CloudWays VS NameHero – How to choose and what to consider [Detailed Review]

Last Updated: April 2024

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Were you planning to use the services of an online web hosting company? I bet you were confused and unable to decide which is the company that is considered as the perfect choice for your business. So, to remove this confusion and help you made your mind taking the right decision, Today, we are going to have a detailed comparison between two of the most popular companies in the field of web hosting NameHero and CloudWays.

If you read what is below carefully and paid attention to every detail, your confusion will disappear.

NameHero VS CloudWays

Every business field has its requirements, so it is a challenging task to choose the right web hosting company that is suiting those requirements. There are too many factors to be considered. First, start collecting detailed information about every company, then search for their customers’ reviews. However, this article is going to be a comparison between two companies (NameHero and CloudWays)

NameHero is one of the best platforms in the web hosting marketplace which provides a set of services include, dedicated server hosting, cloud web hosting and VPS hosting. The platform used innovative technology to build its reputation, it also operates on powerful Intel processors, solid drives in addition to a high availability bandwidth. Customers will have a great time with the load on-page and 99.9% uptime.

NameHero earned its popularity from being built with the help and supervision of talented and experienced entrepreneurs. Also, its hundreds of training and coaching tutorials helped in growing the company popularity. Those tutorials were teaching hosting configuration, digital marketing. The aim of building NameHero Company was the provision of reliable, scalable, and fast web hosting services for the customers and small businesses with reasonable prices ignoring the website size. NameHero is also known for its fantastic customer support and services, with expert employees in the field.

CloudWays is one of the several web hosting providers that is being used to manage other hosting platforms. So basically, CloudWays is working as a base for teams to developed, build, scale and managing the applications used inside the Website. CloudWays aims to make the customers’ experience is so simple. Also, the company seeks to empower the business owners along with their teams.

High standards set have been adopted in performance which allows customers to have the full freedom regarding choose in addition to the simplicity in each process. A robust approach supports CloudWays. Also, CloudWays was built on one of the best technology with the help of most talented infrastructure providers, which lead to creating a smooth cloud hosting experience.

Comparison between NameHero VS CloudWays Features


NameHero NameHero is using artificial intelligence and herd immunity which gave it an advanced level firewall with the ability to detect and stop the new threats immediately. Also, the Website is protected against the DDoS Attacks, brute force attacks, port scans. Moreover, the integration with mod security is approving the usefulness of NameHero.


The Imunify360 affords great IPS along with a vast collection which holds the “Deny” policy rules that stops all the recognized attacks and the common tools that uses the Website. Also, it examines every angle of the files. Also, it bans any IPs that gives signs of malicious activity like password failure or possible exploits. Furthermore, it also cleans up any Malware that is located previously. It also checks if the site or the IP has been blacklisted or blocked beforehand by anyone. If the IP were blocked or blacklisted, the user would be informed right away.

CloudWays The servers of CloudWays comes with a firewall already installed that grants access to some particular ports that need applications for their proper functioning. To make the login easier for the users, the company is using the rate-limiting for SFTP and SSH logins, and this way is a better and also simplified way for dealing with the login’s brute-force attacks. Moreover, the WordPress websites of the users are protected from the traffic congestion that is made by the malicious bots, brute-force attacks for login and the Denial of service attacks.


Apart from IP Addresses that have been marked in the whitelist for the permission of usage, No one can reach the database of users remotely. Also, the server won’t be handling any hardship due to application-level issue, and this is because all the applications are isolated. To ensure security, the company is providing the clients with SSL certificates at no cost. The CloudWays has collaborated with BugCrowd to identify the vulnerability discovery streaming in the CloudWays Platform. There is a two-factor authentication system to make the security system stronger. And with the HTTPS protocol, The CloudWays is encrypted end to end that blocks the access to the data during its transfer.

Verdict Regarding the security points, CloudWays wins against NameHero.

The Daily Backup and One-Click Recovery.

NameHero With the help of the cPanel, NameHero Platform gives an automated backup and every night accounts the backup of the Website. Also, it affords a free backup service if the data stored in the Website didn’t exceed 20GB.


You have to take into consideration that if the data size exceeded 20 GB, the Website would charge you after that. Subdomains and individual domains could be restored as well as individual files, database, complete home directory and also email accounts.

CloudWays The data that the user presents with the use of this Website is not only stored on a hard disk, but also it is stored on a whole network, and for this reason, the restoration process of the data is amazingly easy and smooth. Besides the migration feature, Cloudy is affording this service for their users as free of cost. The backup feature doesn’t require a separate payment. The recovery process of the Website on the cloud server beside the videos and images is automatically done in just one click. The user can set the period, and accordingly, the backup will be done like it can be set every day, two days, three days, weekly, or any period the user wants. This being an excellent gift for the users since other companies are charging the users around 2$-20$ for backing up documents.
Verdict CloudWays wins against NameHero, taking into consideration the data recovery because it affords recovery service at free cost. At the same time, there is a limit in NameHero if the user exceeded it, he will be charged.

