Affiliate Bots V2.05 Review – Save your money before buying it

Last Updated: June 2024

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Want to see yourself being able to generate enough money for your dreams? Want to become an Affiliate Marketer? Well then, choosing Affiliate Bots 2 is worth the investment for doubling or even tripling the money you deserve in life. The solution to your problems is here.

How Affiliate Bots Helps

The new version of Affiliate Bots made a huge fuss in people as its 2nd version made it to market, making people go crazy for the investment. The marketing software which automatically drives traffic and makes you meet high ends in the market is the best solution for much money.

It let you find the best Affiliate on there. The bonus point is you can now create videos and websites just in a single click. The owner, himself was able to make $5k to $15k in a single month. Relief comes after looking at the proof and knowing it is not a scam.

It can make your name in the affiliate market, drive the attention of the audience towards your connected sites. The software’s main purpose is to create traffic towards those sites you are trying to popular. It helps you to send the traffic to video pages right away you get started. Basically, it helps in promotions.

Discover what is inside

The concept of Affiliate Market quotes, selling the product for others, same as this software makes it easy for you to drive many audiences towards your affiliated market and make a handsome amount of money.

  • The Dropaveli tool allows you to locate the number of domain names.
  • The visual training makes you the expert of the software.
  • Avail of the opportunity of rapid Ranker, helping you to create high-quality videos to attain the attention of the audience to your affiliate market sites.
  • A PDF of 30+ pages for you to get a proper guide.
  • Among all the tools they contain, you also get along the Auto-Mail, which responds to every message you get automatically.
  • Take advantage of auto mode to complete all your tasks.
  • Get promised results.

Benefits from Affiliate Bots Vol.2

Want to know why you should buy this, continue bingeing about the benefits you get from it;

High Wages

Other sites have many people making quite a money, worry not you can get started today with this site and make yourself income of you dreamt of.

Auto Mode

The full-auto mode helps your tally be done in no time, enjoy using a few tools, and the rest will be done automatically.

Training processes

Being a newbie, it is nothing to dwell on how well things work for you. The 30+ PDF pages along with training videos are available for you to understand the magic of software.

Money back policy

Still worried, what if this won’t help? Well, the best thing is you can get all your money refunded after 30 days of trial.

Daily Updates

Affiliate Bots 2 updates itself daily to make you update to date with the business world and so you do not miss a chance.

Frequently Asked Queries

How does it work?

It is a three process procedure that makes the start of your tally and income within seconds. Find suitable tools for your affiliate programs, boost conversions, and lastly drive traffic and earn income.

How much is authentic the software?

The very question comes is it worth the money and all the investment, the answer is yes many people make around $1000/day and even the owner himself made $5k to $15k in a single month. So stop worrying about it.

Is there any other payment?

The payments of tools are there other than the account registration, the 37 tools payment as per your requirement is required.

What actually this software does?

It gives automated trails to choose your affiliating programs, driving traffic, and maximizing the income.

Do one get discounts?

There is a very friendly environment which gives many opportunities to their clients to avail the discounts, the one discounts pop up as soon as you open the website and it alerts the one while they spend time on the website to avail the discount.

Case Study

Affiliate Bots Vol-2 Price

The Initial payment to the account that has to be filed is $17, there is one down sell of $12, in order to get the pro club subscription to pay $97, and lastly the payment for software creation $17.

The payment of the additional tools are to be paid for you such as web widgets $997, auto website tool $97, banners bots $47, CB250 $67, king zoo $67, and launch pulse $67 but these aren’t the last ones, there are 30+ tools waiting for your attention. Do not worry that these are a must, they just need to be availed for betterment without them you still can avail the results.


  • You can observe high-profit products through this software.
  • For practical examples, you get PDF and video formats for training purposes.
  • Your all tasks are automated and you can enjoy the tally in lounge comfort.
  • 37 program tools to make high-end wages.
  • No need for creation, they are already made.


  • It can be a little difficult for newbies.
  • It requires little knowledge of the affiliate market.
  • Other than the initial payment, you are to make some payments for better results that may be a little issue for some people.

Upsells and Reviews

Affiliate Bots-2 helps you make money

The software allows you to use more than 30 tools in order to engage a better relation in a market, use 20 software for building up the websites, 6 tools in order to find the best affiliate markets, and 10 tools in order to increase communication with others.

Owner Chris has made it friendly for their users to generate more income with 3 surprising steps;

Hunt affiliate programs

This process is the first one that involves your research work to start the software, through Amazon, Warrior Plus, and Click Bank discover more than 5000+ programs.

Development of your site

After choosing the programs you like to work on, now you will develop your own website and you can also initiate the auto mode. Tools are there to make your work more trouble-free.

The most important tool which works in converting blog posts into videos is Click Video, and before that the rapid builder creates you a website like an expert would do for you.

Draw the attention

In the end, drive the traffic towards your site to produce wages. The video which was made before in the second step now is the time to upload and direct traffic.


You would now wonder what fancy another procedure we have to go through in order to get it all ready, well the only thing you need are Mac or Pc, a little knowledge of Affiliate Market, a reason why you are here, little know-how of how to use their tools, enough of money to invest the first time as per the requirement through tools purchasing is optional and lastly be prepared to handle the income coming towards you.


To get along the fun part and direct the money of your dreams in your very own accounts, get the bonuses.

There are 20+ bonuses you can take advantage of as soon as you become a member of Affiliate Bots2.

Here is the list of these bonuses;


Drive free traffic through this bonus towards your program is $197.


The affiliate marketing brilliance course is $197.


Want to sell others’ product to become rich, get this bonus and learn the ways for $197.


Market the traffic through Facebook and Videos at $197.


Get a PDF course for trafficking videos learning the techniques for $147.

My Experience

My encounter with Affiliate Bots-2 has been worth the investment I did in this program, get along many training programs and bought many bonuses to engage a large audience, making videos, and selling products for others which helped me in trafficking my audience. It is a platform for every kind of human-looking forward to higher their wages in no time.

Well, the process is pretty fast, and your accounts get heavy in no time. It created videos and websites automatically for me and overlooked the whole program without me worrying and looking into it. The auto mode feature is a very handy one to avail it. I have sent unlimited emails to draw the attention of audiences and to grab their observance.


Lastly, to make sure you have invested your time in the right place, the editor would like to mention it is worth the money, if looking forward to leading a life busy and as a side gig or even as a first job you can get Affiliate Bots2 now and enjoy the income worth your dreams. The easy procedure can lead you to paths where you can enjoy the online world and earn from it as well.

The supportive team makes sure you get the results you have been working for.