How to grow your email list 3 times faster in just 7 days?

Are you looking for a solution to grow your email list as fast as possible? In this article we will share all the tips to help your email list to grow

Michael Harper

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Do you want to grow your email list with proven methods to enhance sales or for whatever reasons? In this blog, I will share with you the proven and tested methods which helped many people to increase their email subscribers.

If you don’t have one, you might be wondering, why having an email list of your own is important?


By having an email list, you can convert your audience into paying customers, or regular visitors. By having an email list, you can sell to them, market your products, and bring back to your website, channel or page more often.

I have listed some of the best techniques for you to exponentially grow your email subscribers through your website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or other social media platform presence.


Let’s Check it out, but first set up something which will be helpful for you later on to use these techniques and to manage all the process.

Get Started Up

First thing first, so, to kick start the whole process you need to have the following;


  • Email Marketing Software – To Create and Manage Email list, and automate the marketing process. You can start with Mail Chimp, ConvertKit, Aweber, ClickFunnels etc.
  • Landing Page Software – To Convert Traffic/ or Followers into email subscribers. Unbounce, WordPress, Wix, or square space etc. could be your starting point.

1. Give away self-assessment or self-discovery

In this strategy, you provide some free service to your site visitor. For example, if your website is related to health then you can add some type of calculator to give free self-assessment to BMI (Body Mass Index) to the visitor and request the user name and email for the results.

The best thing about this is that there are a variety of services you can offer to the user, such as, mortgage calculator, personality test quizzes or others and you can simply add widgets available at Elfsight, mortgage etc.

2. Exit Intent Popups

Exit intent checks the intention of the visitor of leaving your website and before leaving your website, you must try to collect the email of the visitor. Popups are important at this stage and you can offer some service, discount or any free service based on your website to exchange email of the visitor against the free service.


You might think about how I can design or add such interactive popups to your website. You can do all by yourself by using tools like Optinmonster, Poptins, or Elementor in WordPress, Growth Funnel, Leadpages, Thrive Leads etc. to create an exit or other pop-ups.


But remember, while doing so, you must take care not to irritate visitor by asking again and again and with too many pop-ups. Also, if once submitted, don’t bother the visitor again to share email information again.

3. Inline and After post campaigns:

For blog post site, if your visitor is reading your article and the content is engaging for the visitor, then try to use the inline opt-in campaign to collect the email of the site visitor to inform about latest articles on the same topic. This signup form can also be put after the post if you think the readers will go up to the end of the lengthy blog or read the full article.


4. Scroll Form Box

Usually, an inline opt-in form on the side works well, as someone scrolls the page down because some users find pop-ups irritating or annoying while reading your blog or article. In such a case, an alternative polite way is to add a simple box on the side, which shows to the visitor while scrolling the page. Such a scroll form box does not irritate the reader and is fairly noticeable. There are a couple of other methods such as Welcome Mat, Floating bar, a sidebar to get signups from visitors. 

5. Contact Us Form

Websites usually have a dedicated page for Contact us for any queries, and one should not waste this opportunity to interact and grow subscribers email list. You can find different plugins or other services to add good contact us form to get the information of the visitor and also offering to subscribe to the services provided by your website. You can use different services like google form, Jot forms, WP forms etc. to create a nice looking and elegant form to connect with your new subscribers.

6. Webinars

The webinar is another great way to interact with people and to grow your email subscriber list quickly. People love free webinars to learn new things and it usually requires attendee information to join it. You can create an evergreen webinar and repeat it over the time and grow your subscribers list passively or offer webinars over the time to attract more visitors, and then turn them to your subscribers. You can create an easy online event on Facebook or create a simple form for registration of the webinar.

Before moving on, let’s talk a little again why an email list is so important. Email list means the real persons to whom you can deliver your message and they intend to listen from you.