Ease of Usage

NameHero NameHero has a marvelous support team that makes it more comfortable to use by the users. In addition to the easy to understand tutorials uploaded on the platform. The site is reliable and interested in collaborating with the customers. The working environment in the platform is excellent and also effortless. This adaptable platform is supported with LiveChat, which makes many users attracted to it as it is providing immediate help. If a newbie lands into the platform, he will find a convenient introduction for the users. NameHero is providing suggestions and WHCMS as free of cost.
CloudWays The use of CloudWays application is very smooth, even for the customer who is not an expert with the technology. The user will be amazed by CloudWays speed and its plans by which the company made them let the user sign in for the free trial plan. By the testimonial of their users, creating a dedicated server will barely take 10 minutes for any user. The Server Location and the number of resources are the only things that need to be selected. The user can get any application he wants to be installed to his Website by just one click like WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, and many others.
Verdict By comparing CloudWays and NameHero, and according to the broader range of applications that are used by CloudWays, CloudWays wins and is much more comfortable in use.

Chat Programs (Customer Care)

NameHero NameHero has a team of experts in the support team with a high level of knowledge and providing a speedy response in a short time. However, apart from the hard-working team, some things are not covered by the support team in the support system. The support team members are working hard to help customers with any possible problem they could face.


Still, sometimes they may have to tell the users to communicate with the software vendor, for example, WHMCS. A free license is offered by NameHero company besides the corporate reseller account. Also, they are receiving vast amounts of daily tickets.

CloudWays CloudWays have a setting that allows the company to contact the users via messages on HipChat, Email, Slack and many other services. For example, if the Website were shut down or become unavailable for only one minute or more, the user will be notified at the same time with a message that pops up mentioning the same.


However, CloudWays send notifications for their users when the new updates are available and needs to be installed; also recommendations are provided to the users, provides the user with the required help in the support questions that may the user face if he was a newbie.

Verdict By comparing CloudWays and NameHero, and according to the broader range of applications that are used by CloudWays, CloudWays wins and is much more comfortable in use.

Performance and Speed Test

NameHero There is a great reason why the majority of people all over the world decided to choose NameHero as their web hosting provider; the reason is that NameHero is provided with Solid State Drives besides a cloud with high speed, LiteSpeed Web Server and MariaDB.


Further, as the server located in the United Nations, The customers all over the world can achieve high page loads because the NameHero Company is connected directly with Cloudflare and Railgun technology.

CloudWays The Launched CloudWays servers have dedicated resources that are boosting the Website performance for the users. Because of that, users can use the server for maximum usage. Since Cloudy is based on SSD, the hosting is driven 3x faster, which decreases the required time of the dynamic website’s loading. Stack like Nginx, Memcached, Varnish, and Redis achieve expedited results. All the servers being PHP 7.3-based made them faster.


The outstanding performance delivered by CloudWays CDN made it at the top of the chart regarding the global response times. Apart from the technicalities, within a small number of clicks, it can be incorporated. The Web-crashing problem has been resolved prior to auto-healing restarts. “Breeze” The free Cache-plugin “Breeze” is pre-installed. The built-in magneto cache is free and increases the performance using Magneto 1.x stores. Regardless of all of these, HTTP/2 is supporting CloudWays and increases the speed between the web servers and the clients.

Verdict Both NameHero and CloudWays are evenly capable, NameHero is better than CloudWays because of its Loading feature.

Special Features

NameHero CloudWays
  • The company has 99.9% of Uptime:

The well-developed infrastructure in the cloud helped the platform to offer the best software as well as hardware components in the marketplace.

Unlike other companies, NameHero is not marketing for their products. However, they put forward their annual reports as well as have their services confirmed by a third party that supports the services.

  • Supplying a 100% Cloud Web Hosting:

NameHero is offering hosting packages that are instantly deployed on the users’ private cloud. Moreover, they don’t use dedicated servers that are just operated on an individual piece of hardware. Also, their infrastructure has been developed to be reliable, secure, and scalable.

  • Using LiteSpeed Server for Web Hosting:

The LiteSpeed server is one of the highest servers in the performance that is used as a replacement in Apache drop-in. LSWS occupies fourth place in popularity as a web server.

  • The Simplicity in Choice:

CloudWays provide a control Panel with innovative features; besides, Unlimited Applications, the apps are supported with PHP and 5 Cloud Providers.

  • Gives you a stress-free experience:

They are managing the security features excellently, Provides support 24/7, monitoring in real-time and automated backups.

