices, and MailerLite is mostly web based and iOS.

When it comes to integration with other platforms they both has great integrations. AWeber integration list is slightly longer, but MailerLite also has great integration with all famous business systems and applications.

AWeber vs MailerLite


AWeber MailerLite
Suitable for small business Suitable for small business, mid – sized business, and large enterprises
Great number of different features Great number of different features

Not complicated to use

Affordable price

No limits on emails

Affordable price
Customer support 24/7

Email, phone, live chat

Customer support 24/7

No phone support

Provided on all devices Web based and iOS
Great integration with other platforms Great integration with other platforms


Running a successful online business implies that you need a good email marketing automation provider service. Which email marketing service provider is the most suitable for your business need depends on what you want for your business and to your subscribers. AWeber and MailerLite, both have a lot of different features, they both offer you nice designed emails for your customers, provides you with good customer support service, and have great cooperation with other online platforms. They both have a reasonable price for their services, and we can say that they are affordable. So, the decision depends only on you, your preferences, and specifics needs of your online business.