GrooveFunnels alternative: Why I left it and went to Builderall

Last Updated: June 2024

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The present times have changed the mode of business. People are taking their business to the digital world to reach out to more clientele in every corner of the world.

An online business starts with digital advertisement and marketing.

To grow more efficiently, you need to use the latest digital marketing tools that are an all-rounder and have remarkable features.

What is GrooveFunnel?: A Quick Look

If you’re new to digital marketing, then let me first give an overview of GrooveFunnels.

Starting your online business?

You must find a solution that helps you with every step, but the solution should be a good value for money as well.

That being said, the one umbrella that provides all the services to establish your business is GrooveFunnels.

This suite of several amazing apps helps you create efficient sales funnels for your business, build attractive websites, and pull out great traffic.

This exceptional digital marketing solution is presented by Groove Digital.

What is GrooveDigital?

GrooveDigital is the mother company that brings many products, into the market, and they are GrooveKart, GroovePlay, GrooveAds, GrooveFunnels.

The CEO of Groove Digital is Mike Filsaime. One of the prominent names behind this Giant Software once worked as the leading developer in Kartra.

All the Features that GrooveFunnels Includes are 


You get 3 different features of website building, landing page or any page creation and the funnel building.

It provides a robust website loading ability and efficient compliance with SEO rules.


With this tool, you can do sales of unlimited products and services. It gets integrated with many payment solutions.

Make a checkout page for your sales and get benefits with all its sales features and shift to merchant’s account when your business flourishes.


The flexible affiliate management allows you to earn commission yourself or let other’s aid you in product sales.


The email autoresponder service with behavior-based email advertisement enables you to get control over powerful business strategies.

Get notifications and enable voice broadcasting and more to increase your subscribers.


Cost-effective membership plans help keep a good check over your plan’s enhancements and great outcomes.


Make eye-catchy video content for marketing purposes that can be loaded with attractive features.


To meet all your e-commerce requirements so that you can follow all the latest cart trends use the GrooveKart tool.

And many more to come……..


Want to know a good alternative?

Builderall it is! Let me give you a Builderall review.

How does builderall work?

Builderall is an excellent all-in-one package for many marketers to help with online business marketing and sales.

Save your money and not go for individual tools, rather use Builderall and find every tool and service under one roof.

Believe me, this cutting edge new marketing platform is the champ!

Currently, they are offering the following features:

So, what you saw above was just the highlight and you can find 30+ features once you get your hands on Builderall.

What Does Builderall offer?

Builderall can help bring your any business ideas to life. Within just a few minutes from one chief platform, you get started and grow more and more.

By the end of this article, you will rush to start your online business with Builderall.

Let’s look at the top features that Builderall offers.

Dedicated Servers

The dedicated local servers of Builderall enable you to create and publish many elements such as websites, sales funnels, webinars, videos.

With boasting of servers in five continents, it makes sure that there is a fast speed for loading purposes and for heavy traffic times.

Efficient Website Builders

The substantial design of its cheetah website builder gives you three different styles of website feel, for mobile, desktop, and tablet.

But another great feature just wants you to input important information and requirements and it takes care of the website appearance on any device.


So this feature is for you if you lack design skills or have no experience in making website contents layout.

With its huge collection of templates for different business ideas, you can make a fully customized website, sales funnels, or landing page according to your taste and requirements.

Sales Funnel

Sales funnel can be created with Builderall well-planned templates in less than 30 minutes.

These systematic sales funnels built with Builderall will let you have great leads for the high growth of your business.

And these sales funnel templates come with several checkout possibilities.


Builderall provides multiple design tools for making your visual content eye-catchy to attract more audiences.


Build a high-performance eCommerce store to sell your products and get amazing eCommerce features.

Create an affiliate program for others or an affiliate website to advertise products and earn commissions.

Email Marketing & Webinars

Builderall provides you THE Ultimate Email Marketing tool. You can send as many emails as you want to any number of subscribers.

Yes, that is TRUE!

With the templates available, you don’t need to worry about the technical details of email campaigns to get high conversions for the business.

A trendy way to stay closer to your audience is through webinars. With Builderall you can create high-quality webinars to market your products in a much better way.


A tool for creating online courses or organizing online classes. It provides a complete infrastructure for the schedules and processes among teachers and students.

