TrafficIvy Giveaway Review

Last Updated: May 2024

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One problem content creators on all platforms have is getting traffic. It can be frustrating as more content is posted on the internet every day and it gets difficult to even be noticed. Your content might be great but without getting any traffic, nobody will know how good it is. That’s why I suggest taking a look at TrafficIvy.

What is TrafficIvy

Traffic Ivy is a traffic exchange network. Traffic Ivy is a web-based software that helps you to build or raise traffic to your blog, website, or social platforms.

Traffic Ivy offers a platform where top social media marketers, bloggers, video marketers, e-commerce store owners, website owners, and other online business owners in your niche work with and for each other to generate more leads, sales, and profits.

Traffic Ivy operates on a points-based system. When you post other people’s content on your platforms, you get points which you can use to post your content on other people’s platforms.

It’s a platform that helps you generate real and traceable traffic to your offers from real people interested in your niche and is not from bots.

Benefits of Traffic Ivy

So what’s in it for you if you use Traffic Ivy, well I can share with you some pretty cool benefits.

  1. Traffic Ivy uploads your videos onto hundreds of active YouTube accounts that are related to your niche.
  2. It posts your content on active social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Reddit.
  3. It has a community-driven rating system that ensures you get the best high-quality traffic you could desire.
  4. You can go viral with tons of people sharing your content across different social media accounts within its huge network.
  5. Traffic Ivy is quite affordable and offers a lot of chances to win bonuses.


TrafficIvy was created by Cindy Donovan in 2019. It has over 6,000 active members; it has over 650 blogs divided into 22 niche based categories and has +1900 social media accounts of real people linked to it to make your content go viral.

TrafficIvy is growing faster as it gives the quality result and is growing fast as lots of marketers see it as a game-changer. Here are some testimonials from people who are using TrafficIvy.

“TrafficIvy gives the best result. I recommend new and expert marketers because it gets you real traffic without stress”

-Jono Armstrong

Screenshot (36).png

“TrafficIvy has helped me get traffic on my training website effortlessly. All I needed to was to set up my campaign and also get points by sharing other contents in the marketplace”

-Demtris D-Papa

“It is such a cool software. It is unique and different. It is also quite easy to use. It got me real traffic fast and easily. I recommend this tool for all marketers.”

-Scott Lichau

“TrafficIvy is a networking tool that you can share your traffic which helps you to earn points that you can use to get traffic from other sites to your site no matter the niche.

It is easy to use as the more you share other content, the more you earn which makes it easy for beginners to use. You can also monitor your traffic from the site, which is cool.”

-Omar Valero

Screenshot (38).png

“It was easy to use, it took me little time to add up my social platforms which helped me to be able to see everything going on with my accounts including real traffic.

It’s a special tool that makes everything I want to do easy. 100% recommended.”

-Roberto Santos Rocha

How do I get inside TrafficIvy?

First, you go to the official website of TrafficIvy. There you will find 3 membership options, you can pick the one that best suits you and is affordable for you. The larger the package you choose the more points you get and the more traffic you will see on your profit page.

After this, the next step is to watch the setup video that shows you how to place a campaign on the market and how to get more points on the market place among other things.

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When you are done with that, just log into your TrafficIvy dashboard to activate your acquired software. Quite simple, right? As I have said earlier, one of the advantages of TrafficIvy is that it is easy to use.


Screenshot (29).png

TrafficIvy Pricing

As I said earlier, you have 3 membership options to choose from. It is only after you purchase one of these packages that you will be able to download the software for use.

  1. The first package includes 2,000 points which cost $19.97
  2. The second page comprises 5,000 points which cost $47.
  3. The highest package cost $97 and will give you 10,000.

Remember that you also earn more points when you share other people’s content on your website and other social media platforms.


TrafficIvy comes with a lot of bonuses offered by the creator. Here are some bonuses that you get when you purchase a membership package.

  • Big Traffic Firesale: This course shows you how to maximize multiple social media accounts and other websites to get more traffic on your website. It teaches you how to get the best of both paid and free traffic.
  • Image Sharing Profits: This is a course that shows you how to make money from social media, increase engagements, and build up your online community.
  • Instant Content Creator: This is software that makes it easy for you to create killer content for your marketing.
  • Turbo GIF Animator: This software assists you in creating animated images for your articles to make them interesting. It gives you high-quality images rather than downloading on Google and you can get it done in less than a minute.
  • Modern Facebook Marketing Guide: This course helps you under more about Facebook Marketing. It gives you tips on how to go about your marketing and mistakes Facebook marketers make that you should avoid and also the best ways to promote on Facebook.
  • Authority Blogging Report: This course teaches how to best manage your blog. It shows you how to increase traffic and get more subscribers with more ease and less stress.
  • Content Marketing for Beginners: This 5-day course is for newbies and is to teach new marketers the best way to promote their business and content.
  • Build Your Tribe: This is a step by step guide that shows you how to build your online community with less stress and ease.
  • Content Syndication Video Course: This is a 40 series video tutorial that is easy to follow and comprehend that teaches you how to promote and publish your content expertly. It covers topics such as Article marketing, LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and much more.

Pros of TrafficIvy

  • TrafficIvy enables you to earn points as you share other people’s content. This means that as long as you keep sharing other content, you are not likely to run out of points to use for your campaign.
  • The software allows you to upload your content (or videos) on unlimited active and real accounts of various social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Screenshot (34).png

  • TrafficIvy provides you with access to unlimited traffic with ease because as long as your campaign is running in the marketplace, people will there to share it. When they share it, it brings you more traffic.
  • TrafficIvy allows you to monitor your traffic and see where most of it is coming from.
  • TrafficIvy also gives bonuses such as free courses.
  • The software gives you the opportunity to accomplish much more, for example, open sub-client accounts, distribute your traffic points, acquire more commission, and so forth.

Cons of TrafficIvy

TrafficIvy has had such a huge success in delivering its objective. The software gives what it is designed to give and that is traffic. There is nothing non-beneficial about this software. I suggest you go get this software for your website cause it is the best.

Final Thoughts

Cindy Donavan created TrafficIvy because she has been in the business of marketing for over 10 years and she understands how difficult it can be when it comes to getting traffic. You might have good content or a good product but it won’t matter if the online community doesn’t notice you.

TrafficIvy helps you to get noticed with the help of the traffic it brings without stress. From the positive you find all over the internet on TrafficIvy you can take that this is the software that will take your website or contents to the next level. Check out TrafficIvy today and buy a package. It’s worth it.