On March 13, 2019, many users across the globe experienced up to 14 hours freeze time of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram which was a huge reminder for us to have personalized email list. If you have one then due to any issue such as account block, hack or anything else, you do not need to worry to start again from zero and can connect with your clients or viewers. It can also be help full if you need to move from one platform to another for whatever reasons.


Let’s move on to other strategies to grow our email list real fast.

7. Lead Magnet

Lead magnet strategy is widely used to collect information about potential buyers by offering some kind of incentive. Either it is your website or social media platform, you can exchange your service with the visitor content information. You can use a variety of lead magnets such as providing free eBook or pdf on a certain topic, training, challenge, quiz, guide, or free assessment etc.

As it is a free or complimentary service you are offering to a potential contact, but it doesn’t mean that it should be useless for the person who signed up or exchanged information. Firstly, try to create some relevant pdf or eBook etc. and then you can use GetResponse, ConvertKit, MailerLite, or Sendinblue for signups.


8. Mini-site or Landing Pages:

Don’t you have a full website? You might be looking to register and get an email of your Facebook page visitor, or YouTube video viewer to interact with them. This can be simply done with a Landing Page or a mini-site. Landing Pages or mini-site is not a full site but they are just one or two pages for the web traffic driven from other sources i.e. social media etc. to know more about the product, sales, or any other tempting offer which brought them there.


 You can simply do this using tools like Unbounce, Lead Pages, Wix, Elementor or any other tool can be used to create interactive pages.

9. Search Engine Optimization

If you have a website or landing pages then use of SEO techniques are very important. Keywords are very important to list yourself on the top of the search engine. There are different SEO techniques you can use to increase the organic traffic of your website, and you can search about it or take services of others to create optimized web content. The more traffic you have, the chances are brighter that you will end up increasing your subscribers or sales.

10. Discount and Deals

Ecommerce websites have this great option to grow their email list multiple times by offering discounts on different products and sometimes when someone visits your website for the first time, it is most likely to offer them a flat off in the percentage of the first order in exchange of signup to newsletter or promo offers. Even if your website is not eCommerce, you can give a discount or deals on your services or coupons to get the user information.

tools to grow your email list

In this section we will mention the tools to grow your email list

11. Competitions

To engage the audience with your social media page, or channel and to get new subscribers, competitions are important as it is usually fun and people love to do so especially with other online friends. Tagging other friends could help to grow subscriber’s multiple times. Please ensure that your content is engaging and not a no brainer thing that people don’t like.

12.  Gated Content

Amazon, Netflix, and many other services trap customers by offering a free trial or accessing their data for a certain period in exchange for their information. Similarly, many top news sites will let you read some portion of the article and will require your subscription either free or paid for full access.


What premium service or content you can offer? This question is important to ask yourself and to work on. Once you have something very good to offer, then most visitors will easily signup for free or paid content. You can also offer discounts to attract more signups on your gated content. More often, a timer is added to such deals to get instant signups.

13. Software Solutions

You can use third-party software’s to grow the list, other than the above-mentioned methods. Such software can provide you with the verified email addresses of peoples from different areas in one CSV file, remove invalid emails, triggered campaigns which can be personalized to a set of people along with following up, the information about client interest such as technology interest of the client, check about whether an email is opened and the recipient clicks on the link etc.


Some of these software’s are Signal Hire, Rocket Reach, Technology checker, Email Drip campaigns, Email Verifier, etc. If you have extra budget, then you should give try to any of the above or similar one based on your preference, need or budget constraints.

14. Stories on Facebook or Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are one of the largest social media platforms which provide to interact with your potential subscribers in different ways. One of them is “Stories” in which you can interact with people with short stories. You can share a link along with the story to move people from social media platforms to your landing page, mini-site, or even a full website, followed by a contact us section, etc. To engage you can ask some questions, or even add dropbox to collect email.

15.  Give away Events

On social media, give-away is very common in which new or existing subscribers are given an offer to like a page, sign up, share a post, or tag friends for more audience and in reward get a gift.  It is based on your budget, what do you offer in a give away as it can be anything from the phone, tablet to signed items, coupons, etc. Such events attract much more new traffic, and a great way to grow the subscribers list.