Perfect SEO Tool

To optimize your website or landing pages or blogs, Builderall has the perfect SEO tool.

It helps you improve the appearance of your content in the search results.

Blog Builder

Create great blogs with the instinctive Blog builder tool.

Heat Mapping

The mind-boggling feature that only Builderall provides is that it captures the user clicks on your website or any page.

With this, you can get to know what part of your web content is attracting your audience, and you can work on the improvement by offering more to the user interests.

It can help you tons to increase your sales and business.

APP Creator

Old times are gone when you needed a developer to create mobile applications.

This cool tool from Builderall helps you create mobile apps that can be related to your e-commerce stores and help with your business.

These apps keep your customers updated about your promotions and the latest news.

Script generator

The hidden jewel of Builderall and my favorite.

This feature is especially benefiting the copywriters.

You make several avatars with accurate information and you get basic and impressive layout designs for your emails, webinars, videos, sales letters, different pages, and a lot of others by generating scripts.

In-Short Builderall is the new all-in-one champ you need to meet the new business trends!

GrooveFunnels and Builderall Comparison: Why I shifted to Builderall from GrooveFunnels




Targeted Clients

It mainly targets the leading businesses. This means people with great success and good skills in the digital business world.

When you are starting with a low budget and no skills in website designing and online marketing, Builderall comes in to help you.


GrooveFunnels have limited tools for now and there is a great hipe of a lot more tools that are not going to be released any soon.

Builderall is a mature product with all the tools included that are going to help at present and also in the future with digital marketing.

The exciting thing is that every week there are some enhancements and new features included according to the latest trends.

Learning Curve

There is a very rough and steep learning curve involved with GrooveFunnels

Builderall, on the other hand, is very user friendly and very visual to help you figure out anything you want to make or enhance with its robust design and attributes.

Performance and Design

The complete platform is still in need of bug-free improvements.

You can find bugs in UX, editing of different elements, and some other areas.

From the first day, I have seen a great performance of all the tools taking care of even small things like fonts, size guides, color palettes, etc.

Leads to Success

Here you can’t find any feature that helps you find the main areas to Improve, rather you will have to manually find the leads for high success.

For better management of sale conversions and high revenues, you need to find great leads, which can be done with the amazing Click map feature of Builderall.

Payment Plans

The main pricing plans are as follows:

Basic(Free): With a lite version of GroovePages you get GrooveSell and Groove Affiliate. This is to familiarize yourself with GrooveFunnels.

Silver($99/Month): This plan gives you access to 4-5 main tools.

Gold($199/Month): Here you get all the important tools.


With this plan, you get your hands on the complete GrooveFunnels Suite.

With the free plan, you get your hands on the main components.

Then you get the plans as follows:

Premium (For now $69.90/month): This plan gives you access to the complete Builderall suite except for some additional funnels features, affiliate options, and website builder themes.

Funnel Club (1 time $199.0 + $69.90/month): With this plan, you get all the tools and features including the extra funnels features, affiliate options, and website builder themes.


Now let me put it in simple words for you that Why did I leave GrooveFunnel and shifted to Builderall!

I love easy-to-use applications and software, so the enhanced well designed attractive visual dashboard will make your job easy to work on business without wasting time to find elements.

Recently with revised prices of Builderall, you are getting many features cheaper than the GrooveFunnel tools.

Take an example of the mind-blowing Email Marketing tool of Builderall, the Mailing Boss. It gets you a lot more subscribers in just 49$ that you can get in GrooveFunnel with higher prices.

Another great feature is that when you enter the information of the targeted audience in Builderall it generates marketing scripts for you to focus on the major areas of your business to increase the revenue.

And sorry to say GrooveFunnel does not have this feature yet.

With Builderall you get SEO certification, and the sales funnel of Builderall is much better and systematic than GrooveFunnel.

Unlike GrooveFunnel, Builderall focuses on helping you make the best products and services.

Who can benefit from Builderall the most?

Builderall is an amazing platform for newbies and marketing leads.

Without any great knowledge of coding or digital applications, you can start working on brand marketing and building funnels.

With any plan settings, you get a complete support system that helps you build up and market your business.

The robust design and user-friendly environment of Builderall ensure that all the products and services sellers get great leads to reach the highest sales.