  • Performances are scalable:

Built-in CDN is included in CloudWays, ready onboard PHP 7.3 servers. Moreover, auto-repairing servers with optimized stacks.

Pros & Cons of NameHero

Pros Cons
  • The NameHero Company Uptime is 99.9% which is excellent.
  • The company increases your business credibility in the marketplace by including the domain name.
  • Offers features that will promote your site performance and increase its speed.
  • The provided customer support is excellent. Their team is ready 24/7 with voice or non-voice options.
  • SSL Certificates are free, and for NameHero the security is a priority.
  • You can deploy Drupal, WordPress, Magneto, and many other applications in just one click.
  • To ensure page fast-loading and the best performance, NameHero has unmetered bandwidth for all packages and unlimited SSD.
  • NameHero doesn’t offer a monthly billing option in the basic plan, which is favoured by the new users, which is recognized as the most considerable disadvantage.
  • Getting a domain name and web hosting is a paid feature which makes the platform costly.

Pros & Cons of CloudWays

Pros Cons
  • CloudWays Platform is easy to use to the extent that you can create your websites in just a few clicks. And with the custom Plug-in option, you can move your old Website to the new one.
  • The pricing system of CloudWays’ pay-as-you-go’ makes you choose your plans and pay only for the requirements of your business. Besides, they give you a 3-day FREE trial so that you can test your Website.
  • You need to install your Content Management System or the PHP you want. Many other app integrations can be installed like WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magneto.
  • CloudWays has an excellent customer support team along with a user-friendly interface.
  • Since CloudWays is a hosting provider with the feature of great backup and data storage, you don’t have to worry about any of your website problems.
  • Although the platform is easy when it comes to using, it is not the right choice for beginners. The user must have a high level of expertise. So, if you were not a person with experience in technology and you are not able to manage a virtual server, CloudWays is not suitable for you.
  • You can’t use cPanel or Plesk since CloudWays provides its platform. Also, you cannot do and modifications to the server.
  • You can’t control how your Website is running.
  • No domain registration and at the beginning you will get a URL for a brief time.

Pricings: Comparing CloudWays vs NameHero Pricing


NameHero server is like an apartment. The company provides the best offers and discounts for shared hosting. You can pick the right plan according to your company budget. The best thing about NameHero is that they give you a 30-day period in which they guarantee your money back.

NameHero offers are as follows:

Web hosting:

Reseller Hosting:

VPS Hosting


CloudWays is a flexible web facilitating provider based on the cloud. From the beginning, the estimation will be confusing; however, the plans provide exceptional flexibility for the users to allow them to choose the right plan arrangement, which is suitable for their business needs. The prototype of “Pay-more only as costs arise” made CloudWays the best choice for clients with limited budgets for their websites. Moreover, this valuing structure guarantees that you won’t get a costly membership.

CloudWays is cooperating with five of the best Cloud providers worldwide. If you did not like the service that CloudWays provides, you have 3-day’s free trial, but they don’t give you the guarantee of having your money back.

Offered Plans by CloudWays on multiple computing companies.







You have to take into consideration that the cheapest web hosting service is not always the best solution if you can’t make your Website do what you want.

Customer support plays a primary role when it comes to choosing the right company that will host your Website. The customer support team role is significant if you require any help like managing emails, backing up files or installing WordPress.

So the question to be asked:

How reliable is the customer support of the web hosting companies?

The site features, budget and requirements are determining the best web hosting company for your site.

Before deciding which web hosting company you will select. First, you have to do some research. First, list all the web hosting companies then classify them with accordance to your budget and requirements.

The following points must be kept in your mind while comparing web hosting companies:

  • Speed

The website loading speed is one of the most significant elements. Customers are expecting to stack the site once they press its link. Any late site load drives to lose the site traffic and visitors. Online visitors and customers require to explore their services and products as soon as possible. The researchers found that 80% of site visitors don’t come back to sites with overwhelming medium and they will stay faithful for the websites with faster download.

  • Protection

There are primary reasons for the security of your site, server crash, and shutdown. As blog holder, you surely will not like if your site shut down at the season of shopping. Similarly, being protected from viruses, which can shut down your web server.

  • Features and add-ons:

Anyone who just started his Website, he for sure wants his site to go quickly. he will be in need for a one-click script download, free domain name, SSL, etc. to be the most fabulous site.

  • Customer service

You should ask yourself how fast it should take the customer team to answer your questions. For continuous transparency, you should cooperate with a company that reacts very fast to your tickets.

  • Types of Web Server

Generally, the owners of pagers are using four types of web servers. Shared web servers are cheaper, but they are visited gradually and are given to a group of site owners. VPS is very expensive, but the database is separate from other domain holders. The dedicated servers are the most costly but rarely shut down. The last type is the Cloud server.