16. IGTV Platform

The IGTV platform provided by Instagram to interact with people using videos is another way to improve the email subscriber numbers. A short video which could be a teaser video or full video can be uploaded on IGTV and you can add some clickable links in the caption or in the description to grow your email list.

17.  Secure Signup forms

A lot of subscribers are lost due to the forms in which you ask for a lot of information, or too many personal details. A simple sign up form is more than enough to get email subscribers. Make your visitors feel comfortable about sharing information with you, and show them that their information is protected and is in safe hands. Use professional services like Jot form, Sendinblue, MailChimp, WP Mange Ninja, etc. to generate secure forms on your sites to gain user trust about their information security.

18. YouTube channel

To grow your list, you can use your YouTube channel to get the email addresses of your viewers/ or subscribers by adding URLs of your website sign-up page or a simple landing page could help in this regard. A call to action or links can be added in the description of the video or a clickable link in the video itself. This would help you in long run to have an email database of your viewers.

19. Twitter Campaigns

Apart from communicating with people on important updates, you can use your Twitter handle to run campaigns about your lead magnets such as free eBooks, or other content to drive traffic from Twitter to a signup page to get the free resources in the exchange of emails.

20. Responsive Designs

Nowadays, responsive designs are a very important factor to give viewers a nice and pleasant experience on different devices. Try to have a responsive design for your website along with the plugins used for signup or opt-in forms, so that users can easily interact with it and it will be helpful to convert your visitors into email subscribers. Elementor, Wix, and similar services can help you to create a responsive design to provide great interaction of your website to all the users.

Other Social platforms

In this section we will talk about other social platforms that you can use for building email list

21. Facebook Page Sign up action

Facebook is a big social media platform and offers you a lot to increase your online presence. Although you can arrange some event, or a webinar to get sign-ups. An easy way to do so is to add a signup action button on your Facebook page to get an email and other information on your page visitor. It is easy and free to use if you don’t want to create a landing page or mini website depending upon your situation.


22.  Pinterest Platform Traffic

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms, which you can use to drive traffic to your website. A lot can be offered on Pinterest from printable cheat sheets to free courses, or pdfs about the specific interest of the audience. Use opt-in, lead magnet techniques to generate more email subscribers or signups from your pins.


Take Away Tip

Once you have an email list along with email marketing software, you must be in touch with your subscribers. Try to communicate with them once a week with different information about upcoming events, exclusive offers for a member, any new promotion, etc. Also, based on your schedule, scrub your email list and keep it updated as it is not a good practice if someone is not opening your email and going to the spam folder of many subscribers. Try to sell them once a month to generate more sales.


Also, try to improve the methods used for growing subscribers and also looking for new methods in the market to stay way ahead in the race because technology is changing rapidly and there are always some new methods after a while to capture more subscribers.


Always keep in mind that if you want to develop a long-term relationship with your customer then you must use the mail system, which is a great way to connect. Also, it is a well-known marketing technique which is highly efficient and has a good return in terms of investment to profit ratio.



Although you can connect with people on social media or through another platform, the classic method of connecting people by having the working email of persons in your hand is very useful. By having an email list, you can connect with the people whenever you want and directly without any other in-between platform. For your e-commerce business, you can increase your sales by interacting with people directly more often and converting your subscribers to potential buyers. You can also give services to your email subscribers, and by having a list you can earn through multiple ways, and market your items, and services, etc.



To expand your business, you need to grow your email subscribers. Use whatever platform you have i.e. website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to increase your followers, and ultimately the subscribers or buyers by using as many techniques as you can which are mentioned above and suits you in the best possible way. Use the technical method like landing pages, forms to collect email, or offer discounts, free services and keep your content engaging to attract people and don’t forget to use SEO techniques to increase the web traffic, and converting them to regular subscribers or buyers.


So, how this article has helped you to grow your email list. Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section.

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